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Table of Contents

  • Turn-Based Battles
  • Types of Battles
  • Attributes
  • Battle Composition
  • Battle Interface
  • Duo Magic
  • Status Effects

Turn-Based Battles

A full turn is comprised of your party’s turn and your opponent’s turn.


During your turn, you will attack using two types of magic selected from your hand. Your opponent will also attack using two types of magic.

Both you and opponent have a total of 10 skills to use before it is reset after Turn 5 (for Unrestricted Battles).

  • You can see the opponent's hand by tapping the BackArrowicon.png arrow button or the mini row of attributes under the opponent icon on your left screen.

You and your opponent will alternate between turns, and you’ll win if you satisfy the victory conditions. These conditions can be found before you start the battle or on the Menuicon.png menu during the battle.

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Types of Battles

There are 3 types of battles you can encounter which each have different victory conditions to be met. These conditions can be found either in the Menuicon.png menu mid-game or the beginning of the battle.

Three buttons will appear on the screen: リタイア (Retire), 表示を消す (Turn off display), and 再開 (Resume)


5-Turn Restricted Battle

  • Victory Conditions: ① Inflict more damage than your opponent by the end of all the turns, or ② Bring their HP to 0.

Unrestricted Battle

  • Victory Conditions: Bring the opponent’s HP to 0.

5-Turn Endurance Battle

  • Victory Conditions: ① Survive until the end of all the turns, or ② Bring opponent’s HP to 0.
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Element typing that you can use in the battle against an opponent with advantages, disadvantages, or none.

FIRE is strong against FLORA. WATER is strong against FIRE. FLORA is strong against WATER. COSMIC is NEUTRAL.

Make sure to check whether there are pink up-facing arrows (indicates stronger attribute) or grey down-facing arrows (indicates weaker attribute) before selecting your cards.

Each card has two types of magic attributes. Sometimes they will both have the same attribute with different magic effects. (Check the characters' cards in their Wiki pages (Cards tab) for more Magic 1 & 2 info).

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Battle Composition

Each battle is comprised of 5 cards. You can select 4 of your own cards and 1 support card. Support characters are characters that can aid you during battles. You will be able to select one from a pool of guest characters, your friends, and other players.


Characters have Buddy Bonuses with other characters. On your “Battle Composition” screen, tap the bottom left button reading バディ詳細 (Buddy Details) to see what kind of bonuses you can activate during the battle. (See Buddy Level for more info.)


The button on the right, which reads おまかせ編成 (Random Organization) will automatically form a team for you. You have the option to customize the type of team you’d like to have selected for you. Here are the options:

Row 1: Prioritized Type (Balanced - HP - ATK)
Row 2: Magic Attribute (No Preference - Fire - Water - Flora - Cosmic)
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Battle Interface

You can select which character's magic to go 1st and 2nd, view the opponent's side by tapping the BackArrowicon.png arrow icon, see status effects on characters' sprites and look at card's info during battle.

NOTE: You can change the 1st magic selection to different magic by tapping the selected icon, again.
However, you cannot undo your selection after selecting the 2nd magic.

To view each of your cards' magic skills in your team, tap & hold the card's magic icon to see their magic effects.


Each card has stats information that you can view during battle. To view them, tap any character sprite in the middle of the screen. It contains Stats, Status Effects (plus Effect Turns left), Magic, and Buddy info of the card. Tap the Switchicon.png change icon to view other cards' info currently in the party.

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Duo Magic

When you select a specific SSR card character’s magic in a battle, you can activate Duo Magic. Duo Magic adds an additional attack to an SSR's Magic 2 skill. SSR cards require their Magic 2 to be at Lv5 for this to come into effect.


SSR cards will only activate Duo Magic with their compatible character, but all cards of that character are eligible, on that same turn.

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Status Effects

Buddy Bonuses and Character's & Opponent's Magic Effects will grant buffs or debuffs during battle. Some effects are specifically used by opponents, and have not been made available in any available card so far. These icons are displayed on the bottom corner of the character sprites.

Status Effects:

HP UP: Increases the base HP stats of a character.
Power Boost: Increases the base ATK stats of a character.
Power Drain: Decreases the base ATK stats of a character.
Damage Boost: Increases the damage dealt by a character.
Damage Cut: Decreases the damage dealt by a character.
Damage Resistance: Decrease the amount of damage taken from an attack.
Water Boost: Increase the damage of a Water attribute magic.
Flora Boost: Increase the damage of a Flora attribute magic.
Fire Boost: Increase the damage of a Fire attribute magic.
Cosmic Boost: Increase the damage of a Cosmic attribute magic.
HP Regen: Recovers HP every turn.
Evasion Boost: Increase the chance of dodging an attack.
Curse: HP recovery becomes 0.

Opponent Exclusive Status Effects:

Damage Taken Up: Increase the amount of damage taken from an attack.
Burn: Take damage at the end of turn.
Darkness: Probability that the attack will have no effect.
Freeze: Buffs are negated.
Guts: Ensures that the user survives a spell with 1 HP.
Fire Immunity: All Fire element magic deal 0 damage to the enemy with this buff in effect.
Flora Immunity: All Flora element magic deal 0 damage to the enemy with this buff in effect.
Water Immunity: All Water element magic deal 0 damage to the enemy with this buff in effect.
Cosmic Immunity: All Cosmic element magic deal 0 damage to the enemy with this buff in effect.
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