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Episode 3 - The Merchant of the Deep Sea
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File:Azul Line.png This story has been fan-translated by Shel_BB.

This translation was based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

Episode 3-11: Signed Contract!
File:Bg 13223.png
Mostro Lounge – VIP Room
The conditions to fulfill this contract are...

Go to the Atlantica Memorial Museum and retrieve a certain photo within the next three days!

You want us to steal a museum exhibit!?
No, it's not an art exhibit. What I want you to steal is...

A photo taken ten years ago commemorating Prince Rielle's visit to the museum.

A prince's commemoration photo?
It is a plain photo panel lacking any historical value displayed near the entrance.

Simply borrowing it won't cause a big fuss.

Why do you want us to get something like that?
This wouldn't be a battle of whits without some sort of challenge right?

If it's too simple then it unprofitable for me.

We are not a charity.

...The Atlantica Memorial Museum holds many national treasures of the Coral Sea like the "silver dinglehopper"...

The cultural heritage from The Mermaid Princess's Cornucopia and her 20 thingamabobs are collected there so it's a famous sightseeing spot.

It won't be like trying to find a piece of gold dust at the bottom of the ocean.

Oh yeah, didn't we go there once in elementary school?
Hold on. The Coral Sea is a country located at the bottom of the ocean.

For those of us without gills or fins just going there is difficult. Isn't this condition too extreme?

Yeah yeah. I can't breathe under water, y'know!
Figure out a way to overcome that challenge... Is what I'd like to say but please relax.

I shall provide you with a potion that will allow you to breathe under water.

Because it's said that the Sea Witch even provided the unfortunate mermaid princess with legs to meet her human love.

It's important to be benevolent... You see. Fufufu.

What will you do? Will you accept this deal and sign the contract?

I am a very busy man so please hurry up and make your decision. Well... Well?

Choice 1: I will sign it! Choice 2: I'll... sign!!
Wonderful! Then sign the contract.

Fufufu... I have recieved you signature. This concludes our entering into a contract.

If you come back to me with the photo from the Atlantica Memorial Museum by the time the sun sets three days from now

I promise to release all 225 of my anemone servants.

But, if you are unable to retrieve it...

Ramshackle Dorm will be mine. And you will join the ranks of my servants!

Choice 1: I’m not gonna lose! Choice 2: I've gotten into a crazy contract...!
Jade, Floyd. See our guests off. I'm looking forward to three days from now.
File:Bg 10213.png
Ramshackle Dorm – Hallway
Ohh, so this is Ramshackle Dorm. This is my first time inside but it has a certain charm to it.

It is also very close to school, it will be perfect as the second location of Mostro Lounge.

Ghosts live here right? It seems like so much fun.
Why exactly did you guys come with us all the way here...
Well you did put this up as collateral in your contract with Azul.
Unlike the other clients, you did not hand over an ability when you made the contract.

Therefore, we will be confiscating this dorm.

Ha what!?
Until you have held up your end of the agreement, this dorm will temporarily be Azul's.

In accordance with that, we cannot allow the two of you to stay here during this time.

We'll at least give you time to get your stuff.
Once this place formally becomes Azul's, we will be disposing of all your personal belongings.

So please get ready with that in mind.

Fufufu, don't worry. As long as you bring that photo by the time the sun sets three days from now you'll get everything back.
Ffgna~~!! I gotta get all my cans of tuna!
Choice 1: I should get my uniform and school stuff at least... Choice 2: This has really gotten out of control...
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