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Idia logo.png Idia Lines
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These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

Twisted Wonderland "Twisted Wonderland"
Tutorial Hi… So can I go back now?
Lv Up 1 Gaining lots of EXP… Heheh!
Lv Up 2 Leveling up is crucial.
Lv Up 3 Dum duh-duh-duh-duuum! ♪ Level up!
Lv Up Max H-Hey… I reached my max level, right? So I don’t have to work so hard anymore, right?
Episode Lv Up Sometimes I see characters with weird level-up gauges I’d be interested in challenging myself with. …You included.
Magic Lv Up Ahh, I could power up my magic all I want but it won’t bring me any good or anything in real life. Hah.
Limit Break I-Is there something fun about paying attention to me? …Don’t grin like that… Weirdo.
Groovy I’m getting pumped up! The whole universe is out there waiting for me! …’Kay, the spark’s gone now; back to normal again…
Lesson 1 I hate outdoor classes… I hate outdoor classes…
Lesson 2 I can still study even if I don’t go to class… Why do we have to do it in person?
Lesson 3 P-People have been staring for a while now. Pick already! Go!
Lesson Start Ee! …There’s so many people.
Lesson End That’s enough class for an entire week.
Battle Start I’ll finish this in 1 turn.
Battle Win I wasn’t done grinding~
Idia Lesson Lines
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These lines have been fan-translated by Ryomi based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

History Lesson Lines
Good Morning I know.

I burnt the midnight oil...
Kitty ca~t.

Noon Let's look it up.

It's a tale of the past.
The history of blots...

Afternoon I guess you're right

All's well ends well... I guess.
There must be something behind the scenes of history.

Great If you think about it sensibly...

Don't you know?
Let end this faster.

Great (New) Isn't it a waste of time to memorize?
Perfect Isn't it obvious?

What if you just leave it to me?
Oh my... Fuheehee

Perfect (New) That was on easy mode!
Special Perfect As expected, we are on different page here

A-are you looking at me?
Wh-Wh-What are you here for?

Flying Lesson Lines
Good Morning Sigh...

The sun, too bright
It's hopeless...

Noon I'm going home.

It's irrelevant to muscles anyway.
Isn't it fine to just take the car?

Afternoon Time out! Time out! Time out!

Hii... Haah... (panting noises)
That's too muscle-brained.

Great W-well the amount...

Let this end ASAP...
Isn't that enough?

Perfect I just want to escape from this.

Isn't it fine?
The escape route is...

Special Perfect This is the worst.

Ortho help me!
Eek! They are looking at me!

Alchemy Lesson Lines
Good Morning Tha~nks

Ugh... My eyes stings
All according to simulation
The meaning of life...
Stirring, stirring...

Noon I'm fine doing this alone.

Let's think about it logically
My arms are tired.
Verification is important.
Even mud can transform into gold.

Afternoon Even without things like immortality.

I would like to focus here.
There's nothing that man can't make.
It's bubbling.

Great I'm interested.

The colour is changing.
Fuheehee, success!
It's passable I guess.

Perfect That's easy!

Ultimate state.
Fever time!
Bonus time!
Easy game!

Special Perfect Please don't look at me

My palms are sweaty...
Whoa! Rare chara
Empty the heart
I want to go home.

Idia Battle Lines
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These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

When Selected Yeah.

I don’t want to…

Buff Alright, I’m gonna go and buff.
Debuff You might feel a little queasy.
When Attacked Hieeh~!
Attacks done alone One-hit
(1st Turn)


(2nd Turn)


(1st Turn)
Haven’t you forgotten something?

You doing okay?

(2nd Turn)
The opening act is over.

Now comes the fun part.

Attacks with another student One-hit
(1st Turn)
Let’s finish quickly.


(2nd Turn)
Don’t touch me.

It’ll be over soon.

(1st Turn)
I’m the Boss.

Don’t hold it against me.

(2nd Turn)
Go away.

It serves you right.

Duo Magic Attacks 1st Turn This is the ace up my sleeve.

Go sit down over there.

2nd Turn This doesn’t really get me in the mood!

What matters is that I still have my secret weapon!

Magic 3 Attacks It’s only halftime.

I just want to be left alone…!
Let’s go into sudden death!
It’s time for the main event.

Idia Room Lines
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These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

Friendship Level Up Y-You’ve got some ulterior motive for being so nice to me, don’t you? Honestly, I’d feel more relaxed if you’d say that you did…
Friendship Level Max When you first said you wanted me to come to your guest room, I thought you were being forced to on a dare or something, but… Guess I was wrong. Uh, well… I’ll come again. Yeah.
Invite Good Uh-huh… Not a bad room…
Great So, you’re the type that’s got a strong preference in your interior designs? Actually, I’m the same… If I try to consider functionality, I could make something super efficient, but I get super sucked in my appearances too. I getchu, I getchu.

Excellent Wow, this room… I didn’t realize you were that into doing all this. I mean, I build my own computers, but it’s not like I have enough energy to decorate a room… Looks like you have a ton of energy left over though, so you should share some with me. I bet you’d be fine staying up all night playing games.

