Azul Birthday Bash

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Leona Line.png This article is about an event from the English server for Twisted Wonderland.

For the Japanese server's version of this event, see here.

Azul Birthday Boy Showcase Banner.png

Azul's Birthday Bash is a campaign that is held in the Twisted Wonderland game to commemorate Azul Ashengrotto's birthday. His limited SSR Birthday Boy card could be summoned through his birthday summons.

Associated Summoning Event: Azul Birthday Boy Showcase

Campaign Period

February 24, 2022 0:30 - March 3, 2022 23:59 PT


Birthday Login Bonus

Claimable on: February 24 (00:30 ~ 23:59 PT)

  • A one-day only special login bonus with a Tenfold Key Set and birthday story.

Rewatching the Birthday Story

  • Album > Azul > Voice/Animations > Shared > Birthday Story
  • It will be added to the album even if you did not view it on February 24.
  • You must have at least 1 Azul card to access the album for the character.

Boosted Upgrading (Azul cards)

  • The rate of getting a GREAT or EXCELLENT when enhancing a Azul card will be increased.

Limited Time Background

Display period: February 24 (00:00 ~ 23:59 PT)

  • The Home screen background will change to Octavinelle Dorm - Birthday Party Venue (Day) for the duration of Azul's birthday only.
  • If you prefer to keep your normal background image, tap the gear icon on the upper-right portion of the Home screen and set Limited-Time Background to Off.

Octavinelle Dorm - Azul's Room (Day) Sale

  • For a limited time, the Octavinelle Dorm - Azul's Room (Day) background will be on sale in the Background Shop (Awakening Perfume).
  • Please note this is not the same background as Octavinelle Dorm - Birthday Party Venue (Day).

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