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Deuce Spade is a first-year student in Heartslabyul. He enrolled in the school aiming to become a powerful mage. He's very serious, but a little disorganized.

(translated from the Japanese version by ladysaionji)


Deuce has dark blue hair and teal eyes, his hair is brushed mostly to the side while a portion hangs down on his left side. Over his right eye, he has black makeup shaped like a spade. He wears a white shirt, with a black vest patterned with card suits. Over the vest, he wears a blazer that the others in his dorm wear, except for Riddle. He wears a black and yellow ribbon around his waist, and black and white high tops. He also wears white trousers.


Deuce is a straightforward person who goes face to face with his foes and his own personal difficulties, preferring to play fair over cheating. He also has a competitive streak which makes him refuse to be a loser no matter the circumstances. According to himself and others, Deuce is an idiot with a simple mindset. However, he is hard working and always gives his best effort. Deuce has a strong sense of compassion and moral understanding, shown when he refused to mock Azul's baby photo, understanding that Azul wants to erase his past.[1]

During the time he used to be a delinquent, he had sharp tongue and often got involved in fights. Currently, he is trying to be an honors student after seeing how his behavior was hurting his mother,[2] though his violent tendencies sometimes pop up when he is angry.[3] While Deuce is easily provoked and often falls back into his old habits, he shows a strong sense of self-awareness regarding his actions and how far he has to go to improve as a person and become an honors student.

Skills and Magic


Deuce is excellent in physical fights from his days as a delinquent, often beating people up to the point that they become scared of him and run away. He knows how to put people in arm locks and dislocate shoulders.[4]

  • His time as a delinquent has given him the experience to guess his enemies' motives,[5] often able to predict others' malicious plans before they're put into action, as Deuce once caused the same kind of trouble in his youth.
  • Notable is that Deuce only picks fights when provoked—either when he himself is in danger, when the other party is causing trouble for people close to him, or simply when the other party (literally) asks for a fight.[6]

Deuce is known to be good with machines. While he himself states that his reputation for being good with them is exaggerated,[7] he has a track record of getting them to work when they've been broken.[8]

Malleus Line.png WARNING! This section contains story spoilers. Read at your own risk.

During the events of Episode 5, Deuce comes to realize that a valuable skill of his is that he is "amazingly idiotic,"[9] meaning that he doesn't really take the time to think things through strategically before taking action. Until Episode 5, Deuce had been hard on himself for always acting rashly, as he didn't see such behavior as befitting an 'honors student.' But, after speaking with Rook and Kalim,[3] Deuce begins to view that aspect of himself differently.


Deuce is shown to have a penchant for summoning cauldrons out of thin air, most often to drop on top of and immobilize his opponents. This first started in the prologue where he summons 'something heavy' to stop Ace from escaping, and by chance winds up summoning a cauldron.[10]

Unique Magic

Malleus Line.png WARNING! This section contains story spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Deuce's unique magic is known as "Bet the Limit" (EN: "Double Down") (しっぺ返し(ベット・ザ・リミット), Betto za Rimitto; lit. "Retaliation"). It allows him to throw another person's magic right back at them after absorbing and storing said magic until a certain threshold is reached. It is more effective the stronger his opponent is.[11]


  • His first name Deuce references a card with a face value of 2.
  • Deuce mentions that the only pink clothing he possesses is a bright pink leopard print suit.[12]
  • He carries a box cutter on his person.[8]
  • He wants to become a magical enforcement officer in the future.[7]


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