Episode 3-35

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Episode 3 - The Merchant of the Deep Sea
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File:Azul Line.png This story has been fan-translated by Shel_BB.

This translation was based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

Episode 3-35: Delete Bust!
File:Bg 13101.png
Octavinelle Dorm
Oh, he's awake.
Azul, how many figures am I holding up?
Ei... ght?
Okay. You appear to still be out of it, but I'm so relieved.

We were able to stop your blot induced rampage.

...Jeez, pain in the neck.
Leona, you're in no position to talk.
What... did I do?
You used magic so much that you overblotted. Do you remember?
"Give me your strength~~" You were crying while running around sucking up people's magic.

It was hard to look at, super uncool.

I-I... went on a rampage...


Anyone would be pissed if something they'd been working on for so long got erased right in front of them.

If someone went and cracked open my piggybank I'd never forgive them.

But you gotta knock it off with the shady business, y'know. Shape up.
And you should "shape up" and stop using test notes created by someone else!
Choice 1: Nobody else could have put those notes together. Choice 2: I'm still amazed you got Grim to score over 80.
You're right. Azul's test notes got me a 90 even though I only spent one night pouring over them.
Yeah. It was a great secret weapon.
The headmaster told us you made that by going through the past 100 years of test questions.

I can't say I approve of what you did but... Your determination is crazy impressive.

... Hmph.

Your words don't bring me any sort of comfort.

What now? Azul, are you getting a little misty eyed?
My my, have you gone back to being the ink-spitting-crybaby?
You two! You should be under contract to keep that confidential!
Oops, my apologies.
Ah, oh yeah.

We brought the photo of Prince Rielle just like you asked.
Since the sun is still above the horizon, that makes this our complete victory.

What's this a pic of? ...There's a bunch of tiny merfok, I don't get it.
An elementary school class photo...? What d'ya want this for?
Aha, this takes me back. This is a photo from when we went there in elementary school.

Me and Jade are right here. And...
Nestled over in the corner is... baby Azul!

All What!?
Waaaaaaah! Stop!!!

Don’t look! Please don’t look!

My my, Azul. You sure perked up quickly. Why don't you rest some more?

Giving up now is the best idea.

Which one?
Hiding in the corner...
Are you referring to the timid looking guy with octopus legs that's twice as wide as any other mer...
Azul, were you really this chubby back in the day!?
Choice 1: So round and cute. Choice 2: That's what this was about...
I totally get how you feel. Everyone has a past they want to erase!

I didn't see anything! You guys should forget you saw anything!

You really just go with the flow, huh.

I was supposed to expand Mostro Lounge and completely delete my dark past at the same time...
My plan was flawless...!

They say that those who chase after two rabbits will end up with neither.
I've gone through and edited every other photo...

From the graduation albums to the film in photo studios.
That photo from the museum was the only one I couldn't legally get my hands on...

Stop going around and making other do your dirty work, y'know!
This pic is totally fine. I like the old Azul.

You used to be so tasty looking.

That is not the problem here!
Choice 1: You worked so hard. Choice 2: You don't have to hide it...
...Hic, I'm done. I wanna hole up in an octopus pot.
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