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The eleventh chapter of Disney Twisted Wonderland The Comic -Episode of Heartslabyul- was published in Monthly G Fantasy January 2022 issue on December 18th, 2021.[1]

This chapter covers "Past Impropriesties", "Delicious Varieties" and the first part of "An Army of One". (Episode 1 Chapter 13-15) from the game.


After Deuce beat up the delinquent for destroying half of the eggs, he told Yuuken and Grim his past. Trey demonstrates his Unique Magic to change the tastes of monte blanc to Ace, Deuce, Grim and Cater's favorite foods. As Trey and Cater went back to Heartslabyul only to find out several dorm members been collared by Riddle for breaking the Queen of Hearts' rules, who are very miserable and wanted to change dorms. Yuuken experiences another strange dream, but this time is about the Queen of Hearts based from Alice in Wonderland.

Full Story Recap

Malleus Line.png WARNING! This section contains story spoilers. Read at your own risk.

The delinquent student was about to punch Deuce for threatening him, Deuce dodges it and punches him. Deuce threatens him the next time he eats eggs, he will apologize to them hundred times. As Deuce is about to punch him, Yuuken stops Deuce but reminds him if he starts another fight he will be expelled. Deuce decides to let the delinquent and his friend go as a warning. Deuce recognizes what he has done and he was planning to become an honor student. Yuuken asks Deuce what does it mean a while Grim is still scared of Deuce's other side. Deuce explains he was used to being a delinquent in middle school where he often skips classes, disrespects his teachers, hangs out in the bad crowd, rides his magical wheel, and gets into fights who can use magic. One night, Deuce heard his mother crying a while calling his grandma and thinking a single parent can't raise a child. Feeling bad for making his mother sad, Deuce decides to change to become a better person after he got accepted to Night Raven College. He made a vow never to make his mother cry again. Grim told Deuce that not every honor student put up with everything before encouraging him if he asks him, he should punch them a couple more times. Yuuken doesn't blame Deuce for fighting, but violence doesn't solve everything. He gave Deuce some advice that he can still have a new path of his own that he feels strongly about, is bound from his mistakes, and achieve his goals someday. Yuuken smile at Deuce a while he felt relieved by his words. Deuce thinks the baby chicks will rest in peace now until Yuuken informs him those eggs can't hatch because they are all infertile. This leaves Deuce completely shock and overwhelmed by the truth.

After they got back, they finally finish making the monte blanc a while Deuce was still in shock after he spend sixteen years of his life believing. Ace asks Yuuken what's wrong with Deuce and he responds with chick trauma. Cater visits Ace and the others to see how they have been going. Trey gave each of them a slice of monte blanc since it's freshly made. Ace, Deuce, and Caters enjoy the taste. Cater asks Trey to do "the thing", but Trey wasn't what he met until he figures what Cater met. Trey asks Ace, Deuce, Cater, and Grim what's their favorite foods are. After that, Trey demonstrates by using his Unique Magic, "Doodle Suit" on the tarts the guys were eating (except Yuuken's). Trey asks them to have another bite of their tarts. Ace, Deuce, and Grim are overwhelming that they taste like their favorite foods: cherry pie (Ace's favorite food), canned tuna (Grim's favorite food), and omelette rice (Grim's favorite food). Cater cheery comments to them it was Trey's Unique Magic before adding it can be good for going on a date with a girl. Trey uses magic to change the color of the tart before he explains his Unique Magic. He says his Unique Magic can "overwrite" something such as changing the color and smell. However, it only lasts for a short time like a doodle and that's why he named it. Grim wonders if his dreams of having endless cans of tuna come true, that's way more amazing than Riddle's magic. Trey says that this is child's play next to their dorm leader's magic and he's on a whole other level than him. Trey informs them about the un-birthday tomorrow and they better not be late. Ace is very excited and determined to his collar off by Riddle for sure. Ace asks Yuuken if he can stay at Ramshackle dorm again since he is still kicked out of his dorm. Trey tells Ace don't put Yuu on the spot and Grim tells Ace if he's planning on staying, he should pay ten tuna cans. Ace angrily asks Grim if he wants him to sleep outside a while Yuuken doesn't mind.

