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Childhood[edit | edit source]

Because of his dad’s work as a banker, Cater's family had to move about once every two years, all over the world.[1] Cater hadn’t had any long-lasting friends because of this. Because of his family's frequent moving, he feels like a pro at packing things.[1]

Cater has two older sisters who, according to him, boss him around. He has described his sisters as “unreasonable,” his dislikes in his profile are listed as “having to suck up to his sisters,” and when everyone was going home for winter holiday, he said he’d rather stay with Trey’s family.[2] In his voice lines, he mentioned that he can’t relate to Yuu feeling homesick because his sisters would just be waiting for him at home. His sisters rated everything by how cute it was, and if something “wasn’t cute” to them, then Cater would have to redo it.[3]

His sisters would get more excited about his birthday than he would and buy him all kinds of presents he didn’t particularly like (such as stuffed animals, dolls, perfumes, soaps, etc). But they weren’t trying to be intentionally mean, and recently they have started paying attention to what he really wants.[4]

When he was about 10 years old, his mom and his sisters were always baking sweets. Cater was excited about this at first because it meant he could get lots of treats, but his sisters would make him eat everything. If he refused, they’d look so disheartened, and Cater couldn’t say no to that, so he kept forcing himself to eat. Because of this, he now hates sweets.[4]

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