Episode 5-65

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Episode 5 - The Beautiful Oppressor
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Azul Line.png This story has been fan-translated by Kanade Musings.

This translation was based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

Episode 5-65: Stage of Aspiration!
Bg 63171.png
Vil Dad, listen to this! I passed the auditions. I will be starring in a school-themed musical drama!
Vil's Father Congratulations, Vil! What kind of role will it be?
Vil Of course, it’s the protagonist…! Well, his rival. I’ll be playing the villain “as usual.”
Vil's Father The director must have a weird sense of humor if he’s turning the world’s cutest boy into a villain.
Vil I was chosen to play the main character’s bully last time, too… I wonder why I keep getting cast as the bad guy…
Do I look that mean…?
Vil's Father Not at all! But maybe it’s because you’re so beautiful that people think you’re special.
A villain is a special role that is created to move the story in a very dramatic way.
I dare say it requires a lot more je ne sais quoi to qualify for the role of a villain. So you should take pride in it and act the best you can.
Vil Yes, I understand, Dad.
Story Vil Dorm.png
Story Vil Dorm.png
But… A villain never stands on stage until the end.
Once their role is over, all they can do is watch the happy ending from the sidelines.
All I wanted was to stand on stage longer than everyone else.
Bg 63181.png
Child A Look over there! That guy was the bully in the drama I watched yesterday!
Child B He must have a really bad personality if he can make it look that convincing!
Child C He doesn’t look pretty strong. Let’s get revenge for the hero!
Vil ……
Stop ganging up on one kid, you idiots!!!
Children Uwah…! It’s Jack! Run!
Jack You recently moved in around here, right? Are you okay?
Vil I am quite skilled in boxing and fencing. I could have made it home safely even without your help.
Jack I-is that so? Sorry for doing something so unnecessary.
Vil (chuckles) It’s nothing to apologize for. Thank you.
I find it hard to believe that those children couldn’t separate fiction from reality… They must be quite daft.
Jack I don’t really watch TV a lot, so I don’t understand what they’re going on about…
But doesn’t this mean that your acting was super realistic?
Vil Maybe so. I promise to play the main character’s role next time. I’ll make them cry their hearts out.
Story Vil Dorm.png
Story Vil Dorm.png
All I ever aimed for was the seat of the protagonist.
All I was ever chosen for was to play the villain.
Bg 63191.png
Movie Staff A I heard that the children’s movie Neige starred in grossed over 200 million Madol in its first week!
Movie Staff B Neige is really amazing! That charm and purity isn’t something a lot of people are born with.
Movie Staff A Vil was pretty great at playing his rival, too.
At 12 years old, his acting is already so polished.
I’m sure he’ll be bagging a lot of main characters’ roles in the future, too.
Movie Staff B But Vil is, you know… He’s so meticulous and well… His beauty is ephemeral, right?
Vil is too special to be playing the role of a “normal, relatable teenager.”
Someone as special as him would probably have trouble landing main character roles.
Story Vil Dorm.png
Story Vil Dorm.png
I thought that being beautiful would grant me anything.
Harsh training and troublesome treatments were nothing if it meant I could be beautiful.
And yet…
Why am I the only one not chosen!?
I only want one thing…
I want to stand on stage until the very end.
Rook Vil… Oh, my beautiful Vil. Please open your eyes…
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