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Table of Contents

  • Transfer ID (引き継ぎID)
  • Transfer Account Link (引き継ぎアカウント連携)
  • Data Transfer (データ引き継ぎ)
  • Contacting Support
    • Lost Account

After completing Prologue 8, create a Transfer ID password and link your account to Google or LINE! This is to KEEP your game data and access your account if anything happens to your device(s) and or the game app. It is important when switching devices and/or accounts.

Creating a Transfer ID Password and Linking to Google or LINE will reward you 30 Gems each in MISSION!

WARNING: If you did not create a password and link your account when the issue(s) occur, you will have to submit a support form to the official Twisted-Wonderland in Japanese to retrieve your account.
You will have to make a new account if it is not possible to do so.
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Transfer ID (引き継ぎID)

Tap the Toolsicon.png Others icon the HOME screen > Configicon.png CONFIG > tap 引き継ぎパスワード (Transfer Password) the fourth tab on the right. Tap the purple "Password Setting" button to create and change your password!

NOTE: You cannot change your Transfer ID but you can change your password anytime.
Keep your Transfer ID private to prevent account theft.
※ If you do not set the password on your current device, you will not be able to transfer the game data of this device with the Transfer ID after changing to a new device. When you set a password, please remember your Transfer ID and password.
※ If you want to transfer the data, please go to the TOP page.
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Transfer Account Link (引き継ぎアカウント連携)

Link your account with Google or LINE. Tap the Toolsicon.png Others icon > Configicon.png CONFIG > 引き継ぎアカウント連携 (Transfer Account Link). Tap either LINE or Google to link your account.

※ Only one external account can be linked.
※ The linked game data will be used only when the data is transferred, and will not be known on the external account.
※ If you want to transfer the data, please go to the TOP page.
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Data Transfer (データ引き継ぎ)

To switch devices/accounts, go to the TOP page of the game by reopening the app. On the upper-right corner, select the Menuicon.png menu icon.


There are three buttons: キャッシュクリア (Clear Cache), データ引き継ぎ (Data Transfer), and 利用規約 (Terms of Service). Tap the middle button that says, データ引き継ぎ (Data Transfer).


Select the left button for 引き継ぎID (Transfer ID) with the Transfer ID & password or the right button for 外部アカウント (External account) with Google and LINE. Input your account info to access your account.

NOTE: You can use the same account on any devices.
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Contacting Support

Lost Account

To retrieve your account, go to the Official Twisted-Wonderland Inquiries to submit a form. You must submit your form in Japanese.

Twisted-Wonderland Inquiry Form Preview

In order to retrieve your account, fill out the form with as much information that you can provide/recall to verify your account belonging to you. Categories marked in red are mandatory to fill out.

Inquiry Details Category:

  • Email Address (メールアドレス)
  • Confirm Email Address (メールアドレス確認)
  • Player Name (プレイヤー名)
  • Player ID (プレイヤーID)
  • Transfer ID (引き継ぎID)
  • RANK
  • Model number of the model last played (最後にプレイした機種の型番)
  • OS of the model last played (最後にプレイした機種のOS)
  • Date when the game started (ゲームを開始した年月日)
  • The date when the game was last played (最後にゲームを遊んだ年月日)
  • The remaining number of magic gems I had (所持していた魔法石の残個数)
  • Birthdate entered when purchasing magic gem (魔法石購入時に入力した生年月)
  • Magic gems purchase details (魔法石の購入詳細)
    • Please specify details such as purchase date, price, product name, order number (for Google Play)
  • Problem contents and detailed situation (お困りの内容や詳細な状況)
  • Attachment (添付ファイル)
  • Handling of personal information (個人情報の取り扱いについて)
    • Please be sure to check [個人情報の取り扱いについて] and Privacy Policy at the bottom of the page.

Once you fill out the form, make sure all the information are correct before clicking the 入力内容を確認 (Confirm Infomation) button. A confirmation screen is displayed after sending the support form. Check your email for a reply from the support team in regards to reclaiming your account.

Form Example:

  • メールアドレス:
  • メールアドレス確認:
  • プレイヤー名: ディア
  • プレイヤーID: fZPzrMzr
  • 引き継ぎID: K2finbj8 / わかりません (I Don't Know) / なし (None)
  • RANK: 99
  • 最後にプレイした機種の型番: iPhone 7 Plus
  • 最後にプレイした機種のOS: iOS
  • ゲームを開始した年月日: 2020年3月17日
  • 最後にゲームを遊んだ年月日: 2020年3月27日
  • 所持していた魔法石の残個数: 99999
  • 魔法石購入時に入力した生年月: 19XX年12月
  • 魔法石の購入詳細:
  • お困りの内容や詳細な状況: 私は自分のパスワードやリンク転送アカウントを設定しませんでした。アカウントを取り戻したい。(I didn't set my password or link transfer account. I want to reclaim my account.)
  • 添付ファイル: 📄 Click to attach a file
  • 個人情報の取り扱いについて: ⚬ 同意する (I Agree)
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