Invite (Dorm) Good For some reason, I feel at home here. Oh but, don’t ask me why…
Great A-Are you saying… Hey, do you like Ignihyde or something? Ah, r-right? I thought so. The chairs and tables kinda have a bit of a futuristic feel.. Fuhee!

Invited to Room Sigh, I guess I’m here… Th-thanks for having me…
Short Idle 1 What shall I do…?
Short Idle 2 Fuhee…
Long Idle Things are easier to grab and use when they’re crammed close to each other.
Idle (Theme) Good Things are easier to grab and use when they’re crammed close to each other.
Great I bet I could use this configuration for Ortho’s new body design…
Excellent This place looks pretty good… Kinda stimulates my creativity.
Idle (Dorm) Good This room seems comfy… That is, if I can be here alone.
Great I kinda feel like playing a game… I wonder if you got the latest console here.
Room Tap 1 You ever think about bringing a widdle kitt… I mean, a cat in the guest room? Like Grim-shi…
Room Tap 2 Even if you’re asking me to play with you… Do you have any games?
Room Tap 3 Tea? Ah, I’m good, I’m more of an energy drink guy.
Trouble 1 That was a dreadful experience… Hey, didn’t you take too long to jump in and stop that?
Trouble 2 This is why I hate guys who try to solve everything with force!
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These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives, and proofread by Ryomi (JP) and sonic-nancy-fan (EN) based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon I want to live quietly, in private, without anyone ever noticing me…
Groovy Ah, my relax time keeps getting pushed back…
Set Home Ahh, not feeling it…
Home Idle 1 Calling out to an antisocial like me with that uniform on and a smile on your face… Hah~ Gotta hand it to you!
Home Idle 2 Classes? I-I don’t go to the classrooms; I take classes using my tablet. Leave me alone.
Home Idle 3 Where’s Ortho? Ee! When did you get there? M-M-My little brother didn’t come back from his prowl—I mean, his walk…
Home Login H-Hello. Sorry, I’m really a total buzz kill. Could you just pretend I’m a worthless worm and act like I’m not here?
Home Tap 1 Generally I hate talking face-to-face, but if I’m playing a BG… What, you don’t know what BG means? It stands for ‘board game’…”[1]
Home Tap 2 Ee! Wh-What are you doing…?! D-D-Did I do something?! Am I annoying you just by breathing?!
Home Tap 3 …What? You can look at me like that all you want, but small talk is so insanely difficult for me; I just can’t do it…
Home Tap 4 Classrooms make me uncomfortable. Especially when Cater starts giving me a hard time with that outgoing aura of his ‘cause he can’t realize I’m not interested—I hate it, I hate it…
Home Tap 5 Nononono, I really can’t handle your energy. I’m not capable of getting all excitable like you.
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These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon This sucks. What’s the point of getting exercise?
Groovy I thought of a way to get out of having to play. W-Want me to tell you…?
Set Home This is so hard…
Home Idle 1 Wait, you’re really full of energy. C-Could you take this class instead of me? I-I-It’s fine, really, no one’s gonna notice a thing!
Home Idle 2 I’m so done with this. I’m out of shape. Also I got some moussaka caught in my throat so I think I wanna go sit down somewhere.[2]
Home Idle 3 I mean, anyone can do sports if they try. I could do them. I just refuse to even attempt them.
Home Login Literally the worst. Someone obliterate all classes where they make you work outside already.
Home Tap 1 I’m starting to think Coach Vargas speaks an entirely different language. Maybe I’d understand him if I took Animal Lang before Flying?
Home Tap 2 The only one who can keep up with me during Flying is Azul. And vice versa.
Home Tap 3 Walking and flying are hella annoying. I’m trying to think what the specs would be to let me ride on Ortho’s back.
Home Tap 4 Only humans would come up with the idea of doing pointless exercise just to use up nutrients they’ve already taken in. It’s all complete BS!
Home Tap 5 Stop it. I really don’t have the energy for this right now. Leave me alone…
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These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon “E-E-Even I get excited for events sometimes… Is that bad!?”
Groovy “Anyone who sees what’s beneath my helmet won’t be leaving here unharmed… Hehehe!”
Set Home “Wahaha! The Pumpkin Knight has arrived!”
Home Idle 1 “Every time Ortho tells me ‘Trick or treat,’ I give him some candy, but earlier he got mad and said ‘Let me have a trick too.’”
Home Idle 2 “You need to know your etiquette to have fun with events. That’s true no matter what world you’re in.”
Home Idle 3 “This time of year, they’re always having tons of huge events in gacha games. I’ve got an overwhelming lack of free time.”
Home Login “Weheehee~… Happy Halloween. Huh? Why are you making that face? Is it that weird to see me pumped up?”
Home Tap 1 “Hiding my face under a helmet really lets me relax. The downside is it’s a little hard to breathe, though.”
Home Tap 2 “Wh-What are you dressing up as? Don’t tell me you’re just going to throw on something basic like a headband or a hat and call it a day?”
Home Tap 3 “They say lions are members of the cat family, but… Sir Leona is not soothing in the slightest. Hah~ I wanna nuzzle a cat…”
