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Voice Lines
Crewel logo.png Crewel Lines
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These lines have been fan-translated by lcuroos.
This translation was made based off the Japanese version of the game. DO NOT REPOST ANY TRANSLATIONS FROM THIS WIKI.

Class Start 1 It's time to be disciplined.
Class Start 2 Drill it into your head.
Class Start 3 We're starting, puppies!
Class End 1 Stay! That'll be all for today.
Class End 2 Next time I'll teach you starting with your manners.
Class End 3 Good boy! Don't forget what you've learned today.
Test Transition 1 Stay! The running around is after the test begins.
Test Transition 2 Do you have enough motivation?
Test Transition 3 Show me the results of your training.
Test Win 1 Well done. You didn't do too bad.
Test Win 2 Good boy! It seems you've studied properly.
Test Lose 1 It seems I'll have to discipline you once again.
Test Lose 2 You won't be getting any good results if you rush.
Crewel Battle Lines
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These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop.
This translation was made based off the Japanese version of the game. DO NOT REPOST ANY TRANSLATIONS FROM THIS WIKI.

Buff You need to groom your fur.
Debuff Good, have a treat.
When Attacked Whaー
Attacks done alone One-hit
(1st Turn)

As if I’d let you run.

(2nd Turn)

To your kennel.

(1st Turn)
Was that a play-bite?

Such glossy fur.

(2nd Turn)
Don’t bore me.

What a mongrel.

Crewel {{{Number}}} Exam Lines
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These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

About the Academy 1 We keep chemicals containing very dangerous magic in the chemical storage at this academy. You’re supposed to handle them with care… but sometimes there are bad boys who try to pull them out for mischief.
About the Academy 2 You shouldn’t listen to the talking portraits we have around the school. Some of them will try to trick the students. This is a piece of advice from your owner! Take it to heart.
About the School Facility There are sprinklers in the Botanical Garden, but I tell the science club to water the plants directly. It establishes an affectionate relationship with the plants if you take care of them yourself.
About Himself 1 Raisin butter goes perfectly with adult drinks. The aftertaste is divine, of course, but that unique spotted pattern also puts my weary heart at ease.
About Himself 2 What did you just say about my hair…? This isn’t grey hair! I chose to dye it this color. Alright, you mutt—down! I’m going to give you a special lesson now. By drilling the secret of taking care of your appearance into your head, bad boy!
About Himself 3 I sometimes think about my days going to this academy. Of course, I was never as hyper and distracted as you puppies.
Towards the Students An experiment is just testing a hypothesis. You need to be very observant and analytical. You could say that’s how you improve as a mage, too. If you want to be a powerful mage someday, don’t slack off.
Incidents & Memories 1 Over the holiday, I took my beloved red classic car and went up to the North. I got to watch the snow while slowly sipping on the area’s famous hot apple cinnamon… That was a special moment.
Incidents & Memories 2 Do you remember when I said ‘I’m going to make sure not a single puppy gets a red mark’ on the first day of school? Oi, don’t look away from me! Both you and Grim better reflect on this.
Incidents & Memories 3 I’ve trained dozens of mutts before, but since you and Grim are especially problematic, I’m going to discipline you very strictly. Let’s begin with how you address me. You don’t say ‘professor.’ You will call me Master Crewel.
About the School Staff 1 Sometimes I play chess with Professor Trein. ‘Who’s winning’? It’s been an even 5-to-5 this month. His sly moves make him a formidable opponent, but I’ll be winning our next match.
About the School Staff 2 I saw someone I’d never seen before the other day. He looked suspicious, so I called out to him, but it was Coach Vargas with his hair down. He’d just taken a shower after a workout… but that gave me a much different impression of him.
About the School Staff 3 Have you ever heard Sam on the piano? His performances are just wonderful. Elegantly reading a book while listening to that jazz he plays is an extravagant experience.
About the School Staff 4 The headmaster is always thinking about his students, and he works himself to the bone for them. There are times where he’ll flee the scene if trouble arises, but sometimes that’s just how it has to be.

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