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The twelfth chapter of Disney Twisted Wonderland The Comic -Episode of Heartslabyul- was published in Monthly G Fantasy February 2022 issue on January 18th, 2021.[1]

This chapter covers the second part of "An Army of One", "Hard Work Undone" and "A Rule Slip". (Episode 1 Chapter 15-17) from the game.


When Ace presents the monte blanc to Riddle, he became very furious and offended that he broke another rule of the Queen of Hearts (a rule he didn't know). Ace along with Deuce, Grim, and Yuuken stand up to Riddle for being a strict and cruel dorm leader just because they have broken a minor rule, they didn't mean they break it on purpose. Ace asks his fellow dorm members to tell Riddle how they feel, but they refuse to speak up. Suddenly, Riddle's magic starts to corrupt further due to overusing his magic after he used his Unique Magic to collared Deuce, Grim, and even Yuuken (a regular human who can't use magic) for standing up to him. Riddle ordered Trey and Cater order them to kick Ace and the others out and throw away the monte blanc. Trey begins to worry about Riddle's new reckless and more strict behavior.

Full Story Recap

Malleus Line.png WARNING! This section contains story spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Ace, Deuce, Grim, and Yuuken meet up with Cater at the Heartslabyul entrance. Cater informs them that they have dressed in their formal attires since the Queen's decrees are absolute. Ace and Deuce felt shame since they can't grab their attires at their dorms. Luckily for them, Cater decides to dress them in their dorm attire on the house by using his magic. Everyone except Yuuken is dressed in Heartslabyul dorm attires. Cater thinks Yuuken is fine with what he is currently wearing and Yuuken says it's the best suit from his original world. As they arrive at the Tea Garden, Ace notices more members have been collared and Cater says it's a long story. The Heartslabyul traditional Un-birthday party starts as an unnamed member announced their dorm leader's arrival. Riddle asks Trey if he was careful to include the dormouse in the teapot, and he responds politely he did. Riddle proposes a toast before their croquet match, he entrusts everyone to have their teacup ready and celebrated someone's unbirthday.

Cater encourage Ace to give the mont blanc to Riddle. Ace approach Riddle and apologizes to him for eating the tart from the other day and bakes him a new one. Riddle asks Ace what kind of tart he made. Ace shows him the mont blanc to Riddle, hoping he would be happy to see it. However, Riddle is very offended and found it unbelievable. Riddle yells at Ace not only for breaking a serious rule but also ruined their perfectly unbirthday day. He reveals one of the rules, number 562: "Do not bring mont blanc to an Unbirthday Tea Party". When Deuce asks Riddle how many rules are, he says there are 810 rules. Trey and Cater, who helped Ace and the others, weren't aware of that rule and didn't know about it. Riddle declares as Heartslabyul dorm leader, who respect the Queen of Heart's rules, can't let go of this rule-breaking. He orders Ace to discard the mont blanc, but he refuses because he makes zero sense. Grim agrees with him and asks him if he can eat it if he's gonna toss it. Trey and Cater try to take the blame for Ace since they didn't know about the rule either. Riddle ignores them and mainly focuses on the tart Ace brought to the Unbirthday party and thinks it is the source of the problem. Yuuken steps in and asks if they have to follow that rule because nobody was bothered by it. Ace calls Riddle an idiot for following that system which results in Riddle getting angry. Cater panicked and begged Ace to stop saying that language. Ace decides to stand up to Riddle for getting serious over a single tart and he's full of it. Deuce agrees with Ace because rules are meant to be followed, but this is getting way out of hand. Riddle angrily tells them the smallest rule gives rise to bigger issues. Ace tries to ask the other Heartslabyul members to tell him how they felt about Riddle treated them, but they are too scared to stand up. Instead, they lied to Riddle that they rely on him for his impeccable judgment. This makes Ace disgusted and calls them cowards and finds it lame. Riddle states that in his year as dorm leader, there haven't been any dorm members who repeated a year or faced expulsion. He claims he's right and not only he's the best student in his dorm, but he is also the strongest. He orders them to follow him without protest. He calls them rule-breakers who are the ones in the wrong and declare he will off with their heads. Cater begged Ace and the others to follow their rules and says, "Yes, dorm leader!", but they refused to obey him. When Grim insults Riddle for being a selfish tyrant who's wasting all the food, Riddle snapped and his magic started to corrupt further. He uses his unique magic on Deuce, Grim, and Yuuken in an enraged fit. Riddle orders Trey and Cater to throw them out this instant. Trey and Cater are forced to listen to Riddle's commands and do what he says.

After Cater and Trey throw them out of Heartslabyul, Trey tells Ace and Deuce they will try to convince Riddle to let them back with another apology. Back at the Unbirthday party, Riddle cheerfully declares to collect themselves and continue where they left off and prepare their croquet tournament today. Unknowingly to Riddle, he fails to notice his staff magic gem is starting to spread. As the dorm members remain silent, Cater asks Trey if he's sure this is alright with him. Trey sadly responds there's nothing he can do to stop him now.


Differences Between Manga and Game

Malleus Line.png WARNING! This section contains story spoilers. Read at your own risk.
  • The scene where Deuce, Ace, and Grim spend their night playing poker is cut.
  • Cater does not arrive at Ramshackle dorm to pick up Ace, Deuce, Grim, and Yuuken by using one of his clones. Instead, Cater meets them at Heartslabyul's entrance.
  • The scene where Cater asks Deuce, Grim, and Ace to help him finish painting the remaining roses is cut.
    • Since Cater reveals his Unique Magic to Ace and the others the previous day, there's no use to explain to them again.
  • Cater asks Yuuken if he can use his magic to change his clothes, but he declines his offer. In the game, Cater never asks Yuu nor uses his magic to change their clothes.
  • During the Un-Birthday Party, several collared dorm members presented a while in the game, none of the collared dorm members aren't shown.
  • An dormouse is fully seen a while in the game, it was only mentioned.
  • More drop of blot continues to grow and corrupt Riddle's magic during the Un-Birthday Party instead of after Ace and the others are kicked out.
  • Most of Yuu's dialogues from the game were used by Ace and Deuce.
  • In the game, it was ambiguous whether or not Riddle uses his Unique Magic on Yuu since they didn't have any dialogue being collared. In the comic, Riddle collared Yuuken despite him being a non-magic user.
  • Deuce and Grim struggles and complaints about being collared by Riddle are cut.
  • Ace's attempt to fight Cater and Trey without his magic is cut.
  • A magic battle against Cater and Trey is cut. Instead, it shows them throwing Ace and the others out of Heartslabyul.
  • Riddle's Heartslabyul staff is shown with a magestone half full with blot which was never shown in the game.


  • This chapter reveals Riddle's unique magic, "Off with Your Head!" can be used on non-magic users like Yuuken (even though it's not necessary).


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