Back to Heartslabyul, Trey and Cater tell about Deuce staying in the Ramshackle Dorm to keep an eye on Ace. Cater asks if it's cool if he joins them, Trey doesn't mind. Cater quietly calls him a party-pooper. Suddenly, Trey and Cater heard a noisy sound coming from the Lounge. As they went to the lounge, they were shocked to see seven Heartslabyul students collared, who are depressed and miserable. An unnamed member informs them about Riddle's actions collaring them for accidentally breaking minor rules and they didn't know about. The unnamed student complains that they can't even eat or drink they want a while a rabbit beastman curses Riddle's cruelty. The Heartslabyul student is sick of it living in this dorm bound by rules he doesn't even understand at all and wants to transfer dorms. Trey reassures him everything will be alright and he will talk to the dorm leader personally and inform everyone to return to their rooms. Cater decides to make some tea to help their dorm leader's mood. Before Cater leaves, Trey reminds him to brew some herbal tea instead of black since No. 153 mentions the type of tea he can drink at night, and Cater confirms.

Meanwhile, at the Ramshackle dorm at night, Yuuken experiences another vision based on Alice in Wonderland, but this time it's shows the Queen of Hearts demands to know who's an idea to paint the roses red. The three-card soldiers blame each other, but the Queen doesn't care which of at faults. She decides to sentence all three of them to death via decapitation. As they take the three of them away, the other card soldiers comment on how they deserve death for planting the wrong roses. Yuuken comments there's no reason to get mad over the color of some roses. The following day, Yuuken woke up from an alarming clock a while Grim, still asleep dreaming about tuna cans. In Yuuken's inner thoughts, as he questions himself about one of the mysterious dreams, he suddenly has a bad feeling and hopes nothing bad happens at un-birthday party today.


Differences Between Manga and Game

Malleus Line.png WARNING! This section contains story spoilers. Read at your own risk.
  • Deuce only punched the delinquent student and not his friend unlike in the game where Deuce punched and beat up both of them.
    • In the game, Yuu did not interfere to stop Deuce from beating the delinquent student further. In the comics, Yuuken stop Deuce from beating the delinquent student by reminding him if he starts another fight, he will be expel.
  • When Deuce is explaining his past to Yuuken and Grim, its shows a full depiction of him when he was delinquent in middle school in the comics. However, the characters seen with Deuce, remains as silhouettes including his mother. In the game, Deuce only explaining his past instead.
  • An extended scene where Trey uses his Unique Magic again to change the color of the monte blanc before he explains his "Doodle Suit" to Ace, Deuce, Yuuken and Grim.
  • The scene where Trey give Deuce permission to stay at the Ramshackle dorm is cut.
  • An extend scene shown Trey and Cater just arrive at Heartslabyul dorm before they went to the Lounge.
    • They also have a conversation where Cater asks Trey if he should have join Deuce and Ace at Ramshackle dorm sleepover, Trey says he doesn't mind at all.
  • There are scenes that are different after Trey and Cater return to Heartslabyul.
    • In the game, only one unnamed Heartslabyul member (who is not collared by Riddle) informs them about Riddle's actions in the Lounge. In the comic, seven dorm members arev presents, who are all been collared by Riddle.
    • In the game, the unnamed Heartslabyul dorm member has purple hair with a heart mark above his left eye, but in the comic, he has freckles with a heart mark below his right eye when he explains the situation to Trey and Cater.
    • In the comics, Trey and Cater reacted in horror and shocked when they sees their dorm members collared by Riddle. In the game, their expression (who remain calm) didn't change much until after they manages to calm down unnamed Heartslabyul member.
    • Two Heartslabyul dorm members explains the situations and wants to change to transfer dorms to Trey and Cater instead of one student.
  • Another drop of blot continues to grow and corrupt Riddle's magic is not shown.
  • In the game, Yuu woke up in the lounge, but in the comics, Yuuken woke up from the sound of alarm clock in his room with Grim still sleeping.
    • Yuuken suddenly have a bad feeling about un-birthday party today in his inner thoughts wasn't part of the dialogue option in the game.


  • This chapter shows a glimpse of Deuce's mother as a silhouette while she was mentioned by Deuce in the game.
  • This chapter cover features Deuce's middle school self even though there's no depiction of his past self in the game.
  • There are some continuity errors within this chapter.
    • On pages 15-16, Ace's collared is missing in pages, but on the next page, he is seen with a collared again. This was later fixed in the final release of Volume 2.
    • On page 22, one unnamed Heartslabyul dorm member's collar is missing even though in the previous pages he has one. This was later fixed in the final release of Volume 2.


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