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Grim is a magic-wielding monster who serves as Yuu's partner. He has a big mouth, and easily gets carried away.

(translated from the Japanese version by ame)


Grim very closely resembles a cat. His fur is grey with a white patch on his chest and pink paw pads, and he has electric blue flames blazing from his ears. His eyes are also bright blue. Around his neck, he wears a black-and-white striped bow tie which is torn at the ends; it also bears a light purple gemstone that rests against his chest. His tail is shaped like a pitchfork.


Grim gives off the impression of being incredibly devilish and mischievous, causing trouble wherever he goes. It is also noted that Grim does things to extreme lengths to achieve the things he desires, such as burning the Mirror Chamber during the welcome ceremony to show off his magic in an attempt to get accepted into NRC. He is shown to be quite narcissistic and prideful, often bragging about his magic abilities. He is known to also like getting attention from people, as he joined the Interdorm Magical Shift tournament just so he can get exposure through the live broadcast. Aside from that, he is also somewhat easy to impress and quite curious about things he is unfamiliar with, such as learning about NRC's statues of the Great Seven. He is also surprisingly easy to taunt, such as when Ace insulted the (soon-to-be) Prefect and Grim for not knowing who the 7 villainous figures are. Grim is shown to enjoy teasing people around him, most notably the Prefect, Ace, and Deuce. As the story progresses, he starts to enjoy the company of his friends and the Prefect.

Malleus Line.png WARNING! This section contains story spoilers. Read at your own risk.

When Grim ate the black stone left over from Jamil's overblot, he started to act very strangely and became addicted to eating more black stones.[1] Grim's behavior becomes more unstable after he ate the stone left from Vil's overblot and grows more hostile. When he sensed Yuu nearby at the colosseum, Grim attacked Yuu in his belief that they were there to steal the stone from him.[2] After he gets knocked out and regains his sanity thanks to Ortho, he has no memories of hurting Yuu.[3]

Skills and Magic

Grim can only use fire magic since he can't use any other elemental type magic besides his own. It is currently unknown if he's capable of using his own unique magic or not, due to being a monster.

Malleus Line.png WARNING! This section contains story spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Blot corruption: However, as Grim keeps eating the crystalized blot with a total of six, his magic powers become stronger and yet unstable as it corrupts his mind. He is capable of using dark magic (under the crystal of blot's influences) which was shown in the in-game battle of Chapter 6.[4] Grim becomes feral again after he gets exposed to the high amount of blots. As a result, his strength increases and he manages to tear down the door in his room.[5]

Unique Magic


  • His name may be a reference to Grimm's Fairy Tales, a popular fairytale collection that includes the tale of Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and many more. Although it can also be the abbreviation of grimoire, a type of book of European magical knowledge, generally dated from the middle of the Late Middle Ages.


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