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Briar Valley (茨の谷, Ibara no Tani) is a country in the world of Twisted Wonderland where characters like Malleus Draconia, Silver, Sebek Zigvolt, and Lilia Vanrouge originate from.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Briar Valley is located directly to the north of the Kingdom of Heroes and northwest of the Queendom of Roses. It is filled with steep cliffs and mountains.[1] There are forests that are pitch black.[2]

Society[edit | edit source]

Briar Valley is currently ruled by Malleus's grandmother[3] and Malleus is the current Crown Prince.[4] The citizens of Briar Valley rely on magic in their day-to-day lives[5] including for tasks like lighting fires for cooking[6] and cleaning and washing.[2] Briar Valley isn't technologically developed, there is little to no electricity[7] and only a few places have internet.[8]

Demographics[edit | edit source]

Most residents of Briar Valley are different types of fae[9] and there are few humans.[10]

Customs and Traditions[edit | edit source]

Fiber spinning and fabric are culturally significant in Briar Valley, though it was not explained why.[10] People in Briar Valley don't hang their clothes to dry on trees because of a myth that animals will steal the clothes.[11]

Halloween[edit | edit source]

Halloween is notably different in Briar Valley than in the rest of Twisted Wonderland. There is no trick-or-treating, instead, the citizens of Briar Valley burn a scarecrow in the town square at midnight and dance until morning.[12] They carve lanterns out of wood instead of pumpkins[13] and, currently, Malleus is in charge of using magic to light all the lanterns. [12]

Birthdays[edit | edit source]

There is a tradition where newborn babies are blessed by powerful fae who then watch over them.[14] Birthday celebrations are very formal, dignified affairs.[15] Malleus's birthday is a public holiday.[16]

Weddings[edit | edit source]

Magical blessings are sometimes given as gifts for weddings.[17]

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