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Battle Events are a type of event in Twisted Wonderland that requires players to duel with increasingly difficult opponents in order to advance in the event's limited story.

Event Cards

A total of 4 new limited cards are introduced in each event - One SSR, two SRs, and one R. The cards are paired as follows:

  • The SSR and one SR will only be available in the corresponding Event Summon.
  • The other SR and R ("welfare cards") are obtained by playing the event itself. They are distributed temporarily in the event, and you must fulfill their respective conditions in order to make them permanent.
    • Condition for Rs: Complete the Event story.
    • Condition for SRs: Complete the Event story & gather at least 800 Battle Event items.
    • With the exception of Jade and Cater from "Happy Beans Day ~Seize the Golden Harp!~", all other welfare SR and R cards' Magic levels can only be upgraded by using Magic Upgrade items that are obtained by winning event battles. Regular books from Alchemy cannot be used. They are also the only welfare cards that use regular Candies from Alchemy to Groovy them.


Event cards usually give 1 of two types of bonuses:

  1. Increased drop rates in Battles (indicated by a pink "REWARD+" label)
    • The maximum possible drop rate is 1.5x - from having used both the event SSR and welfare SR cards plus a friend's event SSR as support.
    • Exception: In the Ghost Marriage rerun in 2021, the maximum drop rate was 1.55x instead: By using yours and a friend's SSR Idia cards (1.2x bonus each), adding SSR Ace for a 1.1x bonus, and SR Riddle for a 1.05x bonus
  2. Boosted stats for itself in Battles (indicated by a purple "STATUS+" label)

The event SSR card and the welfare SR card provide the increased drop rates, while the SR card from the event summon and the R card have boosted stats in Battles. In the event's battles, it is encouraged to maximise your drop rates by always choosing someone with the event SSR as your support card. These bonuses are only applicable for the duration of the event they are featured in.

Event Story

All battle events have a corresponding event story. The length of the story depends on the event. In general, the stories have gotten longer since the beginning of the game. Happy Beans Day ~Seize the Golden Harp!~, the first event in the game, has 14 episodes in its story. However, Happy Beans Day ~The Harp-less Brawl~, the latest event, has 39 episodes in its story, and it is one of the longest stories in the game so far.

The personal stories of event cards tie in closely with the event story itself. In some cases, personal stories are locked on the condition that you have completed the event story, or waited until the event has ended (whichever comes earlier).

Event Details

Most Battle Events share the same play style. However, there are some exceptions shown below as the events are tweaked over time.


There are generally 5 types of event-exclusive items you have to gather:

  • Lesson Event items (e.g. Beans in Happy Beans Day events, Crackers in Vargas CAMP!)
  • Battle Event items (e.g. Crests in Happy Beans Day events, Vargas Tickets in Vargas CAMP!)
  • 3 types of Magic Upgrade items for Cards obtained through the event (e.g. Fish, Magic Stone Fragments & Firewood in Vargas CAMP!)

How To Play

  1. Collect Lesson Event items by sending your cards to Lessons. These items drop in all 3 types of Lessons.
  2. Use the Lesson Event items to unlock the event story's episodes.
  3. As you progress in the story, you will need to gather Battle Event items by winning the battles in the event.
    • Some event story episodes require you to accumulate a certain number of Battle Event items in order to unlock them.
    • Certain Battles will drop Magic Upgrade items.
    • The last Extra Battle does not drop Magic Upgrade items at all, but drops more Battle Event items than the earlier stages.
  4. Battle Event items are used to exchange for rewards in the Event Shop.
  5. Remember to clear the event missions for extra Battle Event items and Gems.


Happy Beans Day ~Seize the Golden Harp!~

This event was the first event in the entire game, so several features are different from the existing event style in the game.

  1. There were no additional conditions to fulfill in order to ensure that the event's welfare cards (SR Jade Beans Camo and R Cater Beans Camo) will remain in your Card list after the event ended.
  2. There were no Magic Upgrade items.
  3. Welfare cards did not require players to buy special items from the Event Shop to Groovy them.
  4. Event cards had no associated bonuses for using them in Battles.

Vargas CAMP! ~Spring Happening~

  1. 2 Event Shops were in the event: Vargas Ticket Shop (Battle Event items) and the Vargas Badge Shop
    • Vargas Badges were obtained by progressing in the story. There are only 7 badges.
  2. Like in Scary Monsters! ~Screaming Halloween Show~, its event story's episodes were split into chapters.
  3. The types of Magic Upgrade items that you can gather from each Battle are clearly indicated based on the locations on the map.

Events List

Click the links below to view event-specific information.

Happy Beans Day ~Seize the Golden Harp!~ Ghost Marriage ~Proposal of Destiny~
Happy Beans Day ~Seize the Golden Harp!~

April 28, 2020 16:00 - May 12, 2020 14:59 JST

Ghost Marriage ~Proposal of Destiny~

July 7, 2020 16:00 JST - July 22, 2020 14:59 JST

Vargas CAMP! ~Spring Happening~ Happy Beans Day ~Seize the Golden Harp!~ Rerun
Vargas CAMP! ~Spring Happening~

March 25, 2021 16:00 JST - April 12, 2021 14:59 JST

Happy Beans Day ~Seize the Golden Harp!~ Rerun

April 20, 2021 16:00 - May 5, 2021 14:59 JST

Happy Beans Day ~The Harp-less Brawl~ Ghost Marriage ~Proposal of Destiny~ Rerun
Happy Beans Day ~The Harp-less Brawl~

May 10, 2021 16:00 - May 31, 2021 14:59 JST

Ghost Marriage ~Proposal of Destiny~ Rerun

June 24, 2021 16:00 - July 12, 2021 14:59 JST

Sam's New Year Sale 2022
Sam's New Year Sale 2022

December 31, 2021 16:00 JST - January 11, 2022 14:59 JST

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