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Episode 1 - The Crimson Tyrant
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Azul Line.png This story has been fan-translated by Shel_BB, and proofread by okaykei (JP), and sonic-nancy-fan (EN).

This translation was based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

Episode 1-25: Childhood Deep-dive!
Bg 63101.png
Riddle's Mother Happy eighth birthday, Riddle.

Your birthday cake this year is a low-sugar cake made with soy flour and nuts filled with lecithin to make you smarter.

Riddle Thank you, mama. But, uumm, I...

Just once, I really want to try a tart covered in bright red strawberries...

Riddle's Mother How could you say such a thing?! Such a mound of sugar is basically poison!

Just one slice would exceed your daily sugar intake.

Today, we're having a healthy tuna sautee with plenty of docosahexaenoic and eicosapentaenoic acid.

Aah, but at age eight your ideal caloric intake...

...should be within 600 kcal per meal, so don't eat more than 100 grams.


Riddle …Yes, mama.
Story Riddle Dorm.png
Story Riddle Dorm.png
For so long, all I wanted to eat was a bright red strawberry tart.

The tarts on display in the cake shops around town that I'd sometimes get to pass by always looked like jewels.

Riddle's Mother Let's end your classical magic studies here for today.

Make sure to look over 50 pages of the textbook on the philosophy of language in magical ethics that we've just studied today by tomorrow.

Now, I will give you an hour to self-study until your Alchemy lesson.

Riddle Yes, Mother.
Riddle's Mother Your mother has an errand to run, so I'll be back in an hour.
Story Riddle Dorm.png
Story Riddle Dorm.png
Every minute of my day was filled to the brim with studies from all manner of disciplines.

If I couldn't do it, the lesson was extended until I could.

But this was my "normal".

Riddle …Someone is knocking at the window?
Trey Oh, there he is!
Chenya Hey, hey. Come play with us!
Riddle Who are you?
Chenya I'm Chenya! This is Trey. Let's play croquet.
Riddle Um...I can't. Now is my self-study time. I have to keep studying.
Chenya Self-study means that you decide what you study. My grand-paw says playing is a kind of study, too.
Trey Will you come down for a bit?
Riddle …J-Just for a bit.
Trey Can I ask your name?
Riddle R-Riddle… Riddle Rosehearts.
Story Riddle Dorm.png
Story Riddle Dorm.png
Playing with Trey and Chenya was so much fun.

I learned new things, played new games.

They taught me so much.

From that day on, I'd take the single hour I had to self-study every day and sneak out without telling my mother.

Bg 63111.png
Chenya Eh! Riddle, you've never had a strawberry tart?
Riddle Mother says its like poison, so I can't.
Trey Well, it's true you probably shouldn't eat too much, but…

My family owns a cake shop. Let's go eat some.

Riddle Huh? But...
Trey One piece isn’t going to kill you.
Chenya I could go for a whole one right about meow.
Story Riddle Dorm.png
Story Riddle Dorm.png
Atop a pure white plate sat a brilliantly red strawberry tart.

For me, it shined brighter than any jewel.

That first bite was wonderfully sweet. It tasted better than anything I'd ever had.

I savored each bite, getting completely lost in the flavor.

Forgetting the time all the while.

Bg 63101.png
Riddle's Mother How could you?! Not only did you skip out on your studies, you even ate a whole mound of sugar!

Those two troublemakers pressured you into it, didn’t they? I won't allow you to spend time with such bad children ever again!

Riddle I'm sorry, mother! I won't do it again! Please forgive me...!
Riddle's Mother Silence! This is because you broke the rules.

Ahhhh, I should never have given you so much free time. I must keep an even better watch over you...

Story Riddle Dorm.png
Story Riddle Dorm.png
If I broke the rules, my time for fun was completely taken away.

That's why the rules Mother makes, I have to follow.

Mother is the most talented person in town, so naturally, she was always right.

But...tell me, Mama.


Why does my chest hurt like this?

Story Riddle Dorm.png
Story Riddle Dorm.png
Even if it's only on my birthday,

I want to eat a bunch of tarts.

I want to play outside for hours.

I want to make more and more friends.

Story Riddle Dorm.png
Story Riddle Dorm.png
Tell me, Mama, what rules should I follow to make this pain go away?
Trey Riddle!
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