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The fourteenth chapter of Disney Twisted Wonderland The Comic -Episode of Heartslabyul- was published in Monthly G Fantasy April 2022 issue on March 18th, 2022.[1]

This chapter covers the second half of "A Duel Ill-Advised" and the first half of "Soundly Chastised" (Episode 1 Chapter 21-22) from the game.


The match starts between Ace and Deuce against Riddle to fight for their freedom. However, Riddle quickly defeats them within seconds. As Riddle insults Ace and Deuce's parents and education, Ace punched him in the face in frustration. Riddle begins to become more reckless and violent as his magic begins to corrupt him further after entire dorm members (except Cater and Trey) turn against him due to his overly strict behavior of him.

Full Story Recap

Malleus Line.png WARNING! This section contains story spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Before the start of the match, Crowley politely asks Riddle to remove the collars on Ace and Deuce which Riddle obeys. They express in relief that they finally have their collars off, but Riddle reminds them to savor their short-lived freedom while it lasts because they are going to be collared again. Ace and Deuce are certain that they won't challenge Riddle as a prank or anything. Riddle asks Deuce why he's wearing a ridiculous helmet, Deuce claims it will help boost his defense. This leads Riddle confused if this weird getup is a magic tool or not until Yuuken explains he was the one who gave it Deuce because swordsmen wear masks when facing each other in combat. Cater reminds Riddle that it's almost tea time and asks him what's his plan. Riddle says they will proceed as scheduled and they have to follow the rules without delay. Crowley starts the match by dropping the mirror to the ground and shatters. Riddle defeats Ace and Deuce within a few seconds before he uses his unique magic to collar Ace and Deuce again.

Both Ace and Deuce are confused about how Riddle could be this strong. Crowley explains about a magic-user gets stronger with a powerful imagination. According to him, Riddle has refined his magic a great deal. Before Riddle leaves, he criticizes Ace and Deuce for challenging him even though they aren't strong enough to defeat him. Riddle states following the rules are right just like his mother taught him. He goes as far as to mock Ace and Deuce's education, how they were born to parents who can't use magic and how uncivilized they are before enrolling. This results in Deuce feeling very offended and Ace punching Riddle in the face in rage. Riddle along with everyone is shocked by Ace's actions. Worried about their dorm leader, Trey and Cater run to Riddle's side. Ace says to Riddle that being the leader, the duel, doesn't matter anymore and he shouldn't bring up people's parents right now. Children aren't their parents' trophies, and their success doesn't determine their parent's worth. Ace states it wasn't Riddle's parent's fault, it's his own fault because he wasn't able to make any friends tell him off. Confused, Riddle asks Ace how he was about his past, Ace responds it was Trey who told him everything. Ace realizes how Riddle was treated badly by his strict mother, he wasn't able to think for himself once and calls Riddle a baby who's good at magic. Ace's words to Riddle results in his magic becoming more corrupted as more drop of blots appears on his magic gem. Riddle angrily tells Ace that he doesn't know anything about him. Ace coldly responds he has no idea about Riddle, but that doesn't mean he will go easy on him. Riddle, still in denial, refuses to believe his mother was wrong and that makes him right.

Suddenly, someone throws an egg at Riddle, and it was later revealed it was the Heartslabyul members, who had enough of Riddle's controlling and tyrant behavior. They yell at him about how they are tired of following his rules anymore. They express their anger and hatred towards Riddle by throwing random objects at him. Crowley tries to stop Heartslabyul members from throwing objects at Riddle, but they refuse to listen to him. Yuuken uses his battle cry and manages to stop Heartslabyul dorm member's actions. He finds a wrong for heckling players on the field throwing things at them and calls them shameful. He tells them if they carry on with this discourtesy, he will be their opponent instead. Yuuken turns around and asks Riddle if he's okay, but he notices Riddle's reaction shows great annoyance and anger.


Differences Between Manga and Game

Malleus Line.png WARNING! This section contains story spoilers. Read at your own risk.
  • Crowley demonstrates a small amount of his magic to Ace and Deuce did not occur in the game.
  • Yuuken does not tell Riddle's methods as dorm leader is wrong.
    • Since Yuuken never criticizes him, Riddle mocks Ace and Deuce's parents for being non-magic users instead.
  • Riddle's dorm crown fell off after Ace punched him did not occur in the game.
  • Grim does not laugh at Riddle after he gets punched by Ace. Instead, Grim was surprised as everyone by Ace's actions.
  • Ace informs Riddle that Trey told him about his past did not occur in the game.
  • Trey does not tell Riddle to calm down because the duel is over.
  • Crowley does not announce the challengers are disqualified due to attacking physically
  • Riddle's magic starts to corrupt further after his match against Ace and Deuce instead of before the match.
  • Rather than staying silent after one of them throws an egg at Riddle, they express their anger and hatred toward him.
    • An extended scene where the entire dorm members who are against Riddle's orders throw a bunch of random objects at Riddle.
  • In the comic, Yuuken defended Riddle against the dorm members, who took it too far by throwing things at him. In the game, Yuu didn't do anything to help or defended him at all.


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