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This is a glossary of terms used in the game, common ways that they are translated by fan translators, and the official translations in the English localisation of the game.

Gameplay Terminology[edit | edit source]

JP Name Fan Translations Localised Name Notes
リズミック Rhythmic Twistunes Rhythmic is written in English in the Japanese server of the game

Character Names[edit | edit source]

JP Name Fan Translations Localised Name Notes
ユウ () Yuu Yu This is the default name for the Main Character (MC)
アルチェーミ・アルセーミエヴィチ・ピンカー (Aruchēmi Arusēmievichi Pinkā)
チェーニャ (Chēnya)
Alchemi Alchemivich Pinka
Artemiy Artemiyevich Pinker
ファレナ (Farena) Falena Falena
リエール (Riēru) Rielle Rielé Romanised as Riale in the Twisted Wonderland Fanbook
アデラ (Adera) Adela
ネージュ・ルュバンシェ (Nēju Ryubanshe) Neige LeBlanche
グラン (Guran) Gran
ホップ (Hoppu) Hop
シェルピィ (Sherupii) Shelpy
ティミー (Timī) Timmy
スニック (Sunikku) Snick
ドミニク (Dominiku) Dominic
トービー (Tōbī) Toby
アンブローズ63世 (Amburōzu rokujūsan sei) Ambrose the 63rd

Great Seven[edit | edit source]

Their names are written in English on their statues which were first seen clearly in the Episode of Heartslabyul manga.

JP Name Fan Translation Localised Name Notes
ハートの女王 (Hāto no jo ō) Queen of Hearts Queen of Hearts
百獣の王 (Hyakujū no ō) King of Beasts King of Beasts Japanese name is also an expression referring often to lions
海の魔女 (Umi no majo) Sea Witch Sea Witch
砂漠の国の魔術師 (Sabaku no kuni no majutsushi) Sorcerer of the Sands Sorcerer of the Desert Kingdom Translated as Sorcerer of a Desert Kingdom in Episode of Heartslabyul
美しき女王 (Utsukushiki jo ō) Fairest Queen Fairest Queen
死者の国の王 (Shisha no kuni no ō) Lord of the Underworld Lord of the Underworld
茨の魔女 (Ibara no majo) Fairy of Thorns Thorn Fairy Translated as Fairy of Thorns in Episode of Heartslabyul

Characteristics of the Great Seven[edit | edit source]

JP Term Fan Translation Localised Term Characteristic of
厳格 (Genkaku) Severity Solemnity Queen of Hearts
不屈 (Fukutsu) Tenacity Perserverance King of Beasts
慈悲 (Jihi) Compassion (Tender) Mercies Sea Witch
熟慮 (Jukuryo) Deliberation Astuteness Sorcerer of the Desert Kingdom
奮励 (Funrei) Unrelenting efforts Endeavors Fairest Queen
勤勉 (Kimben) Diligence (Ceaseless) Diligence Lord of the Underworld
高尚 (Kōshō) Elegance Nobility Thorn Fairy

Character Phrases[edit | edit source]

JP Term Fan Translation Official Localisation Notes
お分かりだね? (Owakari da ne?) Have I made myself clear? Said by Riddle Rosehearts
…かな? (...ka na?) ...I guess? Said by Epel Felmier
当然よ (Tōzen yo) Naturally Said by Vil Schoenheit
私、優しいので。 (Watashi, yasashī no de.) For I am gracious. Said by Dire Crowley
マジカメ映え (Majikame bae) Magicammable Said by Cater Diamond
慈悲の心 (Jihi no kokoro) benevolent heart Said by Azul Ashengrotto
おや (Oya) Oh, my Said often by Jade Leech.
Said occasionally by Azul, Rook, Malleus, Lilia, and Crowley
あら (Ara) My, my Said by Vil Schoenheit

Nouns[edit | edit source]

JP Term Fan Translation Official Localisation Notes
魔法士 (Mahō shi) Mage Mage
学園長 (Gakuen chō) Headmaster Headmage
(副)寮長 (Fuku ryōchō) (Vice) Dorm leader
(Vice) Dorm head
(Vice) Housewarden
一年生 (Ichi nensei) First year(s) Freshman Also used to refer to the grade the student is in
二年生 (Ni nensei) Second year(s) Sophomore
三年生 (San nensei) Third year(s) Junior
魔法士養成学校 (Mahōshi yōsei gakkō) Wizarding Boarding School Mage Training Academy

School Subjects[edit | edit source]

While we have History, Flying and Alchemy Lessons incorporated in the gameplay, other subjects offered by Night Raven College are mentioned occasionally in stories or voice lines.

JP Term Fan Translation Official Localisation Notes
魔法史 (Mahō shi) (Magical) History History of Magic
飛行術 (Hikō jutsu) Flying Flight
錬金術 (Renkin jutsu) Alchemy Alchemy
魔法薬学 (Mahōyaku gaku) Potions Potionology
動物言語学 (Dōbutsu gengo gaku) Animal Linguistics Animal Linguistics
実践魔法 (Jissen mahō) Practical Magic Practical Magic
召喚術 (Shōkan jutsu) Summoning Arts Summoning
占星術 (Sensei jutsu) Astrology Astrology
古代呪文学 (Kodai jumon gaku) Ancient Incantations Ancient Magic
魔法解析学 (Mahō kaisekigaku) Magic Analytics Enigmics
体力育成 (Tairyoku ikusei) Physical Education (P.E.) Physical Training
毒薬精製 (Dokuyaku seisei) Poison Refinement
(Kodai mahō shi to kindai mahō shi ni okeru tanshuku jumon no hensen to hikaku)
Comparative Study of Incantation Shortening in Ancient and Modern Magic

Extra-curriculars[edit | edit source]

Their names in English have also been revealed gradually with the introduction of the Union Birthday SSR cards.

JP Term Fan Translation Official Translation Members
馬術部 (Bajutsu bu) Equestrian Club Equestrian Club Riddle
ガーゴイル研究会 (Gāgoiru kenkyū kai) Gargoyle Appreciation Club Gargoyle Studies Club Malleus
軽音部 (Keion bu) Light Music Club Pop Music Club Cater
サイエンス部 (Saiensu bu) Science Club Science Club Trey
バスケットボール部 (Basukettobōru bu) Basketball Club Basketball Club Jamil
ボードゲーム部 (Bōdogēmu bu) Board Game Club Board Games Club Idia
マジカルシフト部 (Majikaru shifuto bu)
マジフト部 (Majifuto bu)
Magical Shift Team
Magift Team
Spelldrive Team Leona
山を愛する会 (Yama wo aisuru kai) Mountain Lovers Association Mountain Lovers Club Jade
陸上部 (Rikujō bu) Track and Field Track and Field Jack
映画研究会 (Eiga kenkyū kai) Film Studies Club Film Research Club Vil
美食研究会 (Bishoku kenkyū kai) Gourmet Club Grim