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Table of Contents

  • Title Screen
    • Account Deletion
  • Maintenance

Title Screen


Opening the game app will take you to the TOP page. You can access the game by tapping the screen.

NOTE: A random student will greet players with "Twisted-Wonderland", except Dire Crowley.
His voice will only appear when there is no existing account on the current device.

Select the Menuicon.png menu icon for キャッシュクリア (Clear Cache), データ引き継ぎ (Data Transfer), and 利用規約 (Terms of Service). The grey アカウント削除 (Delete Account) button allows you to permanently delete your account information. Your Player ID will be displayed as well if you have an existing account in your device.

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Account Deletion

As of 24 June 2022, the game has added a permanent account deletion function in line with Apple's iOS store guidelines. Once the deletion is complete, you cannot return to the account even if you use your transfer ID and password.

  • Upon clicking アカウント削除 (Delete Account), the following message will appear. Click OK to continue.
Player Data Delete
Would you like to delete the account data that is saved in the server?

※ Even if you already have a transfer password and third-party account links (Google or LINE) set up for this game account, your player data cannot be retrieved after your player data is deleted.

  • After clicking OK at the above screen, you will be asked to input your PLAYER ID. Note that this is different from the Transfer ID you create for transferring your account data between devices.
Player Data Delete
Please input your your Player ID to proceed with account deletion.
※ You can only erase the account data that is currently being accessed in this device.

※ Your Player ID is displayed when you tap the MENU button.

※ Deleted account data cannot be restored again no matter what.

  • You will then be asked to verify the account information that you wish to delete. If all the details are correct, click OK to permanently delete the account.
Player Data Delete
The following account data will be deleted from the servers.

Are you sure that you wish to proceed with this?

Player Rank 57

Player Name Star

Protagonist/Main Character Name Star

Birthday March 19th

※ Select Cancel if you do not wish to delete the account.
NOTE: If you click CANCEL at any point or fill in the blank with the wrong information, the deletion process will end, and you will need to start all over again.
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Scheduled maintenances will take players to the TOP page and will typically last from 15:00 - 16:00 JST. During the maintenance period, players cannot access the game until the maintenance is complete.

Three buttons will appear on the screen: お知らせ (Notice), 公式サイト (Official Website), and リロード (Reload).

Maintenance Preview

Emergency maintenance will occur when there are issues/changes with the game app after a major release or updates. The duration of the maintenance will vary depending on the situation. (See the Official Twisted-Wonderland Twitter for maintenace info.)

Emergency Maintenance Preview
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