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Cater logo.png Cater Lines
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These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

Twisted Wonderland "Twisted Wonderland"
Tutorial “Let’s have fun together, ‘kay?”
Lv Up 1 “Yay~ I’m getting stronger!”
Lv Up 2 “‘#BetterThanEverCaykun’ kind of energy!”
Lv Up 3 “Let’s keep doing our best from now on!”
Lv Up Max “I always thought anything goes as long as I’m having some kind of fun, but I actually like getting serious every once in a while. Plus I want to look cool when I’m posting on Magicam.”
Episode Lv Up “You think we’re really close friends? Ehh~ You’re so funny~! Hahaha, I wasn’t saying I hate the idea; why are you making that face? It’s just, you said it so seriously—I guess I don’t know how to react.”
Magic Lv Up “Hmm, so you’re the type who would do things like this for me. Thanks!”
Limit Break “Don’t you think I’ve got wayyy too much potential? Hahaha! Well, thanks for all your help!”
Groovy “Man, aren’t I super cool now? It’s making me get excited!”
Lesson 1 “Let’s do our work together! Well, I’m still your senior, so I should try to impress you ♪”
Lesson 2 “You really are super dedicated to things… Do you get that a lot? …Yup, I thought so!”
Lesson 3 “C’mon, give yourself a break. It’s not worth putting so much effort just into your classes.”
Lesson Start “Alright, let’s get things done!”
Lesson End “It’s finally over! Time for my after-class Magicam check!”
Battle Start “Make sure to repost and share all my impressive moves!”
Battle Win “That should be enough. Bye-bye!”
Cater Lesson Lines
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These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

History Lesson Lines
Good Morning I’m feeling good already so early in the morning.

I’m finally waking up.

You’re so hardworking even in the morning!

Noon What should we do for lunch?

I wanna travel.

Magical History is boring.

Afternoon It’s just memorization.

Trein-sensei is so strict~

Want to get drinks after school?

Great I do alright when I try.

You can praise me if you want.

Maybe I’ll teach you next time.

Great (New) Augh… Which is it again?
Perfect Well, something like this is easy.

This is Kei-kun’s real seriousness.

A huge success!

Perfect (New) Should I aim for all the correct answers?
Special Perfect Is it prohibited to play around?

Guess I’ll do it properly

Is it okay if I just do this much?

Flying Lesson Lines
Good Morning I guess I’ll try my best.

Are muscles photogenic?

It’s no good to strain yourself too much.

Noon His die-hard spirit is so grueling.

Isn’t it satisfactory?

I want lunchtime to come faster~

Afternoon Let’s finish this quickly.

It’s no good to be reeking of sweat.

Were you watching that?

Great An ordinary aerial picture is just…

Do you want to ride behind me?

That was refreshing.

Perfect Let’s have fun.

The tricks to flying are similar to skateboarding.

I get nervous when it goes well~

Special Perfect I want a picture of the teacher flying!

I’m doing it properly.

Did you see that~?

Alchemy Lesson Lines
Good Morning Let’s secretly skip class.

Here’s some senpai advice!

It’s fine to do just okay.

It’s probably so-so?

I’m getting sleepy…

Noon You’ll get tired if you overdo it.

Is there something you want to ask?

I’m gonna ask Trey-kun.

Let’s make it according to the recipe.

There’s a lunch dish I recommend.

Afternoon Concentrate.

I wanna check Magicam―

Oops… I lost consciousness for a second.

Riddle will get mad at me if I get red marks.

Is there a way to make this picture-perfect?

Great It would be easier if Trey-kun was here.

Gems are so photogenic.

You don’t have to praise me for something as little as this.

That’s pretty perfect for a picture, isn’t it?

The key is finesse~

Perfect Did you grab a picture?

That’s the best feeling.

Want to take a photo to remember this?

Leave it to your senpai.

I feel good!

Special Perfect Well, when I’m being watched…

Doesn’t everyone seem really serious?

Just like a serious student.

There’s no time for me to check Magicam~

Smooth and steady.

Cater Battle Lines
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These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

When Selected There it is~


I guess that’s good?

Nice ♪

That’s rightー

Buff Alright, I’ll save you ♪
Debuff I’m allowed to get in the way, right?
When Attacked Guuh…
Attacks done alone One-hit
(1st Turn)

Guess I’ll do itー

(2nd Turn)
And with this!

