Episode 3-22

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Episode 3 - The Merchant of the Deep Sea
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File:Azul Line.png This story has been fan-translated by Shel_BB.

This translation was based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

Episode 3-22: Sinister Electrocute!
File:Bg 13223.png
Mostro Lounge - VIP Room
Now, let's see...
Rattle, click... Creak...
File:Story Item Contract.png
That's... the contract we signed!
So he did lock them in the vault.
One, two, three… Fufufufu…
That jerk is counting the contracts like money with a big grin on his face.
That's a pretty nasty hobby...
...Hmm. I should probably get back.
Creak... Thud! Rattle, click...

Clack, clack, clack...

We were almost spotted.
...Wait! Look, he left on contract on top of the table.
Seriously? Lucky! Let's get it out of here and see if we can destroy it.
Azul is clumsier than I thought he'd be.

Whose is it?

Byaaahhhh! My body is all tingly.
Choice 1: Shibibibib. Choice 2: We ArE fRoM oUtErSpAcE
Floyd Ahahahahaha!
Azul My my. You're all shaking like you got attacked by an electric catfish...
That's quite unsightly, everyone.
You bastards, you noticed us!
But of course. Your fuzzy tail was in full view from under the desk.

It appears that you all were trying to steal a contract but...

There is a spell on it that will electrocute any besides me who touch it. Too bad for you.

Y-you go that far!?
Didn't I tell you? My contracts cannot possibly be destroyed.
Ahahaha! These guys are total idiots!!

Why do you keep coming back even though you know how it's gonna turn out?

Heh. Floyd. I feel bad for them if you laugh too much.

They're doing their best with their limited knowledge. Fufufu.

Bad kids who try to steal something important are in need of a good chastising.
We have to teach them proper manners so they never so much as think about doing this again.
I'll give you each a turn to be squeezed.
Ggh... Here they come, you guys!
File:Magicwandicon.png Battle File:Magicwandicon.png
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