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Floyd Leech is a second-year student in Octavinelle. He's Jade's twin but their attitude and speech are totally different. He's kind of unpredictable so it's difficult to know what he's thinking.

(translated from the Japanese version by ladysaionji)

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Floyd has turquoise hair, with a longer, darker strand on his right. His eyes have heterochromia iridum; his right eye is yellow, while his left eye is olive. He wears a blue earring on his right ear that is made from sturgeon scales, which are popular as lucky charms in the Coral Sea.[1] Jade Leech, has a matching one that he wears on his right ear.

He wears a black fedora with a light grey bow around it with a purple seashell on the bow. His outfit consists of a lilac dress shirt, an unbuttoned black double-breasted suit, a cool-toned grey scarf with the Octavinelle logo on it, and white gloves. He also wears purple socks and is seen wearing black slacks accompanied by a pair of black and white dress shoes.

He wears his outfit much looser than his twin, seen by his undone collar buttons and bowtie. His suit has much more visible wrinkles than those of the other two Octavinelle members. In addition, his pants seem to have a shorter hem than Jade's, as the ends don't go over his shoes and his socks are visible.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Floyd first comes off as very laid back and lazy. He seems to get along with everyone, though these interactions are at times one-sided (ex. enjoys "playing"/interacting with (or more precisely, teasing) Riddle, but Riddle dislikes being noticed by him and wishes to avoid him as much as he can). His mannerisms and sometimes his speech patterns are occasionally like that of a stereotypical delinquent.

A quirk of his is giving people nicknames based on sea life, often using what he feels fits them best even if they protest about it.

Another important thing to keep note of is the nature of Floyd's infamous mood swings. He won't hesitate to drop something and leave the scene if he decides it's boring or not worth the time/effort, and on the flip side, he appears somewhat dedicated to (or at the very least good at) the things that catch his interest. As this stands, he's prone to doing things on impulse simply because he wants to do them.

Like Jade, he's capable of quite the sadistic streak. He tends to be the "muscle" of the duo, opting to squeeze people silly when ordered to and/or allowed.

Skills and Magic[edit | edit source]

Floyd has the ability to perfectly recall anything he's seen or read. However, if he's not interested in the subject matter, he'll quickly completely forget it.[citation needed]

Unique Magic[edit | edit source]

Floyd's unique magic is called "Bind The Heart" (巻きつく尾(バインド・ザ・ハート), Baindo za Hāto; lit. "Coiling tail"). It’s magic that gets in the way of an opponent's attacks so they always end up missing.[2]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He loves giving people sea creature themed nicknames.
  • Floyd and Jade are based on Flotsam and Jetsam, a sinister pair of moray eels that served as minions to Ursula in The Little Mermaid (1989).
  • Floyd is a Welsh name that means "grey" or "grey-haired".
  • According to Vil, Floyd's skin is very beautiful and well moisturized.[3]
  • Floyd has a high interest in fashion after he came on land, particularly in shoes.[4]

References[edit | edit source]

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