Watch me, okayー

(1st Turn)
You won’t catch me off my guard.

You’re wide open! Sike~

(2nd Turn)
The next one’ll be a photogenic shot!

I’ll finish this in a snap!

Attacks with another student One-hit
(1st Turn)
Wait and see!

How will you come at me?

(2nd Turn)
Being serious comes off well ♪

It’s a bit out of character, butー

(1st Turn)
I’ve got enough of a response for you!

Something like this?

(2nd Turn)
I’ll charm you!

Oops, did I do too much?

Duo Magic Attacks 1st Turn You’ve let your guard down too much. Ahahah!

Guess I’ll just quickly finish this upー

2nd Turn I’ve got no ill-will ♪ Here I goー!

It’s just something I gotta do!

Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon “Wanna know some tips for having a fun life at school? I got you covered!”
Groovy “You gotta be full of energy when you’re with everyone ♪”
Set Home “I kinda like the standard outfit.”
Home Idle 1 “Mm! The first-years’ uniforms always look so shiny and new.”
Home Idle 2 “Riddle’s calling for me. Wanna come with me?”
Home Idle 3 “Wait, are you free? Same here! So, anyway~ Do you have any Magicammable news to spill?”
Home Login “Were you sad that you weren’t able to see Cay-kun? …Ahaha! I knew it. You’re so honest, Director~”
Home Tap 1 “Our schools uniforms have a nice balance to them~ They’re not extra like our dorm uniforms, but they’re not too casual either.”
Home Tap 2 “Okay, pose! …Aw, man! It came out blurry. Can I take one more? I want to post it on Magicam.”
Home Tap 3 “Huh? You think I look cool in my uniform? Ehh~! Where’s this coming from? You’re making me smile ♪”
Home Tap 4 “Sometimes it’s hard to tell what you’re thinking all the time, Director. …Me? Aren’t I super easy to read~?”
Home Tap 5 “Hey, you know… you didn’t forget that I’m your senior, did you? JK! ♪ I probably shouldn’t ever do that to Riddle.”
Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon “Glistening sweat! Surging with youth! …I’m kinda meh about these kinds of things.”
Groovy “I’m always down for an aesthetic-looking sport! ♪ Play with me, Director!”
Set Home “Alright, our PE uniform!”
Home Idle 1 “I’ve got things to do too, you know! Huh? ‘Like what?’ Like... looking for stuff to post on Magicam!”
Home Idle 2 “Director, your collar, your collar! I saw Riddle nearby, so you should hurry up and fix that.”
Home Idle 3 “Coach Vargas’s classes are so exhausting, aren’t they? I get it; I felt that way when I was a first-year too.”
Home Login “You can find a lot of different ways to wear our PE uniforms. Hmm~ The way you wear yours is nice!”
Home Tap 1 “You don’t need to force yourself to use honorifics with me. I don’t really mind things like that. Plus it’s easier that way, right?”
Home Tap 2 “What is it? What is it? You’re worried about something? I could never turn my back on my cute little junior if they’re in need~”
Home Tap 3 “Have you gotten used to life at this school yet? It’s really interesting with all the weird people here, don’t you think? Kinda feels like a gold mine of things to use for Magicam ♪”
Home Tap 4 “Sports…? I’m not bad at them, but I don’t know how anyone could get so pumped up about them.”
Home Tap 5 “Wait, is this a popular game right now? Don’t tell me I’m late on the bandwagon!?”
Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon “Something feels a teensy bit off… Maybe we should go patrol around.”
Groovy “Were you surprised to see how reliable I actually am? Just kidding!!”
Set Home “Maybe I should show you a senior’s pride.”
Home Idle 1 “As your senior, I’ll tell you all about Happy Beans Day! Pay close attention, ‘kay~?”
Home Idle 2 “Director, I can’t remember—are you good at sports? Maybe we should figure out our roles while we’ve got the time.”
Home Idle 3 “Just because this is your first school event doesn’t mean you need to be nervous! Remember it’s all a game. Let’s have fun~♪”
Home Login “This is nice! Feels like we’re all set, right? I’m counting on you, Director ♪”
Home Tap 1 “This is our team emblem. It’s designed to look like the feathered hats of those peasants who struck down the monster.”
Home Tap 2 “I heard the magic harp in Happy Valley was shaped like a beautiful girl. I wish I could’ve seen it~!”
Home Tap 3 “Jade’s really level-headed, isn’t he? He’s got a super mature way of talking too. Doesn’t really feel like he’s my junior.”
Home Tap 4 “Don’t you think the popping colors on this uniform are just perfect for Magicam?”
Home Tap 5 “Are you curious which pocket I stashed my beans in? Let’s see, I wonder which one~”
Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon “Just make it look fun and photogenic and even studying can be a blast!”
Groovy “Let’s take things nice and slow! You’ll burn yourself out if you’re only ever working too hard.”
Set Home “Alright, let’s get to work!”
Home Idle 1 “Hehe, do you need your senior’s advice on something? Okay, okay, relax and talk it out with me ♪”
