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The third chapter of Disney Twisted Wonderland The Comic -Episode of Heartslabyul- was published in Monthly G Fantasy June 2021 issue on May 18th, 2021.[1]

This chapter covers the second half of "Meeting a Freshman", "Mutual Aggression", "An Urgent Deadline" and the first half of "To the Dwarf's Mine" (Prologue Chapters 9-10, and 13-14) from the game.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Yuuken is introduced to two students, Ace Trappola and Deuce Spade, and once again encounters Grim, the creature who barged into the entrance ceremony. Ace and Grim get into a fight, which leads to school property being damaged. Crowley declares that Yuuken, Ace and Deuce are to be expelled for their transgression, but offers them a chance to make amends through a punishment.

Full Story Recap[edit | edit source]

Malleus Line.png WARNING! This section contains story spoilers. Read at your own risk.

This chapter starts with Ace telling the origin story of the Queen of Hearts to Yuuken. After Ace and Deuce introduce themselves to Yuuken, Yuuken asks Ace if his name hard to pronounce and he doesn't mind being call him something easily to remember, Ace decides to call him "Yuu". Ace rudely mentions about Grim rampaging ceremony, Grim jumps on his head and landed on the Queen of Hearts statue. As Grim threatens to attack Yuuken in order to steal his spot in Night Raven College, he quickly knocks him out with a broom and is restrained from moving. He regains consciousness, Yuuken asks Grim his reason for coming to Night Raven College, but he refuses to answer and demands to be let go. He attempts to call the guards to throw Grim again, he panics and says he will answer him. Grim tells him the reason he wants to attends Night Raven College because he wants to become a powerful wizard, he waited for the black carriage to pick him up, but it never show up. Grim still won't give up his dreams.

Ace and Grim later fight against each other after Ace makes fun of him. As the fight continues, Deuce attempt to stop with his magic, but he unintentionally summons a cauldron on Ace which results in Grim laughing at him. Grim breath fire on Ace, but Ace encounters his attack with his wind magic and charred the Queen of Hearts, accidentally. After that, Grim retreats from his battle with Ace since he doesn't want to be caught again. Crowley arrives at Main Street and angrily threatens to expel Ace, Deuce, and Yuuken for charring one of the Great Seven statues. Deuce, panicked and tries to reason with the headmaster, and there no way to prevent expulsion. Crowley decides to give them a chance and offer them an alternative if they help fix the Cafeteria chandelier by fetching a magestone at the Dwarf Mines. Unknown to them, Grim hiding in the bushes, planning to follow them.

Meanwhile, Riddle is called by the Headmaster, leaving his office quite unhappy that two of Heartslabyul's first years got in a mess. After that, Riddle is considering punishing them with his own hands.

The chapter ends with Ace, Deuce and Yuuken arrive at Dwarf's Mines and spotted abandon house in the forest.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Differences Between Manga and Game[edit | edit source]

Malleus Line.png WARNING! This section contains story spoilers. Read at your own risk.
  • Ace only explain the Queen of Heart's origins to Yuuken. Instead, Crowley only introduce the Great Seven's titles.
  • A brief silhouette version of the Queen of Hearts and her husband King of Hearts which was never shown in the game.
    • The King of Hearts is shown as a silhouette in the comic since he's isn't shown in Yuu's dream of Queen of Hearts and he can only be heard in the game.
  • Grim threatens to attack Yuuken which never occurs in the game.
  • Grim told Yuuken his reason why he wants to become a wizard at Main Street instead of Ramshackle Dorm.
  • Grim ran away instead of taking responsibility for accidentally damaged one of the Great Seven Statues.
  • Crowley does not ask Ace and Deuce their names and class numbers.
  • Ace and Grim did not get whip by Crowley for charred the Queen of Heart statue.
  • In the game, Crowley threaten to expel Ace and Deuce for breaking the chandelier, but in the comic, he threatens them for charred the Queen of Hearts statue.
  • The scene where Ace, Grim and Yuuken has to clean 100 windows is cut.
  • Ace, Deuce, and Yuuken where they chasing after Grim is cut.
  • Ace, Deuce and Grim weren't responsible for breaking the chandelier.
  • A new scene is added where Crowley informs Riddle about Ace and Deuce's actions at his office.
    • A new scene where Riddle is considering punishing Ace and Deuce.
  • The scene where Ace, Deuce, and Yuuken uses the magic mirror to transport them to Dwarf's Mines are cut.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There are some continuity errors within this chapter.
    • On page 5, Ace and Deuce's card motif markings were absent. This was fixed in the final release of Volume 1.

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