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Azul Line.png This story has been fan-translated by twstarchives.

This translation was based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

Happy Birthday

Bg 11116.png
Heartslabyul Dorm - Birthday Party Venue
NRC Campus News - Birthday Interview - Ace ver.
Happy birthday!
Story Ace Birthday.png
Story Ace Birthday.png
Oh, Yuu came to celebrate too. Thanks!
“I'd like to interview you if that's okay. What does it feel like having everyone celebrating your birthday?”
Story Ace Birthday.png
Story Ace Birthday.png
How do I feel…? I mean, obviously really happy. But I’m not too excited about this outfit.

Apparently it’s a tradition that you have to wear this when it’s your birthday, but…

Isn’t it a little too much having “Birthday Boy” plastered onto the sash!?

It’s like I’m saying “I’m the star!” Seriously embarrassing.

Well, because of this outfit there’ve been people who went “Oh, it’s your birthday?” and gave me a present. So I can put up with it.

“Could you tell us something about your presents?”
Story Ace Birthday.png
Story Ace Birthday.png
My older brother flexed a watch he’d bought with his first paycheck to me.
“He didn't buy it for you?”
Story Ace Birthday.png
Story Ace Birthday.png
Nope! All he did was show it off.

He said, “Hey Ace, it’s your birthday, right? Open this box.” And handed me a box with a cool design on it.

I opened it and inside I saw a really cool wristwatch with black straps and a golden frame.

I seriously thought it was a present for me.

But then he was like “This is mine. You can have this one,” and handed back another box…

There was nothing inside! It was just a box! I couldn’t believe it!

Afterwards he filled it with a whole lot of candies, but you know, I’m not a kid! How was I supposed to be happy with that!?

Bg 11116.png
Heartslabyul Dorm - Birthday Party Venue
“What made you start doing magic tricks?”
Story Ace Birthday.png
Story Ace Birthday.png
Hmm… I guess the reason would be my dad.

He’s not a mage, but he’s really good at magic tricks.

Obviously he can do easy magic using things like coins and cards…

But he can also make flowers pop out of thin air. It’s so cool to see; it’s like a magic show!

My brother’s the one that taught me my tricks, but I think he started ‘cause he looked up to our dad too.

Whenever we’re back home, we have competitions where we show each other some tricks and see who can figure out the secret behind them.

“So you're good with your hands?”
Story Ace Birthday.png
Story Ace Birthday.png
Yeah, I’m pretty confident about that!

I practice so that I can do techniques the same way with either hand.

I’m right-handed, but I can build houses of cards using just my left hand.

Oh yeah, I came up with a new trick earlier.

I’ll show it to you later!

Bg 11116.png
Heartslabyul Dorm - Birthday Party Venue
“Let's hear your thoughts on Deuce, Jack, Epel, and Sebek from your grade.”
Story Ace Birthday.png
Story Ace Birthday.png
Hah? What’s the point of that question? But alright…

Uhh, Deuce kinda reminds me of a boar that doesn’t know how to stop running forward. It’s like his breaks are broken.

And I feel like he sees me as some kind of rival. I mean, I’ll always turn things around if he ever tries to challenge me, though.

Jack’s the type of guy that always goes “Don’t take this the wrong away,” and then gets himself involved in solving other people’s problems.

It’s annoying that he’s so proactive, but he’ll easily suck up to anyone he considers strong, so he’s actually pretty impressionable.

I seriously couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw him wagging his tail at Dorm Leader Riddle before…

But he’s not a bad guy.

Next is Epel, right? I had to do a double take when I first saw him ‘cause I thought ‘Is that a girl at an all-boys school?’

Ah! Keep that a secret between us. He’d probably get really pissed off if he heard that.

I feel like Epel’s kinda like Deuce on the inside.

Lastly there’s Sebek. That guy’s always screaming “YOUNG MASTER!” no matter where he is. He’s really annoying!

And he’s always saying “You human over there!” in the cockiest tone. He idolizes the faeries way too much.

You should be saying “I agree, that’s weird,” Prefect.

But now that I think about it, aren’t there a whole lot of really passionate guys in our grade in general?

Why? Is it ‘cause we’re a prestigious school?

“Do you not like that they're passionate?”
Story Ace Birthday.png
Story Ace Birthday.png
Well, true to my name, I ace everything! I could take 'em all without breaking a sweat.

...Oi, what're you grinning like that for!?

“Thank you for sharing all of this with us. Once again, happy birthday!”
Card Ace SSR Birthday Boy Groovy.png

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