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The ninth chapter of Disney Twisted Wonderland The Comic -Episode of Heartslabyul- was published in Monthly G Fantasy November 2021 issue on October 18th, 2021.[1]

This chapter covers "A Mealtime Chat" and the first half of "A Garden Spat". (Episode 1 Chapter 9-10) from the game.


Ace accidentally offends Riddle behind his back, Riddle was thinking about removing his collar if he learns his lesson, but he changes his mind. Suddenly a drop of ink tainted Riddle's magic gem pen due to negative emotions. Trey accept Ace's offer to help him bake a tart for Riddle, but he has to collect 200-300 chestnuts at the botanical garden. After Ace, Deuce, Grim and Yuuken (who are willing to help Ace) arrive at their destination, they split up to search for the chestnuts a while Yuuken and Grim accidentally wake up a beastsman upperclassman, Leona Kingscholar.

Full Story Recap

Malleus Line.png WARNING! This section contains story spoilers. Read at your own risk.

This chapter starts with Riddle angrily asking Ace how insane he is, Cater tries to change the subject by complimenting Riddle, but fails. He threatens Cater that if he runs his mouth off, he will off his head. Riddle complains to the headmaster for being too lenient and believes if this continues, the school will come crashing down. If he were in charge, he would deal with the issue and behead everyone who defied him. When Ace notices Riddle's attitude doesn't match his face, Riddle overhears him and grabs him by the collar. Riddle tells Ace that he was going to remove the collar if he has learned his lessons, but he changed his mind and lets him keep it on a little longer. He reassures Ace since he can't use magic to cause the accident again like yesterday since the first year semester classes are more lecture-oriented than putting magic into practice. He orders Ace and Deuce to hurry and get ready for their next class. Riddle informs them of one of the Queen of Hearts' rules, "One should leave their seat within 15 minutes of finishing their lunch." and he expects them to follow the rules. As Ace complaints about another weird rule, Riddle demands their reply should be "Yes, dorm leader!" and both Ace and Deuce are forced to repeat their dorm leader's words. Trey informs Riddle that he will keep an eye on them. Riddle asks Trey if he is being soft on the newcomers and reminds Trey's role as vice-dorm leader and he should cease his chatter and gets his act together. As Riddle leaves, he notices some students' misbehaviors at the cafeteria (Ruggie drinking milk tea with two straws and Floyd sitting inappropriately with his leg sticking out). This infuriates Riddle on how many students don't always follow the rules and complains how the headmaster and Trey are too forgiving. He swears he will not tolerate further rule violations and show all students to the right path. This leads to a drop of the black ink that taints his magic gem slightly.

After Riddle leaves, Yuuken overhears two unnamed students from Heartslabyul whispering to each other on how they are scared about what their dorm leader will do if they find out that they broke a rule and how they wished to have freedom regarding they eat. When Ace explains that the rules are more important to Riddle than the students, Trey explains that Riddle became dorm leader less than a week after enrolling and he could be a little harsh at times, but he is thinking about improving their dorm and his intentions aren't bad. Grim rejects this notion and says people with good intentions shouldn't go around beheading other people, Yuuken reminds him about his rampaging at the ceremony was his fault which makes Grim very annoyed. When Ace thinks he should buy a tart for Riddle, but Cater reminds him it has to be a full tart and he pardon him if he bought him a slice. Cater suggests Ace to make one instead because Trey was the one who baked the strawberry tarts. This leaves Ace very surprised and begs Trey to teach him how to make tarts a while he massaging Trey's shoulders. Trey accept Ace's offer to teach him to make tarts, but he won't teach him for free. Ace asks Trey if he has to pay for him, but Trey replies he won't rip off his underclassmen. He instead requests Ace and the others to gather some chestnuts that he needs to make mont blanc tarts. He asks how many he needs to make one, Trey says about 200-300 for the Unbirthday party.

After that, Ace and the others arrive at the Botanical Garden to search for some chestnuts. They split up to look around, while Yuuken and Grim stay together to search for it further in the garden. Yuuken is amazed to see so many plants he has never seen before. He later stops Grim before he attempts to eat one of the fruits by grabbing him. He continues to carry Grim so he won't run off again and reminds him they are here to search for chestnuts. As they continue the search, Yuuken accidentally steps on Leona's tail and thought it was Grim who made that sound, but it wasn't him. Leona approaches Yuuken and Grim for trespassing and interrupting his nap. Yuuken apologizes to him for what he did, but Leona recognizes him from the ceremony who can't use magic. He approaches Yuuken closer, smelling him and confirming he's not a magic user since he doesn't smell any magic on him. Leona says he's not into taking on helpless opponents and asks Yuuken if he's planning to walk off after he steps on his tail. Grim, who has great fear over Leona's presence, but Yuuken tells him he will try to apologize to Leona again. However, Leona rejects Yuuken's apology and thinks he's trying to bait him. He says being woken from his comfortable nap got him pissed off and suggests Yuuken to leave him with one of his teeth. This chapter ends with Leona about to kick Yuuken in the face.


Differences Between Manga and Game

Malleus Line.png WARNING! This section contains story spoilers. Read at your own risk.
  • Riddle pulls Ace by the collar which never occurs in the game.
  • Ruggie makes an early appearance where he is seen hanging out with some unnamed students in the cafeteria instead of at the Botanical Garden where he unintentionally interrupted Leona who is about to beat up Yuu.
  • An extended scene shows as Riddle leaves, he look around from Ruggie and Floyd's directions in annoyance and disgust by their behaviors (Ruggie drinking milk tea with two straws and Floyd siting the table improperly with one leg sticking out).
  • In the game, it shows a drop of blot corrupting Riddle's magic in the background due to negative energy. But in the comic, it shows a drop of blot on Riddle's magic gem.
  • Ace massaging Trey's shoulders as he politely pursues Trey to teach him to make tarts which doesn't occur in the game.
  • Deuce and Grim attempting to leave and refuses to help Ace is cut.
  • Cater manages to change Deuce and Grim's minds to help Ace because it makes food delicious with their friends together is cut.
  • Trey asks Ace and the others not to tell Riddle about this is cut.
  • Trey revealing the location where the chestnuts are is cut.
  • Grim does not prick his paw when he tries to get some chestnuts in the thorns.
  • Yuuken carries Grim around in order to prevent him from eating the fruits in the botanical garden which doesn't occur in the game.
  • Grim does not asks Leona if he's the caretaker.
  • Yuuken did not react when Leona sniffed him.
  • In the game, Leona was thinking about taking Yuu's tooth by force, but in the comic, it shows a scene where Leona is about to kick Yuuken in the face.
  • In the game, Yuu apologizes to Leona for accidentally step on his tail once. In the comics, Yuuken apologizes to Leona twice in order to prevent him taking his tooth by force, but no invalid.
  • Grim does not tell Yuuken to run away.



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