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Azul Line.png This story has been fan-translated by twstarchives.

This translation was based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

Happy Birthday
Bg 13116.png
Octavinelle Dorm - Birthday Party Venue
NRC Campus News

Interview with the Birthday Student
~Azul ver.~

Happy birthday!
Story Azul Birthday.png
Story Azul Birthday.png
I’ve been enjoying it rather well thanks to all of you. This festivity reminds me of the birthday parties I had back home.
"Were your parties at home this big?"
Story Azul Birthday.png
Story Azul Birthday.png
Yes. You see, my family runs a ristorante.

Every year on my birthday, we would close up shop and celebrate with my family and the employees.

There would be lavish decorations, music… and the icing on the cake was the largest table in the restaurant, teeming with all of my favorite food.

They’d tell me, “Eat some of this, eat some of that!”

In hindsight, I wish I had complained about how excessive it all was…

But as an innocent child, I felt more than delighted.

"What is your family like? Could you tell us about each member?"
Story Azul Birthday.png
Story Azul Birthday.png
My mother is the one who manages the ristorante. Supposedly it had humble beginnings as a small business she opened by herself.

But it has been the most famous, well-staffed ristorante in the Coral Sea for as long as I can remember.

Not only did she have a gift for cooking, but she had to have been a very capable business owner as well.

And she has taken a keen interest in the Mostro Lounge. It’s wonderful that a mother and son can share a friendly competition, don’t you agree?

Story Azul Birthday.png
Story Azul Birthday.png
Then there is my stepfather. We aren’t related by blood, as he is my mother’s second husband.

He works as a lawyer. My mother met him while she was filing for divorce.

It’s true when they say you never know what the future holds.

He is a kind and honest man at heart, but when it comes to his work he’s sharp as a tack.

He often teaches me about law and contracts. And he has a wonderful relationship with my mother. He is a very respectable stepfather.

Story Azul Birthday.png
Story Azul Birthday.png
Finally, there is my grandmother. My entire family consists of mages, but her magic is particularly powerful.

She uses it to provide solutions for her neighbors’ problems.

Yes… She is very compassionate, just like I am.

My relatives may be diverse in terms of personality, but they each have a remarkable wit—truly a family I’m proud to be a part of.

Bg 13116.png
Octavinelle Dorm - Birthday Party Venue
"What parts of the Mostro Lounge are you meticulous about?"
Story Azul Birthday.png
Story Azul Birthday.png
Hmm, there are quite a few… but I will narrow it down to the tableware.

When it comes to the quality of a dish, presentation is just as important as the taste.

It will lose its appeal if the plating is cheap, no matter how delicious the food may be.

That is why nearly all tableware used at the Mostro Lounge are high-quality brand-name products.

Story Azul Birthday.png
Story Azul Birthday.png
…Come to think of it, we took great pains over this in the days leading up to the Lounge’s opening.

It was a continuous cycle of compiling information about famous restaurants, sending our subcontractors to various tableware manufacturers…

And testing out dozens of samples.

Well, it was certainly worth the effort. We’ve acquired a stunning set of tableware now.

"I never realized so much thought went into it."
Story Azul Birthday.png
Story Azul Birthday.png
Heheh, that is absolutely fine. You wouldn’t feel so thoughtless about holding one of our teacups if you knew how much they cost.

No one needs to know the value of a single piece of our tableware.

This close attention to detail is what gives the Lounge its air of sophistication.

However, there are times when Floyd isn’t careful with our hand-selected wares and ends up breaking them.

The countless warnings I’ve given him seem to all be in vain. Honestly, he’s so difficult.

"Looks like you’ve got a lot on your plate."
Story Azul Birthday.png
Story Azul Birthday.png
Well, I assure you that I do give myself sufficient time off.
"Time off… How exactly?"
Story Azul Birthday.png
Story Azul Birthday.png
By reading in my room.

I dim the lights to create a relaxing atmosphere and read titles I’ve borrowed from the library, such as autobiographies penned by businessmen.

And my room is designed just as I like it, with all of my collections on display.

Any stress I have simply evaporates when I look at all of that. I can rest comfortably.

Bg 13116.png
Octavinelle Dorm - Birthday Party Venue
"Do you have any hobbies?"
Story Azul Birthday.png
Story Azul Birthday.png
Yes, I collect coins. It’s been a hobby of mine for quite some time now.
"How did you start doing it?"
Story Azul Birthday.png
Story Azul Birthday.png
How it started… Ah, yes, I remember. It began when I found a coin near a sunken ship when I was a child.

I had initially assumed it was everyday money from the surface.

But I took to researching it and discovered that it was a commemorative coin from a far-off kingdom. Only 100 of them had been minted.

It had a face value of 100 madols.

But to a collector, it was a rarity worth 500,000!

Realizing that such rare coins exist is what prompted me to begin collecting them.

How much their value exceeds the amount they’re stamped with depends on their age and how they were minted. Isn’t that fascinating?

"It really is. How many do you have now?"
Story Azul Birthday.png
Story Azul Birthday.png
Around 200. I keep the coins I’m particularly fond of displayed in frames.

Speaking of, coin value is quite resistant to economic fluctuations. I highly recommend this hobby for anyone interested in building assets.

"Do you have any other hobbies?"
Story Azul Birthday.png
Story Azul Birthday.png
Hmm… I do enjoy board games.

Just after my admission here, I paid a visit to the board game club during the club fair.

And there I saw Idia with Ortho next to him.

They introduced me to a game that simulated business and commerce.

I thought, “This could bring up my business skills!” and decided to join the club right then and there.

Our activities involve playing all sorts of different games.

That has allowed me to garner the courage needed for making wagers when the stakes are high.

But most importantly, it is an absolute joy to force your opponent into submission by outwitting them.

"I can see you have a wide range of interests."
Story Azul Birthday.png
Story Azul Birthday.png
You never know what might lead to a business opportunity.

It’s best to experience everything you can.

"Thank you for sharing all of this with us."
Once again, happy birthday!
Card Azul SSR Birthday Boy Groovy.png
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