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Table of Contents

  • Leveling-up
  • Card Level (カードLv)
  • Episode Level (エピソードLv)
  • Magic Level (魔法Lv)
  • Limit Break (限界突破)
    • Perfumes
  • Groovy (グルーヴィー)

Leveling-up[edit | edit source]

Each card has several different parameters to level up. Leveling up cards will help win battles and unlock extra card features (ie. Personal Story episodes, Duo Magic, Groovy, Voice lines).


The screen will display your deck of cards obtained through Mirror, Events, and SHOP.


Each card has its own Card Profile:

Screenshot 20200409-165508.jpg Screenlevel.png
✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦

Card Level (カードLv)[edit | edit source]

Strengthening a card's Card Lv will increase its HP and ATK. These are useful for battles and unlocking Groovy requirements.

How to gain EXP: Participate in History Lessons or using Flowering Nectars.

Card CardLvPage.jpg

When Leveling-up a card, there is a chance that the amount of experience gained will increase:

  • GOOD → ×1.0
  • GREAT → ×1.2~
  • EXCELLENT → ×1.5~

(*Multiplier is based on estimates by comparing initial and final Exp gain. Need more data to confirm multipliers.)

✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦

Episode Level (エピソードLv)[edit | edit source]

Increasing a card's Episode Lv will unlock Personal Stories and fulfill one of the Groovy requirements.

How to gain Episode EXP: Participate in Flying Lessons, or use Secret Snacks.

Card EpisodeLvPage.jpg

Max Episode Lv for each card rarity:

  • R cards → Level 2
  • SR cards → Level 2
  • SSR cards → Level 3

Each level will unlock 1 story episode, with the exception of R cards, so in other words: SSR cards will have 3, SRs have 2, and Rs have 1 episode of their personal story. (Episodes for the [School Uniform] R collection will automatically be unlocked once you obtain them.)

Personal Stories can be read in STORY from the Home Screen > Tap the middle tab on the right side that says パーソナル (Personal) > Select a character to read their Personal Story.

✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦

Magic Level (魔法Lv)[edit | edit source]

Each card can use two types of magic: Magic 1 & Magic 2. Each magic types correspond with one of the 4 attributes (Fire, Water, Flora, and Cosmic), and leveling them up requires items specific to its attribute, plus madols. Magic 1 & Magic 2 goes up to Lv10 max.

How to level up: Use the designated books for specific cards. (Notepads, Textbooks, and Grimoires - all obtainable via Alchemy Lessons, TEST, or purchased in the SHOP).

However, there are now event exclusive cards that can only have their magic leveled up by event exclusive items. (ex. Fairy bells, Bow Ties, and Necklaces).

Card MagicLvPage.jpg

At Magic Lv5 and higher, some skills will unlock additional magic effects and are useful for battles and in TEST. (See Status Effects for effects description.)

  • DUO MAGIC is exclusive to SSR cards only and can be unlocked by leveling up their Magic 2 to Lv5. (Check the characters' cards in their Wiki pages (Cards tab) for more Magic 1 & 2 info).
✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦

Limit Break (限界突破)[edit | edit source]

To increase a card’s max Lv cap, you must Limit Break a card by obtaining duplicates of the card through MIRROR, SHOP, and perfumes. R cards will increase up to Lv60, SR cards to Lv80, and SSR cards to Lv100 max. Cards can Limit Break 4 times.

Methods to Limit Break:

  • Obtaining a duplicate card in MIRROR will automatically Limit Break and increase the Lv cap.
RLeona LimitBreak.png
  • Manually Limit Break a card using Awakening Perfume. R = 10 (R) Perfume, SR = 10 (SR) Perfume, and SSR = 3 (SSR) Perfume.
CardLimitBreak Perfume.jpg
✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦

Perfumes[edit | edit source]

If you obtain a card that has Limit Break 4 times, you will receive Awakening Perfume instead (Pink (R), Green (SR), or Yellow (SSR) depending on the card’s rarity). Perfumes can be purchased in the SHOP.

LimitBreak Perfume.png
Awakening Perfume (R) Icon.png Awakening Perfume (SR) Icon.png Awakening Perfume (SSR) Icon.png
Awakening Perfume (R) Awakening Perfume (SR) Awakening Perfume (SSR)
✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦

Groovy (グルーヴィー)[edit | edit source]

Grooving a card will change its illustration, increase its HP & ATK, and a pink ribbon will appear at the bottom-right corner of the card icon.

Card GroovyPage.jpg

Satisfy the card’s designated requirements, as well as collect that character’s unique Candy (Alchemy Lesson) in order to Groovy a card. The requirements depend on the card’s rarity:

  • R cards - Reach Card Lv 20 and clear its Personal Story (1 Episode), one piece of Candy
  • SR cards - Reach Card Lv 30 and clear its Personal Story (2 Episodes), 3 pieces of Candy
  • SSR cards - Reach Card Lv 40 and clear its Personal Story (3 Episodes), 5 pieces of Candy

How to Groovy a Card:

  • Level-up the card through History Lessons and using Flowering Nectars.
  • Max a card's Episode Lv through Flying Lessons and using Secret Snacks.
  • Read the card's personal stories by clicking STORY from the Home screen and tap the middle tab on the right side.
  • Obtain Unique Candies in Alchemy or SHOP using Alchemy Medals.

Once a card is grooved, you could switch illustrations through the character's Card Profile. Tap the Magnifyingicon.png magnify icon> Select the third tab that says ビジュアル設定 (Visual Settings).

Card IllustrationSpritePage.jpg
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