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The second chapter of Disney Twisted Wonderland The Comic -Episode of Heartslabyul- was published in Monthly G Fantasy May 2021 issue on April 18th, 2021.[1]

This chapter covers the second half of "A Dismissive Ranking," "Recollection Blanking," "Various Things in the Room!," "The Principle Rule," "First Day at School," and the first half of "Meeting a Freshman" (Prologue Chapters 3-5, and 7-9) from the game.


Yuuken discovers that he is unable to return to Japan, so in the meantime, Dire Crowley, the headmaster, provides him with lodging and a new role as a handyman to pass his time while they search for a way tol send him home. Yuuken begins his new role cleaning the campus, leading to him encountering new faces.

Full Story Recap

Malleus Line.png WARNING! This section contains story spoilers. Read at your own risk.

The chapter starts with Riddle about to punish Yuuken for interference until Trey and Cater stop him. Meanwhile, the dorm leaders that are present comment on Riddle's Unique Magic and achievements. Both Trey and Cater persuade Riddle to spare Yuuken since he didn’t know the rules, and it’s his first day at Night Raven College. Yuuken reminds Cater that he didn’t say that he's enrolling, and he can’t use magic. Suddenly, the Dark Mirror appears and confirms that Yuuken is not a magic user since he can’t sense any magic, color, or shape of his soul. Crowley decides to take Yuuken back to where he came from by using the Dark Mirror, but there’s no response. The Dark Mirror states that he can’t send Yuuken back since the world he originally came from does not exist. When Crowley asks Yuuken where he came from, he says he’s from Japan. However, none of them have ever heard of Japan, which leads to them becoming suspicious of Yuuken, thinking that he is lying. Frustrated, Yuuken decides to find his way back to Japan himself. However, after seeing a few students flying off with brooms, Yuuken finally realizes he has been transported to another world. Crowley decides to give Yuuken a place to stay for the time being until he finds a way to send him back to his world.

Meanwhile, Riddle is seen walking down the school hallway along with Trey following him from behind, still frustrated from his encounter with Yuuken after the ceremony. Cater then came and reported to Riddle about preparations for the new students arriving at the Heartlabyul dormitory. Riddle warns Trey and Cater that if any trouble occurs, he will have their heads, to which both of them agreed. The three members of Heartlabyul head back to their dorm.

Crowley takes Yuuken to an abandoned dormitory, the Ramshackle Dorm, where he can stay there for free. Suddenly the Ramshackle ghosts appear right in front of Yuuken, which startled him. The ghosts offer Yuuken to become a ghost in a dreadful tone. However, Yuuken is unfazed and is instead amazed by the fact that people can see ghosts without any special powers in this world. He says he has to decline their offer to become a ghost but is looking forward to getting along with them as roommates. This makes the ghosts puzzled and confused by his reaction since no one has been friendly with them before. Crowley informs Yuuken he will let him stay for free, but food and clothing are something he needs to purchase himself with his own money. However, Yuuken’s money from his original world won’t work, so Crowley decides to make him a handyman due to having a burly body.

The following day, Yuuken arrives at Main Street to clean the statues of the Great Seven. The chapter ends with Yuuken questioning the Queen of Hearts and his encounter with Ace and Deuce.


Differences Between Manga and Game

Malleus Line.png WARNING! This section contains story spoilers. Read at your own risk.
  • Yuuken never comments about Grim's departure.
  • All of the dorm leaders present comment about Riddle and his unique magic except Azul.
  • Crowley does not mention Malleus after Grim's rampage at the ceremony.
  • Lilia does not appear after Grim's rampage at the ceremony.
  • A new scene where Trey and Cater interfere and stop Riddle from punishing Yuuken is added.
  • The Dark Mirror senses that Yuuken is not a magic-user even though he never told the mirror his name.
  • Yuuken's original world is Japan even though in the game, the world that Yuu came from is unknown.
  • Crowley did not take Yuuken to the library to search for the world he came from.
  • Yuuken witnessing students using flying brooms after the ceremony wasn't featured in the game.
  • In the game, Yuu has nothing on them upon arriving at Night Raven College, but in the comic, Yuuken brought his shinai, school bag, cellphone, and wallet with him.
    • When Yuuken tries to call one of his club members, he can't get a signal since he's from another world.
    • Yuuken's money from Japan can't be accepted in Twisted Wonderland when he tries to pay Crowley for food and clothing. Instead, Crowley says Yuuken can do odd jobs around campus due to Yuuken having a burly body.
  • An extended scene where Riddle discusses the new students for Heartslabyul dorm with Trey and Cater is added.
  • Grim never sneaks back to Night Raven College and hides in the Ramshackle Dorm.
    • The fight against the Ramshackle Dorm ghosts and Crowley using a transformation potion to test Yuu's skill at commanding Grim is cut.
  • The next day, when the Ramshackle dorm ghost woke Yuu and Grim up, is cut.
  • In the manga, Deuce appears with Ace when they first meet Yuuken on Main Street. This was not the case in the game's prologue.


  • There are some continuity errors within this chapter:
    • Trey's Ceremonial Robe's collar switches between unbuttoned (page 6; 10-14) and buttoned (page 7-9; 15-25).
    • On page 24, it only shows Azul and the Leech twins walking the hallway after the ceremony. However, after the final release of Volume 1, two more students were added to the scene.


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