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The first chapter of Disney Twisted Wonderland The Comic -Episode of Heartslabyul- was published in Monthly G Fantasy April 2021 issue on March 18th, 2021.[1]

This chapter covers "Stranger Waking," "Ceremony Breaking," and the first half of "A Dismissive Ranking" (Prologue Chapters 1-3) from the game.


In this chapter, Yuuken Enma finds himself transported from Japan into the world of Twisted Wonderland, where he learns of the existence of Night Raven College (NRC). Yuuken discovers that in this world, magic is real, and that he has landed right in the middle of NRC's entrance ceremony. As he tries to leave, he finds himself in the middle of a battle between a student named Riddle Rosehearts and a creature named Grim who comes crashing into the ceremony.

Full Story Recap

Malleus Line.png WARNING! This section contains story spoilers. Read at your own risk.

The chapter starts out with Yuuken's normal life helping his fellow members of the kendo club at his school. Yuuken promises a newcomer, Saya, that he will help them with kendo training for the upcoming kendo tournament. After school, Yuuken encounters a black carriage and somehow gets transported to Twisted Wonderland.

Upon waking up, Yuuken breaks himself free and finds himself in an unfamiliar place. The headmaster, Dire Crowley, mistakes Yuuken as a new student and believes he's still lucid from transportation. Confused and furious, Yuuken grabs his shinai and demands to know where he is and what college he's been transported to. After Crowley tells him about Night Raven College, Yuuken refuses to enroll in the school because he can't use magic, and he attempts to leave the ceremony to find a way out. Suddenly, Grim jumps through the window, willing to take Crowley's offer to become a student in Yuuken's place. Furious for being mistaken as a tanuki by Yuuken and made fun of by other unnamed students, Grim starts his rampage by setting the ceremony on fire with his magic. When Riddle orders Grim to leave the ceremony immediately, and Grim blasts him with his magic, Yuuken tackles Riddle out of the way, but he gets injured. Yuuken asks Riddle if he's okay after saving him, but Riddle isn't happy about it and pushes him off. Riddle prepares to use his magic on Grim. Riddle uses his unique magic, "Off With Your Head!," and collars him. When attempting to remove the collar and use his magic, Grim realizes he can't due to Riddle's unique magic. The chapter ends with Crowley having subdued Grim, and Riddle approaches Yuuken and threatens him that if he ever gets his way again, he shall have his head.


Differences Between Manga and Game

Malleus Line.png WARNING! This section contains story spoilers. Read at your own risk.
  • The gigantic monster at the beginning of the game before the start of Prologue is cut.
  • The chapter expands upon what Yuuken's life was like before being transported to Twisted Wonderland. This is different from the player character from the game who’s life before coming to Twisted Wonderland currently remains unknown.
  • A brief scene where all the dorm leaders are shown in their respective dorms is added.
  • In the comic, Yuuken got transported to Night Raven College at the beginning of the ceremony instead of before the ceremony began like in the game.
  • In the game, it was implied that Yuu was wearing a ceremonial robe upon arriving at Night Raven College, but in the comic, Yuuken wears his school uniform.
  • The scene where Crowley uses his whip of love on Grim was cut.
  • Yuuken manages to break himself free from a coffin instead of Grim blasting out by accident.
    • Yuuken did not get tested to see if he can use magic or not by the Dark Mirror. Instead, he refuses to enroll in Night Raven College because he's already a student from another school.
    • In the game, Yuu meets Grim before Night Raven College Ceremony started, but in the comic, Yuuken meets Grim during the ceremony.
  • Kalim wasn't caught by Grim's fire magic like in the game.
  • In the comic, Trey and Cater were present during Grim's rampage at the ceremony. This was not the case in the game's prologue.
  • In the comic, Yuuken attempts to save Riddle from Grim's fire magic, being injured as a result. In the game, Yuu did nothing when Grim rampaged during the ceremony until Azul and Riddle have to stop him.
  • Riddle never mentions one of the rules of Queen of Hearts, No. 23, "You must not bring cats into areas of festivity."
  • An extended scene where Riddle uses the full incarnation of his unique magic on Grim was added.
  • Crowley does not mistake Grim as Yuuken's familiar even though they just met.
  • An extended dialogue was added. Before Crowley throws Grim out of Night Raven College, he was considering making Grim into stew, but he decides not to because he is gracious.
  • Riddle threatens Yuuken after he got in his way dealing with Grim's rampage. This was not featured in the game as Yuu did not get involved in Grim’s rampage.


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