Episode 3-2

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Episode 3 - The Merchant of the Deep Sea
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File:Azul Line.png This story has been fan-translated by Shel_BB.

This translation was based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

Episode 3-2: Astonishing Average!
File:Bg 61161.png
Exterior Hallway – 2F
One Week Later
Stop right there, Grim! I'm not gonna let this slide today of all days!
Ha ha sucker. You should write your name on it!
Why you!!
Choice 1: What happened this time? Choice 2: Another fight?
They'll never give it a rest, will they.
Ah, Prefect! If you're really a prefect then properly watch over your residents!

This jerk went and stole the bread I set aside for a snack again!

That's rude to say I stole it. I just happened to eat it after it fell on your desk.
You don't say things "fell on" someone's desk when they were purposely set their, y'know!

Running away like the thief you are. I'll show you with my wind magic...

Oh, you wanna go? I'll hit right back with my fire magic...
...You know what, let's knock it off with the magic. It would be a huge pain to have to clean windows again as punishment.
He heh. You say smart things every once in a while.

It'd be pretty immature for me to be the only one using magic so I'll let you off the hook this time.

Choice 1: Enough you two... Huh? Choice 2: ...Huuuuuh?
It's rare for you two to stop on your own.

Usually it takes the headmaster jumping in after you've burned the classroom black to end your fights.

No sweat? I'd look like a dumbass throwing hands over bread with a raccoon.
Come again!? You really don't know when to shut up!
File:Bg 61121.png
Time to start class, puppies. Sit like good little pups. First up, I'll return your tests.
It’s finally time.
Nyaha! Test return! Come on teach!
Grim, calm yourself. Stay, stay!!

Come get your tests in student number order. Number one!

Hooray! 92 points!
88 points! I-I can't believe there would be a day I scored over 80...
Look, Prefect! I scored 85 points!!!
Choice 1: That's amazing everyone! Choice 2: Grim, who always fails, got an 85!?
This means I won't have to repeat a year...!
It seems like you all studied a lot for this exam. It's completely different from your quizzes...

Actually, it's strange for the average to increase this much.

Eh, it's strange... What do you mean, Mr. Crewel?
The average test score for potions is over 90 in all grades.

I heard from Mr. Trein that the results in history were also fairly good.

I've got a really bad feeling...
The 50 students with the highest test scores will be posted in the hallway so look forward to it.

Let's begin class. Open your texts.

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