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Heartslabyul (ハーツラビュル寮, Hātsurabyuru Ryō) is the first dormitory, released on March 26, 2019. It has five members: Riddle Rosehearts, Ace Trappola, Deuce Spade, Trey Clover, and Cater Diamond. Heartslabyul was founded on the severity (厳格 genkaku) of the Queen of Hearts, and is inspired by the world of Alice in Wonderland.

Dorm Traditions

Unbirthday Parties

Unbirthday parties are a regular part of Heartlabyul's traditions and are implied to be held often during the school year. It can occur on any day where no one has a birthday but is ultimately up to the dorm leader which days end up being unbirthday parties[1]. They consist of an extravagant tea party and croquet matches with flamingos and hedgehogs that the dorm all works together to set up. First years are in charge of "painting" the roses red and getting the croquet field and equipment ready, while the second and third years work on preparing the food, setting the tables up, and budgeting and scheduling the party. Following the end of the unbirthday party the student tasked with setting up the various parts do the equivalent cleanup task, first years clean up the croquet field, while second and third years wash the dishes and put all the teaware and furniture back in the appropriate boxes used to store them.[2]

Rules of the Queen of Hearts

It is Heartslabyul tradition to follow the rules of the Queen of Hearts, although the strictness of the rules will depend on the dorm leader. There are 810 of them in total.

  • 023. One must never bring a cat to a formal affair.[3]
  • 025. There must always be a tea party on the 5th day of every month.[4]
  • 053. You must replace anything you steal.[5]
  • 089. You must not eat the Queen's tarts without her permission.[6]
  • 124. If you get soaking wet, you have to run in the sea to dry![7]
  • 153. The only tea you may drink in the evenings is herbal tea.[8]
  • 186. Do not eat hamburg steak on Tuesdays.[9]
  • 228. You must not pick flowers from the garden on Wednesdays.[10]
  • 249. You must wear pink while feeding the flamingos.[11]
  • 256. You must not drink lemonade with honey past 8PM.[8]
  • 271. You must get up from the table within 15 minutes after eating lunch.[9]
  • 304. On days that a hedgehog sneezes, all card soldiers must sing a song together.[12]
  • 339. Your after-meal tea must be lemon tea with 2 sugar cubes.[9]
  • 346. You must not play croquet in the gardens past 5PM.[13]
  • 412. If you see a pair of moving eye-glasses in the forest, you must not go back the way you came.[14]
  • 469. Flowers must be both red and white when you invite over a new acquaintance.[15]
  • 529. If you eat steak on the night of a full moon, a cat must play the violin afterwards..[16]
  • 562. Do not bring marron tarts to an Unbirthday Tea Party.[17]
  • 648. You must brush your teeth 2 times on nights when you eat turkey.[18]
  • 703. Whoever comes in 2nd place during a croquet match must serve tea to the Queen the next day.[19]

Other mentioned rules:

  • The roses must be red during an Unbirthday Party.[5]
  • The roses must be white during the flowers' concert held in the spring.[5]
  • Formal dress is required at parties.[17]
  • If the dormouse wakes up at an Unbirthday Party, you are to paint its nose with jam.[2]
  • Coffee is forbidden. Tea must be served at all occasions except for birthdays.[15]
  • During meetings about croquet game inventory, your notes must be done in blue ink.[20]

In the original Alice in Wonderland, rule #42 was mentioned to be "All persons more than a mile high must leave the court immediately."


  • The Dorm Uniform consists of a red-stained white rose. A reference to the part of Alice in Wonderland where the Queen's gardeners plant white roses by mistake and attempt to paint them red so she doesn't notice. The Queen does notice and gleefully orders for them to be beheaded for their mistake.
  • Heartslabyul's animals are hedgehogs and flamingos which they take care of well so that when they play croquet they have a close bond with the animal helping them score more than the other player.[21]
    • All of the students in Heartslabyul are afraid of the Dorm Leader, Riddle who gives out strict punishments to those who break the rules set by the Queen of Hearts for the tiniest mistake made by any student.
  • It's a pun that there are 810 rules. "810" can be read in Japanese as ハート (haato, heart).
  • Beastsmen students can be include in the dormitory since Riddle mentions they had a cat beastman in their dorm.[16]
    • It is confirmed in Episode Of Heartslabyul where several beastmen students appears as Heartslabyul dorm members.
  • The court trial inside of Heartslabyul dorm, which wasn't shown in the game yet, is similar to Queen of Hearts' trial court in Wonderland.[22]
  • In Episode Of Heartslabyul, there is a portrait of the Queen of Hearts inside the dorm.[23]


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