Home Idle 2 “‘What am I usually doing?’ Mm, that’s a secret. No, I’m not free all the time! Cay-kun is very, very busy!”
Home Idle 3 “What’re you doing today? If you’re free, then let me invite you on Cay-kun’s Tour of Collecting Stuff for Magicam ♪”
Home Login “There’s someone better suited to help you with your work if that’s what you need. How about you go see Trey?”
Home Idle Groovy “So? I look a lot more serious than usual, don’t I? Ehh~! What’s with that reaction!? I’ll have to show you my actual serious side sometime.”
Home Tap 1 “You seem to have a lot of time on your hands, Director. Are you all ready for class?”
Home Tap 2 “Looking aesthetic for Magicam is important. They say that having things you’re conscious about makes your everyday life a lot fuller!”
Home Tap 3 “Dedication is not a bad thing, but you need to give yourself a break sometimes too. See? Look how relaxed Grim is…”
Home Tap 4 “Director, you should focus only on the important things for your future~ Just like I do ♪”
Home Tap 5 “What? What? Are you homesick? I don't think I can really relate to that~…”
Home Tap Groovy “Each day has been so exciting ever since you came here. It never gets boring.”
Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon “I like to try looking sharp every once in a while ♪ What do you think? Personally, I think it fits!”
Groovy “Our special ceremony robes! Let’s take a pic together to commemorate ♪”
Set Home “How do I look? Handsome?”
Home Idle 1 “Are you interested in my robes? Wanna take a pic?”
Home Idle 2 “Does this look good on me? Sometimes looking formal like this is nice, don’t you think?”
Home Idle 3 “Hey, nice work today ♪ You can chill out for a little bit now~ I’m taking some downtime myself.”
Home Login “What? Something happened again? Things are always so busy around you, Director~”
Home Idle Groovy “Your belt’s a little out of place. Alright, there you go. These are our special ceremony robes, so make sure you keep them looking picture-perfect, ‘kay?”
Home Tap 1 “Man, our ceremony robes really are so cool~ When the whole school is lined up wearing them, it feels super powerful!”
Home Tap 2 “Our robes look the best at nighttime, but trying to get the right lighting when I’m taking pictures of them is seriously the worst…”
Home Tap 3 “What? What? You wanna know more about me? Mm, what should I say~?”
Home Tap 4 “Let’s talk about all kinds of things! You look like you’re full of interesting things I could post about.”
Home Tap 5 “I know. I know you want so desperately for Cay-kun to fawn over you. But could you calm down just a little?”
Home Tap Groovy “Alright, you’ve got some new problem to solve, right? Well, even if you don’t, I’ll come with you anyway. ‘Cause it sounds like fun ♪”
Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon “Everywhere around the city there are such Magicammable spots, I’m going to take a ton of pictures and have them go viral! This is the best!”
Groovy “It was so fun to have such a valuable experience~ I want to go back to the Scalding Sands with everyone again sometime”
Set Home “With these super flashy outfits, it really gets me excited!”
Home Idle 1 “They said these bracelets are made of pure gold. Even though it’s not guilded, this hefty weight… I can hear my heartbeat.”
Home Idle 2 “Uwa! When I tried to take a picture of a camel’s face, it licked my smartphone! I-it’s not broken, right!?”
Home Idle 3 “Jamil-kun’s guide to the main tourist locations was perfect, he took us around to all the Magicammable spots. He could be a first-rate tour guide.”
Home Login “Ah, street stand food that looks spicy, spotted! As a spicy food connoisseur, there’s no way I’m not going to try it~”
Home Idle Groovy “Let’s take a picture just the two of us with Kalim-kun’s house in the background! It’ll become a memory of the Scalding Sands, won’t it? C'mon, hurry and come over here.”
Home Tap 1 “Malleus was playing a unique stringed instrument called a kamancheh! It had a bit of a somber tone, though.”
Home Tap 2 “My sisters asked me to bring home as a souvenir for them the Scalding Sands’ body scrub that’s all the rage on Magicam. They sure know how to use their little brother~”
Home Tap 3 “Apparently you can ski or snowboard on the desert sand. If we had time, Cay-kun could have shown you his boarding techniques!”
Home Tap 4 “Are you exhausted from the crowd of people? Then, let’s sit and rest a while. It wouldn’t be so bad to take it easy and watch the Scalding Sands’ sunset either.”
Home Tap 5 “Chocolate Dates are fascinating! If it’s going to be recommended that much, then I might as well try to eat one~”
Home Tap Groovy “Travelling is nice. If you think about how no one around you knows who you are, doesn’t it feel extremely care-free?”
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These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon “You have to have fun with croquet and Unbirthday parties ♪”

