Episode 3-34

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Episode 3 - The Merchant of the Deep Sea
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File:Azul Line.png This story has been fan-translated by Shel_BB.

This translation was based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

Episode 3-34: Octopus Pot Melancholic!
I was only ever meant to be inside an octopus pot.
File:Bg 63141.png
Azul’s Alma Mater
Merchild A Wow, look it's Azullulu, the ink barffer!
Merchild B Hurry, get away. He's got all those creepy legs!
Child Azul Kn-knock it off... Wh-why would you say that...
Merchild A Swim away! We're gonna get inked~~
Merchild B Gyahahaha! He's never gonna catch us.
Child Azul Hic, sob...
Unlike other merfolk, I had legs covered in suction cups.

I was an introverted child who could never speak their mind.
No good at school or sports,
I was left all alone.
A dumb, clumsy octopus.

Merchild A That guy barfs ink when he cries and pollutes the water wherever he goes.
Merchild B And he's out in no time during tag, it's so lame.
Ohh, really?

Then why don't you just leave me be and go run around playing your pointless games!
I lack the tail to swim quickly.
But, instead I have 10 arms and legs I can move at will.
That means I have five times the ability to write tomes than those two armed fools.
I can spit out the ink needed to write spells at any time.
Just you wait. Someday I'll put you insolent mers in your damn place!

Child Floyd Hey, little octo, why are you holed up in there?
Child Azul Shut up. Leave me alone.
Child Jade Amazing. All those shells are covered in spells and curses. Magic to shapeshift, magic to steal someone's voice...

Have you been using those eight legs to write all these this whole time?

Child Azul Don't touch them! You wanna get inked?

I'm gonna keep studying and become just as powerful and the Sea Witch!
So don't get in my way! Just go away!

Child Floyd Jade, that octopus is pretty funny.
Child Jade Yes, Floyd, he is very interesting.
I kept studying like that until several years later...
Junior High Floyd I heard that a kid in another class got super skinny and even got a girlfriend.
Junior High Jade In exchange, his beautiful tenor has gone completely silent.
Junior High Azul You don't say.
Junior High Jade In another class, someone with frizzy, unruly hair suddenly became a silky, blond.
Junior High Floyd In exchange, they lost their tail that swam so fast.
Junior High Azul Hmmm, I see.
Junior High Jade And, Azul, isn't this all your doing?
Junior High Azul ...Mine? Why?
Junior High Jade I can't imagine any of those airheaded fish being able to pull off such impressive spells.
Junior High Floyd You've been studying magic for so long.
Junior High Azul ...Pfft!

Hehhehheh! Hahaha! Is that so?
I can't believe I've been found out already.

Junior High Floyd We were right?
Junior High Azul Yes, you are. I finally perfected it.

All I need is for someone to sign this magic contract then I can take whatever ability I want from them...
I call it, "It's a Deal"!!
With this, I can make them all kneel before me.
Everything you've ever taken pride in, is now mine!!
Ahhaha!!! Ahahahaha!!!

I haven't forgotten what happened for even a moment.

Those who made fun of me. The faces of those who bullied me.
I bid my time, observing them from a distance.
Their weaknesses, their failings... I know it all!
Press on their weak points and I can take their fast tail.
If I know what's bothering them, I can take their beautiful singing voice.
With this golden contract I am unbeatable!
I am no longer the dumb, clumsy octopus left all alone.
Everything is under my control with this power.
All those who ever made fun of me, will now kneel before me.

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