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The thirteenth chapter of Disney Twisted Wonderland The Comic -Episode of Heartslabyul- was published in Monthly G Fantasy March 2022 issue on February 18th, 2021.[1]

This chapter covers "A Surprised Tip", "Punishment Escalation", "Rookie Frustration", and the first part of "A Duel Ill-Advised" (Episode 1 Chapter 18-21) from the game.


After getting kicked out of Heartslabyul again, they encounter an unexpected cat beastman student named Chenya, who gives them a hint to learn more about Riddle's past from Trey. Ace and Deuce decide to fight for Heartslabyul's dorm leader position against Riddle. Yuuken experiences the third and final strange dream based on Alice in Wonderland, this time Alice criticizes the Queen of Hearts' tyrant behavior.

Full Story Recap

Malleus Line.png WARNING! This section contains story spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Ace gets frustrated with how Riddle kicks him and Deuce out of Heartslabyul again. He wonders if Riddle is acting like the Queen of Hearts herself. Deuce's complaints about his dream of being an honor student have been slipping away. Grim complains his collar is tight and heavy as he tries to get it off himself. Suddenly, an unknown voice in the shadows comments on their collars looking pretty. Grim turns and freaks out when he sees a floating head with a grin. The cat beastman realizes he forgot to bring his body. When Deuce demands the cat beastman student who he is, he uses his unique magic to bring out his body before introducing himself as Artemiy Artemiyevich Pinker. He explains he can use cat-like magic and he's a peculiar person. Deuce asks him if he can repeat his name again since he wasn't able to pronounce it. He tells Deuce most people call him "Chenya". Ace, who is in no mood due to Riddle's tyrant demanding harsh his vides, rudely asks Chenya to leave. Chenya comments about Riddle being a tyrant before he replies to Ace that he's not wrong about it. He explains he knew Riddle when he was a child leaving Deuce in shock that he knew him. He gave Ace and the others some hints in riddles as to whether or not he knows more about him. Chenya asks Ace if he likes to get to know about Riddle, Ace says he would love to hear the lore behind that control freak in a sarcastic, annoyed tone. Chenya advises them to ask that "four-eyes" all about this. Deuce asks Chenya if he was about Trey, he explains he knows about Riddle since they were children. Deuce didn't know Riddle and Trey are childhood friends. He notices Trey seems cold and distant when he's looking after their dorm leader. Before Chenya leaves, he comments if they are so perspective, then why're they are even asking him. As Deuce attempted to catch him, Chenya vanished a while humming.

Meanwhile, in the middle of the night, Riddle punished another Heartslabyul dorm member for not wearing pink to feed the flamingoes. He collars him and punish him to write 5000 words apologize for the essay and pick up weeds on the garden for a week. Riddle orders Cater and Trey to take him away, and they obey his command.

Afterward, Trey went to the library to return a cookbook until he unexpectedly to see Ace, Deuce, Grim, and Yuuken. Ace explains they figure out he would be in the library to return a cookbook and waited here. Ace demands Trey about his history with Riddle. Trey asks them who told them about this, they reply it's Chenya. Ace suggests Trey scold Riddle for his cruelty since he's a year older than him. Trey says he can't since he's not the one who scolds Riddle. Trey explains the reason Riddle is like this is that everything was created under a strict regimen. Riddle's parents are famous doctors in his hometown and Riddle's mother is brilliant that she wants her son Riddle to follow in her footsteps. He lived minute by the minute under a strict learning program. The food he ate, the clothes he wore, any product Riddle he used, and even friends were literally decided on him. He still lives by his parents' expectations he endured all of its silence to complete his unique magic at the age of ten. He's maintained the highest average in class since middle school and Trey can't imagine how hard it must've been. According to Trey, Riddle thinks people can grow if they constrain their freedoms with strict rules. This is why breaking them is absolute evil in Riddle's eyes. Ace understands if Riddle does nothing about rule-breakers, he'd be denying his own existence created by rules is what Trey means. He knows Trey thinks Riddle's a tyrant and that's his way of doing things isn't right. Trey knew about this and yet he can't force himself to correct him. Ace tells Trey the reason Riddle like this is because of him. Ace gets that a son can't choose his parents and yet, Trey knew they were setting him down the wrong path all along. Ace says Trey if he thinks Riddle is following in their footsteps, then say so and put him on the right track. Ace asks him if he's gonna watch him deal with the hate and isolation or he's going to keep quiet cause you're afraid of losing his head. Ace yells at Trey by calling him spineless and he is just Riddle's childhood friend. Suddenly, Crowley appears out of nowhere and tells them to be quiet in a library. He asks them what was going on and they could explain the situation.

