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Episode 3 - The Merchant of the Deep Sea
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File:Azul Line.png This story has been fan-translated by Shel_BB.

This translation was based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

Episode 3-6: School Business!
File:Bg 10231.png
Ramshackle Dorm – Lounge
Those guys with the anemone on the their heads, in order to get a good test score

they were tricked into forming a contract with Azul... I don't think I got anything wrong.

The condition was that they had to get into the top 50 grades but because there were so many students to made contracts

most of them couldn't make the cut. That's what Azul was aiming for from the start.

Choice 1: Vi-vicious... Choice 2: I thought it was weird for Grim to score above 80.
There's no meaning in using someone else's power to get good grades.

Wasting the chance to show off their true power to everyone is what really makes them stupid.

Everyone at this school is self-obsessed like Mr. Howl, it's so troublesome...

If they took things seriously we could avoid hardship for everyone, including myself.

Waaah! Headmaster! You scared me!
Huuuh... I couldn't put a stop to Mr. Ashengrotto's "business" again this year.
Choice 1: Business? What do you mean? Choice 2: Headmaster, do you know something?
Mr. Azul Ashengrotto. He is a second year that works as the dorm head for Octavinelle.

He is an extremely extraordinary student to be the dorm head as a second year like Mr. Rosehearts but...

There are a few, no a great number of problems.

Problem, like the scam incident? If that's the case then as the headmaster can't you just order him to stop?
The thing is... Precisely because I am a teacher, I can't prohibit his activities.
What do you mean?
The test notebook that Mr. Ashengrotto distributed throughout the school...

Wasn't something he made by stealing test answers, cheating or anything like that.

He thoroughly read through the last 100 years of test answers from Night Raven College

and refined a "test key" with his own abilities.

Choice 1: The last 100 years of test answers!? Choice 2: That's actually amazing!?
Using his own power to make something like that, he's pretty good.

Hm? Wait. So you're saying that because it's not cheating that's what makes it troublesome... right?

Mr. Howl, that's a very good conclusion.

From the position of a teacher, we can't prevent one student from creating a test notebook like that from their legitimate efforts.

And the fact that he "kindly" helped others with their studies.

If you did you'd pretty much be telling everyone, "don't study" or "don't work with your friends". Grr... That is troublesome.
That is correct.
By the way, Headmaster, didn't you say something like "I couldn't stop his 'business' again this year"?

Did he actually do this last year, too?

Yes. His notebook didn't gain as much fame and notoriety last year

so it didn't become a huge incident like this year but...

This year it seems the rumor "if you want to get good grades on your exams then come to Mostro Lounge" was spread all around campus.

But what would happen if you breach contract was kept from spreading due to the confidentiality agreement?
It seems that way. As a result, Mr. Ashengrotto was able to continue making deals with students this year.

And in the end... The average test score for all grades in all subjects is over 90.

Its better than the average for all subjects being failure! However...

Choice 1: It means that most students ended up cheating... Choice 2: I’m speechless right now.
Have the guys that got their abilities taken last year just been going about without getting them back?
For that... In order for the students from last year to get their abilities back he gave the condition

that I allow him to open Mostro Lounge for business on campus.

Flashback Sequence
File:Bg 63161.png
Night Raven College is a prestigious school known for turning out exceptional wizards in great numbers.

It must cause you great pain, Headmaster, to see it become a place for students that can only use meager magic.

For that I have an idea. It's not something disadvantageous for you.

File:Bg 10231.png
...Is how he put it.
Wh-what a bastard... To go and threaten the headmaster into a deal like that. I think I see why Leona doesn't wanna go near him.
He went as far as calling it a "Win-Win" since the school gets 10% of the money made...
Tch, you've got yourself a pretty good deal.
Aaah, just what will he demand this year?

For those stupi... No, those pathetic students I will have to meet his demands once again.

For I am gracious.

Mr. Ashengrotto is taking his studies seriously and "only" benevolently helping his fellow students...

As a teacher I can't strongly advise that he stop.

Why is it that only students with a few problems enter this school!? Oooohhh sob sob!!

Choice 1: I've got a bad feeling... Choice 2: A-at this rate...
So that's why, Prefect.

Could you somehow persuade Mr. Ashengrotto to cease these activities?

Choice 1: He's definitely not the type that can be persuaded! Choice 2: Please stop asking for the impossible.
Huuuh... The food expenses for Ramshackle Dorm have really been building up lately... My pocketbook hurts...

And I'm busy researching a way to get a certain someone home so it's hard to find the time to search for a solution...

Ah, you don't have to worry. For I am gracious.

I'm not surprised we get students like that with a teacher like this, y'know...
Choice 1: I'll do what I can. Choice 2: Grr... Refusal isn't an option.
Oh really, you'll take care of this for me! That's to be expected of the prefect I can always count on!

Then I am very busy so I bid you adieu. I'm counting on you to solve this!

Headmaster really is an elusive guy. ...So, what do you plan to do now?

Like you said, he doesn't seem like the kind of person you can just persuade to stop and they'll actually stop.

Choice 1: Investigating a target starts with reconnaissance. Choice 2: First, let's gather information.
Yeah. The basics of hunting are to know your enemy. You know your stuff.

And it might be good for Ace and them to suffer a bit and learn their lesson.

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