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Table of Contents

  • Mirror
  • SSR Guarantee Gauge
  • Keys


To summon again, select MIRROR after clearing Prologue 8 from the Home screen. (See Summoning Events page for current banners.)


A SSR Guaranteed Summon banner will appear to new players that last for 14 days when opening MIRROR:

-300 Paid Gems
1 SRR Guaranteed

Tapping either arrow buttons will show a Character/Limited Pick-up Summon banner(s) or Normal Summon Banner,

Character/Limited Pick-up Banner(s) will appear until the end of its summoning period.
Normal Summon banner are permanent and will not leave MIRROR.

Summoning options when rolling:

NOTE: *Paid Gems (有償; paid) are gems purchased through Google Play and Apple Store cards, whereas Free Gems (無償; free) are gems obtained through logins, stories, missions, and events.
Free Gems are used first before Paid Gems.
-10 *Paid Gems
Once per day
-30 Free Gems
-300 Free Gems
1 SR or higher Guaranteed
✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦

SSR Guarantee Gauge

Sometimes, obtaining SSR cards can be difficult. On the lower-left corner there is an SSR Guarantee Gauge:

For Example: There are 93 points (1 roll = 1 point) out of 100 in the gauge. Therefore, 7 more rolls are needed on this normal banner to get a SSR.

The SSR received is random and the gauge will reset after obtaining the card on normal, pick-up, and or limited pick-up banners. If you roll more than 100, the extra rolls will transfer into the reset gauge.

  • SSR Pick-up rates are applied during the 100th pull for your SSR Guarantee based on the banner currently rolled on. (Birthday banners are 100% since the only SSR is that featured character.)
  • Even if you summon an SSR card before hitting 100 on the guaranteed SSR gauge, the gauge will NOT reset.
  • Character/Limited Pick-up Summon banners, DOES NOT carry over leftover roll counts to the next pick-up or limited pick-up banner and will RESET after the end of the pick-up event period. Please keep that in mind!
✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦


Various missions, events, and shops will have magical keys used to get a roll without using Gems; with the exception of the Gems Shop. Using keys will count towards rolls for the SSR Guarantee Gauge. Players cannot convert 10 single Magical Key to 1 Magical Keys (x10) and vice versa.

NOTE: Key(s) will be automatically used first before gems in MIRROR.
Key Icon.png 10 Keys Icon.png
Magical Key
Used in MIRROR for 1-Rolls
Magical Keys (x10)
Used in MIRROR for 10-Rolls
✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦
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