Azul Birthday Campaign

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Ace Line.png This article is about an event from the Japanese server for Twisted Wonderland.

For the English server's version of this event, see here.

Azul Broomquet Birthday Summon Banner.jpg

Azul's Birthday Campaign is a campaign that is held in the game to commemorate Azul Ashengrotto's birthday (February 24).

Associated Summoning Events:

Campaign Period

1st Round: February 22, 2021 16:00 JST - February 28, 2021 14:59 JST

2nd Round: February 22, 2022 16:00 JST - February 28, 2022 14:59 JST

3rd Round: February 22, 2023 16:00 JST - February 28, 2023 14:59 JST

Birthday Cards

Year 2021 2022 2023

Birthday Furniture

  • Available for purchase in the Birthday Medal (Azul) shop

Bloom Birthday Broom (Azul)

Furniture 1122613.png
Birthday Medal Icon.png
Item Label.png
Theme Elegant.png Elegant Stylish.png Stylish Series -
Dorm Octavinelle.png Octavinelle Size 2x2
Max 20 Category Large Items


Birthday Login Bonus

Claimable on: February 24 (00:00 ~ 23:59 JST)

  • By logging in on Azul's birthday, you can get a fully voiced Birthday Story, and a set of 10 Magical Keys
  • Even if you don't log in during this day, the Birthday Story is still added to your album

Azul Card Strengthening

  • The probability of getting Great or Excellent when strengthening Azul's cards is increased during the campaign period

Limited Time Background

Display period: February 24 (00:00 ~ 23:59 JST)

  • For Azul's birthday, the home page background will be set as "Octavinelle Dorm Birthday Party Venue (Day)"
  • This can be turned off in the settings

Azul's Room Background Sale

  • Different versions of Azul's Room background are available in the Backgrounds Shop during the campaign period. They can be purchased with (R) Perfumes.
    • Azul's Room (Day) background
    • Azul's Room (Night) background (starting from 2022)
    • Azul's Room (Night 2) background (starting from 2023)

Birthday Medal (Azul) Shop

  • Starting from the 3rd round of the event, summoning on the new birthday banner drops Birthday Medal (Azul).
    • 1 Pull = 1 Birthday Medal (Azul)
Item Limit Cost
Furniture 1122613.png Bloom Birthday Broom (Azul)
During the Birthday Campaign, will have a special interaction with this furniture
1 200
Elegant Sticker Icon.png
Elegant Sticker 5 3
Stylish Sticker Icon.png
Stylish Sticker 5 3
Magic Strengthening Set (Flora) Icon.png
Magic Strengthening Set (Flora) 2 5
Magic Strengthening Set (Fire) Icon.png
Magic Strengthening Set (Fire) 2 5
Nectar (S) Icon.png
Nectar (S) 50 1
Nectar (L) Icon.png
Nectar (L) 10 3
Secret Snacks (S) Icon.png
Secret Snacks (S) 50 1
Secret Snacks (L) Icon.png
Secret Snacks (L) 10 3
Azul Candy Icon.png
Octopus Candy - 2
Madol Icon.png
5,000 Madol - 2

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