Episode 3-14

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Episode 3 - The Merchant of the Deep Sea
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File:Azul Line.png This story has been fan-translated by Shel_BB.

This translation was based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

Episode 3-14: Training Morning!
File:Bg 12313.png
Savanaclaw Dorm – Leona’s Room
Dream Sequence – The Sea Witch
Yuu It's pitch black...
Ursula Come in my sweet princess.

I came here because I just love people so much.

Here's the deal.

I'll make you a potion that will turn you into a human for three days.

You have to make that prince fall in love with you in that time.

And there is one more thing.

We haven't discussed the subject of payment.

What I want from you is, your voice!

Go ahead and sign the scroll!

I'll help you, you poor unfortunate soul!

Dream Sequence – The Sea Witch - END
File:Bg 12311.png
Choice 1: There was another deal in my dream... Choice 2: Another mermaid dream?
Zzzzz... mynah...
Hey! G'morning'! Leona, time to get up.

You two should get up and wash your faces too.

Mmgah. Morning already? ...It's still only 6:00!
We have morning magift practice in Savanaclaw. As long as you're staying here you're gonna join in.
Wha... Morning practice?
We've been doing it since the magift tournament.
...Hmmm, shuddup... Grruugh.
Leona! Don't fall back to sleep!
Ruggie is supposed to be the underling but he just yanked Leona outta bed by his leg.
Hmm guh... Hhhuh...
Choice 1: Even after all that he's still not awake, amazing. Choice 2: You gotta be pretty brash to do something like that.
3 days remaining to complete Azul's contract
File:Bg 12211.png
Savanaclaw Dorm – Magift Stadium
Ohh. You guys joining morning practice?
We wanted to keep sleeping but Ruggie dragged us here.
You might as well, since we're gonna have a scrimmage match. Gotta coach the fresh-babies, too.
Ya~wn... I'm gonna fall asleep standing here. Let's get started.
File:Noteicon.png Rhythmic File:Noteicon.png
Let's Join Morning Practice!
That guy's still yawning, this'll be a cinch!
Hah. I could take you all on in my sleep.
Let's begin!
Jack, you're flying all over the place this morning like usual.
I don't hold back, no matter the competition.

Please give me everything you've got!!

Uughh, you're really something...
You're not bad... Yawn...
Alright! I'm for my killer-explosive-shot!!

...Huh? What?

I finally shook off some grogginess.
That's it for morning practice today.
I learned a lot from it!
What!? I wanna keep playing!
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