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The seventh chapter of Disney Twisted Wonderland The Comic -Episode of Heartslabyul- was published along with Chapter 6: Dead of Night Hanging! in Monthly G Fantasy September 2021 issue on August 18th, 2021.[1]

This chapter covers the second half of "A Misappropriated Tart", "Garden Decoration" and the first half of "Student Multiplication" (Episode 1 Chapters 2-4) from the game.


Ace, Deuce, Grim and Yuuken went to Heartslabyul dorm to apologize to Riddle for eating a tart from last night. They encounter an upperclassman, Cater Diamond, and they unwilling help him to paint the roses red for the upcoming Heartslabyul tradition, the unbirthday party. However, Cater refuses to let Ace to see Riddle without a replacement tart he ate and decides to kick them out with his Unique Magic.

Full Story Recap

Malleus Line.png WARNING! This section contains story spoilers. Read at your own risk.

This chapter starts off with Ace's reason for leaving his dorm to to join Ramshackle dorm is because he got collared by his dorm leader again for eating a tart. Yuuken suggests Ace should apologize to Riddle for eating a tart without permission tomorrow. At first, Ace refuses to apologize to Riddle, but Yuuken's menacingly glare at him and says its his fault, Yuuken manages to Ace change his mind. However, Ace wants Yuuken to go with him to Heartslabyul together since it's his idea which Yuuken doesn't mind. Ace then asks Yuuken if there's any place he can sleep, Yuuken informs him that every rooms except his and Grim's are cover in dusts. If he wants to stay, he has to clean up, but Ace refuses to clean.

The next day, Ace, who woke up from Deuce's banging the door, he complain to him that not only he gets collared twice in a day, but he calls him an idiot which makes Ace very angry. Ace asks Deuce if Riddle is still at mad from yesterday, but Deuce informs him that Riddle's actions that he collared three students for not able to wake up in the right time. Deuce also suggests Ace to apologizes to Riddle since he won't be able to attend classes with that collared on him. Ace backoff his promise to apologize Riddle after he realizes Riddle is still in the bad mood and was thinking about waiting until he cools off. Yuuken won't allow it and grab Ace by his wrist to take him to his dorm. Ace and Deuce take Yuuken and Grim to the Hall of Mirrors to uses one of the mirrors to transport to the Heartslabyul dorm. They encounter third year upperclassman, Cater Diamond, who is focusing on painting the roses the red for their Heartslabyul traditional Unbirthday party. In Yuuken's thoughts, he notices the scenes look similar like in his dreams. After he took a selfie with Ace, and Deuce for being the infamous first years, he gives a briefly history about Heartslabyul to them and how it works. Cater asks them to help him paint the rest of the roses red in order to get the work done faster. A while Deuce and Grim have trouble changing the roses to red with their magic stones, Ace and Yuuken a have to the paint the roses the old fashion way because they can't uses magic.

When Ace asks Cater why they have to change the rose's colors to red, Cater explains that it's tradition for their dorm's Unbirthday party and each rules is decide by one of the Great Seven, the Queen of Hearts. Cater even mentions Riddle, the dorm leader of Heartslabyul, is very strict and takes the rules very seriously to follow the tradition unlike the previous dorm leaders. He will admits Riddle's actions is too far. Ace asks Cater if he can see Riddle so he can apologize to him from last night, but Cater can't him see Riddle or return to the dorm because he explains one of the Queen of Hearts' "You have to replace things that you stole." Cater politely asks Ace and the others to leave Heartslabyul before Riddle notices. Cater uses his Unique Magic, "Split Cards" to create clones of himself and throw them out. Cater advises them to don't come back without that tart before he dispel his Unique Magic and revert his clones into diamond cards.


Differences Between Manga and Game

Malleus Line.png WARNING! This section contains story spoilers. Read at your own risk.
  • Ace does not ask Yuuken if he can sleep in his bed with him.
  • Cater makes a proper introduction to Ace and the others in his dorm attire instead of his school uniform.
  • The full Heartslabyul tradition is shown in full details when Cater is explaining this to Ace, Deuce, Grim and Yuuken.
  • Deuce accidentally changes the color of the roses to pattern designs instead of blue.
  • Cater reveals his Unique Magic to Ace and the others and uses it kick them out of Heartlabyul instead of the following day.
  • In the game, when Cater threatens Ace and the others to leave before Riddle notices, Deuce comments Cater's eyes aren't smiling is cut. Instead, this line is change to Yuuken notices Cater's attitude has changed in his inner thoughts.
  • Cater's Unique Magic full incarnation is revealed in this chapter since it isn't shown in the game yet.
  • Instead of Ace, Deuce, and Grim attempting to attack Cater like in the game, Cater uses his Unique Magic to create clones of himself and throws them out of Heartslabyul.


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