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Ace Trappola is a first-year student in Heartslabyul. He's clever and has a bright personality, but can be a little mean too. He's rivals with Deuce.

(translated from the Japanese version by ladysaionji)


Ace has messy dark orange hair and red eyes. Over his left eye, he has red makeup shaped like a heart. He wears a white shirt and a red vest patterned with card suits covering it. Over the vest, he wears a blazer that the others in his dorm wear, except for Riddle. He wears a black and yellow ribbon around his waist, and red and white high tops. He also wears white trousers.


Ace has a cheerful and mischievous personality and often enjoys teasing others. He doesn't have a problem speaking out his thoughts and even insulting others, as shown during his first encounter with Yuu and Grim over their lack of understanding of the seven figures that inspired the dorms of Night Raven College. Ace also seems to have no problem using physical means to resolve problems with other students, although he does sometimes get stopped by Yuu (and others).

However, he also has a good side: speaking up on behalf of the students who are afraid of Riddle's overly ridiculous punishments during the events of Episode 1, as well as pointing out Trey's mistake of not speaking to Riddle about his negative behavior.

Skills and Magic


Ace is known to be very adept, observant, a quick-thinker, as well as having a talent for deception.

  • To be able to successfully pull off card tricks without the help of magic, Ace has excellent sleight of hand. He is able to move and hide cards without anyone noticing, as seen when Ace once attempted to cheat while playing cards with Jack by hiding cards inside his sleeves.[1]
  • While Ace did learn card tricks from his brother, his brother did not teach him. Ace learned how to do most of his card tricks by observing his brother do them over and over, then copying him until Ace was able to pull the tricks off himself.[2]
    • Furthermore, Ace also has a superlative sense of spatial awareness, as he says that, when playing basketball, 'once [he] sees the hoop once, [he] can get the ball in without looking again.'[3]
  • In Episode 3, to distract the mermaid guards of the Atlantica Memorial Museum, Ace was able to not only come up with a fake backstory on the spot—but also sufficiently played the part of a distressed and disappointed mermaid history buff, something he clearly is not. After seeing Ace in action, Grim commented that 'that guy really has no problem keeping up a lie.'[4]


Ace is shown to have a talent and/or preference for wind magic. This is seen throughout the Prologue, from the scene on Main Street to the altercation with the Faceless Monster in the Dwarfs' Mine. Furthermore, Ace gave up his wind magic to Azul in Episode 3 as payment for their contract[5]—Azul accepting his wind magic as payment further indicates Ace's talent for it.

Unique Magic


  • His last name "Trappola" seems to be a reference to a trick card game where the ace is the highest value.[6]


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