After they recap Crowley the entire story about Riddle, Crowley asks Ace if he's not going to apologize to get his collar removed, nor going to quietly surrender to Riddle. He suggests Ace apply for a dorm transfer if Riddle rubs him the wrong way. According to Crowley, the dark mirror selects the dorm based on the quality of their soul. Some various procedures and rituals can help with such a task. Ace declined Crowley's offer to transfer dorms because it's like giving up and running away. Crowley suggests another way to deal with Riddle by challenging him for the seat and becoming dorm leader himself. Everyone was yelling in shock until Crowley quietly whisper to them to use their inside voices. Crowley explains that's how Riddle becomes dorm leader for the position of power. Yuuken asks him how are the dorm leaders are selected, Crowley explains the dorm leader selections have several methods of inception, for their reference, but the simplest method is by engaging in a duel. Yuuken began to understand the rules since it's similar to his kendo club's rule of choosing the first squad by their skills during matches. Ace asks Crowley if magic is banned during a faceoff, and he replies formal procedures are a whole other matter and they can hold a proper duel. According to Trey, the arranged duel will have him face each other on equal terms. In other words, he can get his collar removed without an apology. Crowley states that each student upon enrollment enjoys the right to dispute their dorm leader. He asks Ace if he's going to attempt to duel Riddle, he accepts. The first thing Ace wants to do once he becomes dorm leader, he's going to make Riddle apologize. Deuce along with Grim decides to join Ace for a duel against Riddle, but Grim can't because it has to be from the same dorm students. This Grim leaves him distressed and asks them how he's going to get his collar off. Ace promised Grim and Yuuken he will get Riddle to take off their collars when he's boss. Before Crowley leaves, he reminds them non-magical attacks are completely forbidden in a duel.

In the middle of the night, Yuuken experiences the third and final vision from Alice in Wonderland, it shows Alice criticizing the Queen of Hearts' tyrant behavior. The Cheshire cat appears on the top of the queen's head and repeats Alice's words to her. The Queen loses her temper, she orders her card soldiers to off with Alice's head. The next morning, Yuuken woke up from the sound of an alarm clock. Yuuken comments about the strange dream again and felt something bad might happen in his inner thoughts.

At the Heartslabyul garden, where all dorm members are gathered together for the dorm leader duel. Cater comments on Ace and Deuce's reckless behaviors and hopes this doesn't spell trouble with them. Trey tells Cater he did try to stop them. Ace and Deuce prepare to duel against Riddle for the dorm leader title.


Differences Between Manga and Game

Malleus Line.png WARNING! This section contains story spoilers. Read at your own risk.
  • Chenya brings out his body with his unique magic after Deuce asks him who he is instead of before.
  • Yuuken does not call Chenya a weirdo or ask him which dorm he's in.
  • Deuce's attempt to catch Chenya, but he uses his unique magic to make himself disappear wasn't featured in the game.
  • The scene where Grim starts to talk like Chenya with cat puns is cut.
  • Deuce to Ace and the others to see Trey what he's about it is cut.
    • Ace refuses to apologize to get his collar off is cut.
    • Yuuken suggestion to either set up an ambush or being Ace stubborn is cut.
  • Riddle punished another dorm member at night instead of during the daytime.
    • The unnamed Heartslabyul student wasn't wearing his dorm attire like in the game.
    • Few drops of blot continue to corrupt Riddle's magic is not shown. Instead, it shown on Riddle's dorm leader staff.
  • A brief glimpse of Riddle's childhood is shown in the comics.
  • Ace imagine himself being a Heartslabyul dorm leader and Riddle apologized for his actions wasn't featured in the game.
  • Yuuken does not comment about why nobody stop the Queen of Hearts' actions.
  • In the game, Grim woke up Yuu and reminds him about the magic duel against Riddle while in the comics, Grim is still sleeping and Yuuken woke up on his own.
    • The scene where Ace wakes both Yuu and Grim up is cut.
  • The scene where Deuce is wearing Yuuken's kendo helmet, for some strange reason, during the preparation of the Heartslabyul match was not featured in the game.


  • This is the first chapter cover featuring a character who doesn't attend Night Raven College.
  • This chapter shows a glimpse of Riddle's father as a silhouette while he was mentioned a few times within the game.
  • This chapter confirmed Riddle's unique magic doesn't seem to have any effects on Yuuken's visions. It implies his visions come from either outside of Twisted Wonderland or it's not magic-related.


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