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Happy Birthday
Azul Line.png This story has been fan-translated by twstarchives.

This translation was based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

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Heartslabyul Dorm - Birthday Party Venue
NRC Campus News - Birthday Interview - Cater ver.
Happy birthday!
Story Cater Birthday.png
Story Cater Birthday.png
Thanks, Yuu-kins~! I’m happy you’re celebrating with me ♪
“Your birthday outfit looks good on you.”
Story Cater Birthday.png
Story Cater Birthday.png
I know, right? Everyone’s been complimenting me on it. Cay-kins takes a liking to white clothes himself.

I get attention everywhere I go when I wear this and it feels super nice ♪ I couldn’t help myself from waltzing through the whole school!

It’s a waste that I only get to wear it today, so I think I’ll try and put it on again tomorrow~

“Maybe you shouldn't...”
Story Cater Birthday.png
Story Cater Birthday.png
Ahaha, I’m just kidding. But that’s how much I love it!
“Do you have any unforgettable stories about your birthday?”
Story Cater Birthday.png
Story Cater Birthday.png
Hmm, I wouldn’t call it “unforgettable,” but there was this one thing with my sisters.

There’s three of us. I’m the youngest with two big sisters.

It feels like the two of them would always get way more hyped up than me on my birthday~!

When I was little, I’d get squished between them… Man, that was super annoying.

They were the ones to pick out my presents too, so I never got anything but cute things!

Stuffed animals, dolls, perfumes, soaps… The kind of stuff Cay-kins doesn’t really like…

I felt like, aren’t my sisters having more fun than me?! I thought I was the birthday boy!

But they never meant any harm. Plus now they’ve started asking me what I want first.

“You're the star today.”
Story Cater Birthday.png
Story Cater Birthday.png
That’s right! No matter what anyone says, Cay-kins is the birthday boy today ♪

I’m going to have a fun, happy, and very “me” day today! I gotta enjoy it to the fullest ☆

Bg 11116.png
Heartslabyul Dorm - Birthday Party Venue
“Do you have any stories you could share about your phone case?”
Story Cater Birthday.png
Story Cater Birthday.png
This is from a super popular brand, and I had so much trouble getting it~

I ran to the store first thing in the morning the day it came out, and there was already a huge line out the door.

The store employee told us "This will be a raffle sale," and I went crazy!

I immediately made clones using my Unique Magic and got tons of raffle tickets. Genius idea, don’tcha think?

But… Cay-kins and all my other mes lost! I was so disappointed that I couldn’t buy it…

But then! A little bit later, Lilia-kins bought one for me and said it was a souvenir from his travels!

I was super happy~!

It’s just… ever since then, he’s been hounding me about what I’m going to get him in return.

Something as rare as this phone case… That’s super tough to beat~

Actually, what kind of countryside store even had these left in stock?

“You two are in the same club, right?”
Story Cater Birthday.png
Story Cater Birthday.png
Yup! We’re in band. Kalim makes us three, and we’re good friends, we have fun, and we chill out together ☆

After school, we chat in our club room and eat snacks… TBH, it feels like playing music kind of gets pushed aside.

We don’t do anything legit like writing original songs. We’re entirely a cover band.

Sometimes we try to actually take our club activities seriously, but the three of us have super different tastes in music~

One time I brought up the idea of playing this cool, romantic pop song.

But Kalim made a dancey arrangement of it that had a Scalding Sands-vibes…

And Lilia-kins started shouting out bittersweet lyrics about unrequited love in this super coarse voice…

It totally deviated from the original song. Hah… my cool, romantic pop song…

They both love to do whatever they want, so that gives me the chance to really chill out too. Our club’s lots of fun ☆

Bg 11116.png
Heartslabyul Dorm - Birthday Party Venue
“What's your favorite food?”
Story Cater Birthday.png
Story Cater Birthday.png
I love grilled lamb with diablo sauce~ It’s delicious and it sounds super cool!

Oh, I’ve been obsessed with spicy ramen lately too ☆

Spicy food gives me that perfect kick whenever I’m feeling down!

Oh, also, this might sound weird, but posting about ramen rakes in tons of likes.

There are tons of hardcore ramen fans of all genders out there. Me included.

“What's your least favorite food?”
Story Cater Birthday.png
Story Cater Birthday.png
Agh… That’s a tough one to answer… Well, I’ll just say it.

…Truth is, I kiiinda don’t like sweets.

But it’s a rule to serve sweets at Heartslabyul’s traditional Unbirthday Parties!

So I’ve always kept it a secret… Trey found out recently, though.

Well, it’s more like he knew from the start.

You know that part of Trey~!

“Is there a reason you don't like sweets?”
Story Cater Birthday.png
Story Cater Birthday.png
This probably happened when I was about ten? My mom and sisters got really into baking one time.

At first I was like, “There’s so much dessert!” and was happy to eat everything…

But this went on everyday, and I slowly started getting sick of it.

My sisters kept piling up my plate, saying “You’re still growing and need to eat!”

They’d get super disappointed if I told them no… I was the worst at dealing with those faces they gave me.

So, because I forced myself to keep eating them, I can’t stand any kind of dessert now.

I love to try out cafés, and when you hear “cafés,” you think of aesthetic sweets, right?

I want to take lots of pictures of them, but I can’t order them because I wouldn’t be able to eat them. This is a serious dilemma~

…Oh! I just got an idea!

Yuu-kins, how about you order them and then I can post them on Magicam?

Let’s go to a café together some time~! I know lots of shops that sell super Magicammable sweets!

Everything will be on me, obviously! Okay, it’s a promise~♪

“I can't wait. Once again, happy birthday!”
Card Cater SSR Birthday Boy Groovy.png
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This translator doesn't allow reposts, but permitted linking to their translation. So, please read here:
This translation was based off the script from the Japanese version of the game.
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