“Everything’s alright now, ‘cause I’m here! Just kidding ♪”

Groovy “Do you want to see Cay-kun’s serious side? Okay, if you insist!”
Set Home “Our dorm uniforms really do fit the best.”
Home Idle 1 “Don’t get me involved in anything… Well, there’s not really any point in me saying that. You’re so hopeless, Director~”
Home Idle 2 “You called for me again? Hehe, I bet you get called out a lot for how curious you are~”
Home Idle 3 “Trey’s desserts are so Magicammable~ And they’re super delicious! Wanna come with me to go eat some, Director?”
Home Login “Let’s keep a memory of today—do a peace sign! ☆ Hehe, that was a nice shot! Okay, what tags should I use?”
Home Idle Groovy “Do you wanna secretly try on our dorm uniforms sometime? They might actually look good on you~”
Home Tap 1 “Have you seen Heartslabyul’s lounge yet? You really can’t find decorations with an aesthetic like that anywhere else.”
Home Tap 2 “If you want to look fire in our dorm uniforms, you gotta know the latest trends! Maybe come shopping with me next time?”
Home Tap 3 “Have you ever noticed that the playing card pins on the left sides of our chests have a different design for each person? Tiny details like that are so cool ♪”
Home Tap 4 “Do you ever get homesick or anything? Hm, me? I’m… not. I’ve got some unreasonable older sisters…”
Home Tap 5 “It’s nice you feel so comfortable around me… but don’t tell me you’re trying to bring down Cay-kun’s dignity?”
Home Tap Groovy “It would’ve been so much fun if you were in Heartslabyul with us, Director. Well, there’s no point in talking about things that’ll never happen ♪”
Duo Magic Cater: Trey, you ready~?

Trey: Got it, Cater! Count on me to back you up!

Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon “I’ll fill you all the way to the bone… with fear, of course ♪”

“Aha! Are you surprised with how off things feel now? Let me show you Cay’s charm, now that I’m a touch different for Halloween~”

Groovy “You’re not thinking you’ll be able to get home safely now that you’ve dug me up, are you?”
Set Home “Don’t you think my costume’s super aesthetic!?”
Home Idle 1 “The pumpkin pie Trey always makes this time of year… Mm, it’s not too sweet, and it’s sooo good~!”
Home Idle 2 “Did you see Lucius today!? He was wearing a super adorable pumpkin hat… I can’t believe Professor Trein~!”
Home Idle 3 “Sebek-kins really loves Malleus~ He’s got a reputation among the third-years for being the passionate Draconian.”
Home Login “Happy Halloween! How about we take a picture to commemorate?”
Home Idle Groovy “I have a feeling this year’s going to be the funnest Halloween we’ve ever had. You should be excited too, Director!”
Home Tap 1 “I really like how our skeleton-looking laces are so elegant. Our dorm uniforms give off more cutesy vibes; it’s super different.”
Home Tap 2 “A black veil holds many mysteries… Heheh. You’re always free to lift it up anytime you want, Director! Just kidding.”
Home Tap 3 “Heartslabyul’s costumes last year? We were pirates! Wish you could see Cay as a pirate~?”
Home Tap 4 “The whole campus gets super festive and exciting around Halloween! And all the decorations are so photogenic.”
Home Tap 5 “Black makeup smudges easily, so you kind of need to have advanced skills to use it. Does it look okay right now? It’s not smudged?”
Home Tap Groovy “What are you dressing up as, Director? Come let me know when you have it ready. I wanna take a pic~”
Duo Magic Cater: “Jack, lend me some of your aesthetic support!”

