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For the game version of the player, see MC (Yuu).

An original character and protagonist of Disney Twisted Wonderland - Episode of Heartslabyul. He's a second-year student of Hibari Municipal High School and vice-captain of the kendo club in his original world.

History[edit | edit source]

Not much is known about his life before coming to Night Raven College. He was the vice-captain of his kendo club at his school in Tokyo and was considered the reason the club did not disband due to him gathering five new members on his own.[1] It was due to this that they were able to attend their first official match in years[1], and he even helped his fellow club member Koito train late into the night to prepare for it.[1] The carriage to NRC came to him while he was waiting for the bus that night.

Upon coming to NRC, Yuuken first enrolled as a handyman, and then half of a student (with Grim being the other half). He was placed in class 1-A, making him classmates with Ace and Deuce, and has Crewel as his homeroom teacher. Furthermore, his second period is with Trein, and his third is with Vargas. He was also given the Ghost Camera in order to supervise Grim and document his life at NRC without paperwork.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

He is a tall young man with undercut short black hair and eyes. He wears his Hibari Municipal High School uniform, which consists of a teal green blazer, a white collared shirt with a loose navy blue tie, black and white plaid pants, and white sneakers. This uniform is also what he considers to be his best suit.[2] He is considered large and burly by both his classmates and Crowley and he has visible muscles.

Personality[edit | edit source]

He's a responsible, caring, and determined young man. He has a habit of helping people no matter who they are, and is even willing to put himself in danger for it, as seen when he pushed Riddle out of the way of Grim's attacks.[1] He wants to help people achieve their dreams, and people with a determination to get stronger remind him of his classmate Koito, who shares that determination. He's also very open, as one of his main concerns about Night Raven College was the fact that he was not magic, rather than the existence of magic itself.[3] He was also unsurprised about the ghosts within Ramshackle and was even excited to be their roommate.[3] He's good at bringing people together, as shown when he brought Ace and Deuce together to get the stone out of the mine, as well as when he personally gathered five students to join the kendo club. In addition to this, he seems to enjoy encouraging others, frequently giving out advice, or even creating a banner to support Ace and Deuce in a duel.[4]

Yuuken is also very adaptable, finding the Ramshackle dorm charming[3], and quickly getting used to the idea of a magic world. This adaptability doesn't contradict his moral code though. Regardless of whether the person deserves it, Yuuken treats everyone with equal respect and care. He shows this when he defends Riddle after Ace and Deuce's duel, turning on the crowd that was heckling him instead of joining in.[4] This moral code is supported by his strength, and he rarely shows fear in situations, such as when he didn't flinch when Leona was about to kick him.[5]

Beyond this, he also enjoys things normal teenagers do, like anime,[1] and has a sense of naivety to him.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Despite being the only student without magic, he can handle himself and be useful to his friends.

Swordsmanship: He was the vice-captain of the kendo club before being kidnapped to Twisted Wonderland. Yuuken's skills with swordsmanship can be useful, like when he manages to knock Grim unconscious.

Athletic: Due to training his body for the kendo club, he is very active and has a fit body that can do 20 laps and 100 push-ups without breaking a sweat, as he claims to train like that regularly.[6]

Kendo: As vice-president of the kendo club, Yuuken is obviously very skilled in it. He's also very dedicated to it, using kendo terms to direct Ace and Deuce in a fight.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His given name "Yuuken" (雄 剣) contains the kanji for "hero/male" and "sword".
  • The manga confirms this version of Yuu as male.

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