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Voice Lines
Crowley logo.png Crowley Lines
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These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based on the game's Japanese version.

Twisted Wonderland Twisted Wonderland
Special Class Start 1 “Excuse my interruption!”
Special Class Start 2 “You all look hard at work.”
Special Class Start 3 “Surprise visit!”
Special Class End 1 “Now then, enjoy the rest of your day.”
Special Class End 2 "I'm very impressed."
Special Class End 3 “That’s all for today.”
Test Transition 1 “Now, let’s start the exam.”
Test Transition 2 “Are you all prepared?”
Test Transition 3 “Don’t be nervous; just act like you always do.”
Test Win 1 “Wonderful! You’ve moved me to tears!”
Test Win 2 “I can’t believe you’ve made it this far. I’m amazed!”
Test Lose 1 “Hm… I think you might need to practice a little more.”
Test Lose 2 “I’m looking forward to seeing your results next time.”

Crowley Exam Lines
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These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

About the Academy 1 There are seven wonders at this school that would make even the feathers of a crow stand on end… Or was it nine? Well, the number rises and falls every year; I can’t remember what it is right now.
About the Academy 2 One of the ghosts who works in the cafeteria used to be the head chef at a grand hotel. Ahh, how much trouble I’d gone through to scout him here!
About the School Facility Aren’t the portraits of the Great Seven hanging in the Headmaster’s Office just wonderful? I dust their frames very carefully everyday with the utmost reverence for them.
About Himself 1 You want to know if the nails on my gloves ever get in my way with how long they are? Not particularly; I’ve never seen them as a hindrance. I am very adept, after all.
About Himself 2 *yawns* Ah, excuse me. I was up late watching magical shift on TV last night, so now I can’t stop yawning…
About Himself 3 I chose a delicious-sounding simmered tomato dish that was on the menu today… but it turned out to be habanero-flavored!! I just cannot handle spicy food… When I tried to eat some, my sweat and tears wouldn’t stop!
Towards the Students In order to use magic just how you picture it, you need imagination. Some mages also find it useful to make a habit out of writing and drawing out their ideas, to train their ability to better materialize them.
Incidents & Memories 1 What? You’re asking about how to send you back to your original world? I’m always thinking about it, when I’m eating, and even when I’m sleeping! Of course I haven’t forgotten about it or anything.
Incidents & Memories 2 The blazing hot sun, and sweet, sweet mangoes… My vacation in the south was so much fun… Ah, I miss the sound of the salty sea breeze.
Incidents & Memories 3 A monster causing a riot at the entrance ceremony… The chandelier in the cafeteria getting broken… Honestly, all these troubles happening one after the next this year will be the death of me.
About the School Staff 1 I often have tea with Professor Trein. But that cat of his tries threatening me every time I see it. I’ve never been able to get along with cats…
About the School Staff 2 If I ever complain about having stiff shoulders in front of Coach Vargas, he always urges me to work out with him. I can try to say no but he insists that I don’t need to be shy. It’s good that he’s so enthusiastic… but he’s rather difficult to deal with.
About the School Staff 3 Professor Crewel’s aesthetic sense of style is just excellent. Sometime maybe I should ask him to coordinate me from the top of my head to the tips of my wings!
About the School Staff 4 Someday I just want to make Sam say ‘OUT OF STOCK!’ but… as of now, I’ve lost to him 1937 times. Is it possible he can see the future or something…?
Crowley 5th Unified Exam Lines
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These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based on the Japanese scripts in the game.

Campus Affairs “Our diets should be very well-balanced. With that in mind, we assembled a bountiful menu at our cafeteria, and yet there are so many students who only ever choose meat. Honestly. This pickiness is ridiculous!”

“I recently got into a fight with the campus ghosts. They have no physical bodies, and yet they placed a massage chair on school grounds… I wish they could have at least placed it in the headmaster’s office!”

“I’m always so very busy, but the portraits here love to chat and I often wind up forgetting about work to talk with them. It’s quite the predicament, my goodness.”

“I carry out daily greeting activities for the students each morning. But, sometimes—er, rather often, I should say—I’m simply ignored. But of course I’m not bothered by this at all! This is what they call the maturity of an adult.”

“We respect our students’ independence at our school. For instance, I allow them to resolve all of their troubles by themselves. I’m giving them opportunities for growth! Since I am so very kind.”

Outfit & Appearance “Oh, the accessories on my belt… The shimmering mirrors are so beautiful, aren’t they? I simply adore sparkly things like jewels and precious metals. Ahh, I could stare at them forever.”
About His Everyday Life “I’m more of a brisk shower person, so my bathing time lasts around three minutes. But I leave myself plenty of time once I’m done for beauty treatments and massages. My appearance has kept like that of an adult, after all.”
About Grim “Grim’s passion for magic is a very wonderful thing indeed. If only he adopted a more serious attitude towards his classes, fixed up his behavior, and stopped complaining, then I’d consider him an exemplary student.”
About School Staff “Professor Trein becomes such a headache whenever I’m late to staff meetings. The other day, I was ten seconds late, and he spent ten minutes scolding me! I thought I was supposed to be the headmaster…”

“Coach Vargas proposed that we change the material of our school uniforms into something heavier, to strengthen our students’ muscles. It’s true that this seems like it would yield the desired results… I’ll have to look into it.”

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