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Grim Personal Story
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Striped Ribbon Story
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Labwear Story
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Ceremonial Robes Story
Azul Line.png This story has been fan-translated by twstarchives.

This translation was based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

Gotta Make It Even Better!
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Ramshackle Dorm - Anniversary Party
Story Grim.png
Story Grim.png
Ooh, Ramshackle’s so colorful now! Take a picture on your Ghost Camera, Yuu.

Ace and Deuce brought over all the first-years this morning, and I got so surprised, thinking “What’s going on!?”

It was to decorate for the school’s foundation day. Everyone’s so excited about it, like a bunch of kids.

You aren’t happy it’s Foundation Day?
Story Grim.png
Story Grim.png
I-I didn’t say that.

Night Raven College is a prestigious school that only chosen mages can attend. Getting to go to this school is a huge feat!

Obviously the students here would celebrate its foundation day!

So it’s good that we had everything decorated nicely.
Story Grim.png
Story Grim.png
…I guess, yeah.

But it was so loud and a lot of work. They just barely managed to finish, and that was only thanks to my great instructions.

And Ace, he came here on his own, but he was still trying to skip out on doing anything. He was playing pranks on me again today!

Story Grim.png
Story Grim.png
I can’t believe you! Did you not see him bullying me yesterday during flying class!?

I was trying to ride my broom, and he was using wind magic to tickle me and mess me up. It was so annoying!

He must be jealous of my gifted magic. I’ll show him who’s boss next time for sure!

Deuce was actually putting up decorations, but he hung the flags up in the wrong order, so it was spelt wrong… Him and Ace, same difference.

That reminds me, I asked Deuce for help on an assignment earlier, and the answer he gave me was wrong. So Crewel got mad at us.

We ended up being the only ones having to take Crewel’s special lesson. That guy should really study more.

You’re not one to talk.
Story Grim.png
Story Grim.png
Hngh… I-I swear I’ve been taking my classes seriously lately!

But in magic history, I can’t see the blackboard with Jack sitting in front of me.

He’s huge enough already, but he sits with his back straight and says it’s ‘cause “he needs to train his back muscles during his classes too.” So he’s always in the way!

If I try to complain, he just says “Have Yuu put you their shoulders.” There’s gotta be a limit to training, geez!

I’m sure it’s rough for Epel, having to be in the same class as that annoying Jack.

…Well, it’s Epel we’re talking about. He probably wouldn’t be afraid to talk back and fight.

He’s really competitive, and he’s got a lot of guts.

One time, we went to the cafeteria together and snuck some food. We promised we wouldn’t tell anyone about it… That was so fun…

…Ah! I just told you about it! Listen, keep that a secret between us, alright!?

Speaking of stealing food, don’t try it with Sebek! He’s too bullheaded and you can’t get anything through to him!

I sampled just a little bit of his lunch one time, and he started shouting and chasing after me.

He was on my tail for ages! And his voice was ringing in my ears—it was that loud.

All that ‘cause I took a single bite of his deluxe minced meat cutlet sandwich… Or was it five? Maybe ten? But that’s it!

Let’s go apologize to him after this…

Bg 10381.png
Ramshackle Dorm - Anniversary Party
You’ve been really having fun with life at school, huh, Grim?
Story Grim.png
Story Grim.png
The way you’re grinning like that is weirding me out. And anyway, what about you?
Choice 1: I have a lot of fun everyday, thanks to you. Choice 2: There’s always just trouble everyday. It’s a little exhausting…
Story Grim.png
Story Grim.png
Nyahaha! Obviously!
‘Cause you’ve got the great me looking after you everyday!
…Right, I see, so it’s fun for you… Nyaha!

…But ya know, I’m still getting used to life at Ramshackle.

We go through a lot living at this run-down dorm.

All those leaks we had from that rainy day the other day were so freakin’ annoying.

The bed and blankets got completely soaked, so I thought we’d have to sleep on the floor…

We were lucky that one couch was somehow untouched. It was cramped and really narrow, but still way better than the floor.

The ghosts helped us do some quick repairs, but someday we’re gonna use money from the school and get proper renovations done, yanno!

Story Grim.png
Story Grim.png
Yeah! We gotta make our school life even better than ever!
(Someone knocks on the door)
Story Grim.png
Story Grim.png
Oh! Is that Ace and the other guys?

We all promised we’d celebrate Foundation Day together outside. I bet there’s gonna be lots of food too!

Let’s go, Yuu! It’s an outdoor party. Nyaha~!

Thank you so much for everything, Grim.
Story Grim.png
Story Grim.png

…Yeah! As my henchman, I’ll always keep looking after you.

Make sure ya keep up with me, Yuu!

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