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Grim Personal Story
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Striped Ribbon Story
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Labwear Story
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Ceremonial Robes Story
Azul Line.png This story has been fan-translated by Mystery Shop.

This translation was based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

Together we’re one student
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Ramshackle Dorm - Anniversary Party
Story Grim Lab.png
Story Grim Lab.png
Nyaha~! Ramshackle’s lookin’ so fancy!
Aren’t you glad that they’ve made our home look so nice?
Story Grim Lab.png
Story Grim Lab.png
Yeah! I never expected those second years to swing by and put up decorations for us.

All this hard work, just for us! Nyahaha!
Ah, but I’m the one who put up that super big balloon over the window. Don'tcha think I got a good eye?
Silver offered to help, so I used his shoulder as a stepladder.
He’s really the strong and silent type, so y'can’t really tell what he’s thinking, but he’s pretty useful in times like this.
But it was so hard to stand on him ‘cause of all his muscles…
And then he fell asleep while I was up there. My footstool started moving so I was super startled!
So then I ended up falling… That would have been terrible if Kalim wasn’t there to catch me with his magical carpet.

You’ll have to thank him properly.
Story Grim Lab.png
Story Grim Lab.png
Thank him?? Don'tcha remember after that happened, Kalim was so loud, being like, “Let’s decorate the room with gems!”?

He really doesn’t listen to a thing anyone says, just saying that the fancier the better. The other day, too, he tried to force-feed me crackers…
Aha! I bet he’s trying to scout me to join Scarabia.
Nyahaha. Maybe that’s the reason that Silver’s so nice to me too? Man, it sure is hard being popular~

You want to transfer from Ramshackle?
Story Grim Lab.png
Story Grim Lab.png
No way, Ramshackle is the best! And that’s 'cause I’m in charge here!

Ah. But if we did put gold all over the walls, the room’ll be brighter. That might be a great idea. Ruggie was also super into that.
He said that “It’s all the rage to make garlands with madol right now,” but that’s definitely gotta be a lie…
I bet he was planning on swiping all the madol later if we actually did that.
The other day, too, when I ran into him while carrying some tuna cans, I got kinda scared 'cause he kept following after me…
His wheels are always turning, even during this anniversary. We should learn something from him and be more selfish!
But, it’s too bad. If Jamil didn’t stop us, we coulda been rolling around on a mountain of madol~
And then that Jamil, he just said, “These should be all you guys care for,” and left a bunch of snacks on the table.
…Now that I look at them, though, I guess I’d rather have these snacks anyway over money. It all looks so good! Nyahaha!

It really does seem like all you really needed was the snacks.
Story Grim Lab.png
Story Grim Lab.png
[Yuu], what’s so funny? Don’t you think Jamil’s homemade snacks look tasty!?

Azul was saying so too, yanno?
“The most important thing to keep in mind while decorating is to make the owner of the space the happiest of them all.”
“I feel as though food would definitely suit Grim-san better than gold or silver decorations,” he said!
…Eh? Wait, are they making fun of me?
Hey, are they? Are they!?

Let’s ask them when we meet up later.
Story Grim Lab.png
Story Grim Lab.png
Grrrrr… I'ma do that then.

Bg 10381.png
Ramshackle Dorm - Anniversary Party
Story Grim Lab.png
Story Grim Lab.png
But, y'know the thing that surprised me the most was when Floyd decided to change the colors of the balloons halfway through the decorations.

Suddenly, he was like, “I’m bored of pink,” even though at first, he was all excited and thought they were cute-looking!
Floyd’s mood swings’re pretty insane, so it’s always hard to tell what’ll happen next.
He kept flinging his magic everywhere that at one point he turned my tail green, yanno!
And then when Jade went to go talk to him, I thought he was going over to fix everything…
But then he said, “I believe purple polka-dots would suit him better,” can you believe it!? I thought I had misheard him!
Jade’s always got that grin on his face, but sometimes he says something even crazier than Floyd and it’s hard to deal with.
If Riddle hadn’t stepped in to stop them, the both of us woulda been covered in green and purple polka-dots.

That was a close one.
Story Grim Lab.png
Story Grim Lab.png
But then after that, Riddle started to harp on about the Laws of the Queen of Hearts, saying that “How come there is no tea here, despite this not being a birthday celebration?”

So, when everyone tried to stop him, it ended up in another huge fight…
Anyway, we had to deal with a ton of stuff to even get this far in the decorating, yanno!
But… What’s great is that as an apology for everything, they all said they would help me with my alchemy classes next time.
I guess technically they’re our upperclassmen, so most of them are really good at their stuff…
Maybe I’ll even be able to get a perfect score on my next test. Nyahaha, how lucky!

Do you enjoy alchemy class?
Story Grim Lab.png
Story Grim Lab.png
It’s okay!!
Oh, just okay.
Story Grim Lab.png
Story Grim Lab.png
Besides, I’m all grown-up now. I’ve gotten better at sitting through even the most boring classes!

Crewel and Trein get on me if I skip classes anyway, and I gotta show up ‘cause one day I’m going to become the greatest mage…
But above all that, I gotta keep an eye on you!
I gotta be the mature one to take care of my troublesome little minion. Right?

Choice 1: Thank you for everything you do. Choice 2: Pretty sure you’re the troublesome one.
Story Grim Lab.png
Story Grim Lab.png
If you wanna thank me, give me a tuna can then!
I’m really good at watching over my minions, yanno. If you run into any troubles, you can tell me anytime.

Just remember, together we’re one student…
That’s why we both have to work hard together from here on out too! You get that, right?

Story Grim Lab.png
Story Grim Lab.png
Great! That’s what I like to hear.
Knock, knock
Story Grim Lab.png
Story Grim Lab.png
Ah! That impatient knocking… Sounds like those second years came to grab us. We gotta hurry and get changed.

Let’s have a ton of fun together at the anniversary, [Yuu]!

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