Jack: “This’ll be a breeze, Cater!”

Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon “Wow! This is getting a super ton of views on Magicam! ☆ Birthday parties rake in so much attention!”

“‘Happy birthday’ is such a nice phrase~ It feels like the ones celebrating and the one being celebrated can both be happy, doesn’t it?”

Groovy “Okay, grab your glasses… Cheers~! Thanks for making my birthday so much fun ♪”
Set Home “Wearing this outfit makes it really feel like it’s someone’s birthday~”
Home Idle 1 “Astrology’s my best subject! But I won’t do my own birthday fortune reading… ‘Cause it’s so much more exciting not knowing your future! ♪”
Home Idle 2 “Is the toothbrush Trey gave me his way of saying to take care of my fang tooth? Well, it is one of my charm points! ☆”
Home Idle 3 “We have lots of rules in our dorm, but it’s my birthday, so it’s okay if I break some! …Probably not… Yeah… Boohoo.”
Home Login “It feels so exciting with everyone celebrating! I think I’ll use my Unique Magic and make some clones to show off around the school.”
Home Idle Groovy “Just between you and me, keeping up a smile for the entirety of the party gets kind of tiring… Just kidding!”
Home Tap 1 “Idia gave me Magicam stickers as a present! I don’t know what anime they’re from, but I’m happy! ♪”
Home Tap 2 “Maybe Vil would follow my Magicam if I asked for that instead of a birthday present~”
Home Tap 3 “I got a skateboard from Kalim. ☆ He said he’s pretty good at skateboarding too, so next time we’ll go do it together!”
Home Tap 4 “My dorm made me a bright red, diamond-shaped quiche! It was filled with habaneros. I love super spicy foods so it was perfect ♪”
Home Tap 5 “My rosette is crooked? Thanks for fixing it~!”
Home Tap Groovy “I kinda wanna make some noise! How about you, Director? Wanna sing together? Or we could dance?”
Duo Magic Cater: “Lilia-kins, let’s take a pic for the birthday memories!”

Lilia: “Cater, a happy birthday to you!”

Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by okaykei based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon Thanks for the birthday wishes ♪ Let’s hype this birthday party up as much as we can and have a ton of fun!

Today’s my once-a-year special day! I’m glad I get to hear so many happy birthdays this year, too~

Groovy I feel like I laughed way more today than usual! Did you have fun, as well?
Set Home Feast your eyes on Cay-Cay, birthday edition! What do you think?
Home Idle 1 Sebby got me a clothes brush made out of horse hair. It’s gonna be even easier to look after my clothes~!
Home Idle 2 "We decided we’re gonna take a picture with everyone at the party venue today. C’mon, you get in, too! ♪"
Home Idle 3 The other two from the PMC brought even fancier sweets than usual. Felt a little like a mini party.
Home Login And so the star of today’s show makes his appearance! The Unbirthday Parties aren’t bad, but there’s nothing quite like the excitement of a birthday party.
Home Idle Groovy Hmm, how should I lay out the stickers that Jamil gave me…? Oooh, I can’t make up my mind~!
Home Tap 1 Apparently, the roses packed inside this box are soap flowers. I think Riddle was probably trying to think of something aesthetic to gift me in his own way.
Home Tap 2 Malleus complimented me today! Said that this jacket really suits me. Cay-Cay’s mega happy!
Home Tap 3 There’s so many attractive points to the decorations of the birthday venue. It’s lookin’ good ☆ Where should I start taking pictures from~?
Home Tap 4 “#Birthday #NRCUnionJacket #CayCayOnly” …Gotta boast about the special clothes I can only wear for today, after all!
Home Tap 5 We don’t really get to be around school much when we become fourth years~ This might be the last year I get to have a big celebration with everyone like this.
Home Tap Groovy I took a video of the pie throwing just to show how insane it is! Look at how much cream there is! It’s like they don’t know the definition of holding back!
Duo Magic Cater: Let’s have a blast, Jamil!

Jamil: Happy birthday, Cater.

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