Home Tap 4 “You can say it. There’s no such thing as a nerd that hates Halloween!”
Home Tap 5 “Weheehee! I made this using a 3D printer, so it’s got really nice durability. ‘How much did it all cost’? Well, if you want to know, it was on sale.”
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These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon Shh! I’m concentrating. Stop talking to me.
Groovy I-I want to stay true to my curiosities…
Set Home Y-Y-You have a question for me?! Please no.
Home Idle 1 Oh~? You’re struggling with the questions published in that textbook? Really? The basics of the basics?
Home Idle 2 Want me to help you with your work? Let me touch Grim’s fluffy fur first, then we’ll talk.
Home Idle 3 Every time I run into Crewel he tells me to stop slouching like a cat[3] and straightens my posture for me. I can’t stand dog people. But I do like dogs.
Home Login Everyone starts relying on me all of a sudden during moments like these. 3D people really are something…
Home Idle Groovy T-Tests and games are kind of similar. I mean like, the higher your score, the better it makes you feel…
Home Tap 1 It’d make things so much easier if we could just access the library and the botanical garden from our dorms. They’re too far to get to from my room.[4]
Home Tap 2 E-E-Engineering is more my field, so… i-if you have questions about chem, you should probably ask someone else…
Home Tap 3 I’ve invested all of my skill into Ortho. And I need to keep researching so that he doesn’t start to break down.
Home Tap 4 There’s actually a lot of people in the science club. …Meanwhile the board game club is quiet and almost no one’s there, so that was my only option.
Home Tap 5 You really have no chill. …You’re not that good at labs, are you? Hehe!
Home Tap Groovy If technology’s advanced enough, sometimes you can’t even distinguish it from magic… I mean, I’ve maxed out in both, though.
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These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon I hate crowded places. Leave me alone…
Groovy Now that the internet’s so advanced, why are we still having ceremonies offline…?
Set Home It’s not going to hurt anyone if I’m not there.
Home Idle 1 Ignihyde students, eyes on your dorm leader!’ …I’d die if I ever had to say that. I’m leaving as soon as I find Ortho.
Home Idle 2 I feel everyone staring at me… T-They’re gossiping about me, aren’t they?! I know they are!
Home Idle 3 Why can’t they just livestream the ceremony these days? It’s so stupid wasting all this time and energy just to have everyone in one place.
Home Login I-I see people everywhere I go… Ee! L-Let me take a break here.
Home Idle Groovy Why are there so many outgoing kids at a school that has such an emo name? You’re the only one I can trust, since you’re introverted like me.
Home Tap 1 There’s really no point to traditions. We all need to keep updating so we can keep up with technology.
Home Tap 2 Widdle Wucius looks so adowabwy ugwy wike aw-ways~ With your squishy… paw pads…. …! You saw…[5]
Home Tap 3 Doesn’t it ever feel like someone’s watching you in the Mirror Chamber even when there’s no one there? …I’m joking, hehe!
Home Tap 4 Ah, I’m so nervous… I’ve never been good with crowds.
Home Tap 5 So typical of the eager, innocent youth… Do they think I can handle this all of a sudden?!
Home Tap Groovy I’m jealous of how empty your dorm is. I wish it was just me and Ortho in a dorm and no one else…
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These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon “Right, and now we’ll officially get to be the laughing stocks of the whole school. Good job everyone.”
Groovy “Wishing upon a star, huh…? I don’t believe my dream would come true anyway.”
Set Home “This looks like something a loud person would wear… This is torture.”
Home Idle 1 “My wish is to vanish from this event along with the stardust… I’m kidding; I’m going. I swear I’m really doing it!”
Home Idle 2 “I’ve made wishes on stars with Ortho before, for things like having all the candy I want, or playing games as much as I want. How innocent this humble otaku was back then!”
Home Idle 3 “Sir Trey is so calm and mature. Well, sure he looks like that, but I dunno what he’s thinking deep down.”
Home Login “I’m a… Stargazer…? Nonononono! Absolutely not, please!”
Home Idle Groovy “Could you take my place for me? I’m sure even someone of your caliber could handle banging a drum! …Huh? …Are you mad?”
Home Tap 1 “There’s no way a wooden puppet could turn into a real human. Miracles only happen in fairy-tales for plot convenience.”
Home Tap 2 “S-Stop looking so curiously at me… I mean, I know these stick out compared to my usual clothes, but still.”
Home Tap 3 “Look at this traditional costume. It’s got all kinds of stars all over it! You can see how people in the old days were drawn so badly to space.”
Home Tap 4 “So, collecting Wishing Stars… Having to talk to everyone has been an impossible mission from the start. I’m tired.”
Home Tap 5 “Hey, you know… If you have enough time to keep annoying me, maybe you should be a Stargazer in my place.”
Home Tap Groovy “Hah? You want to post a picture of me looking like this on Magicam? It’ll just be sad without anyone reacting to it, so forget it.”
Summon File:Idia Apprentice Chef Summon.mp3
Groovy File:Idia Apprentice Chef Groovy.mp3
Set Home File:Idia Apprentice Chef Set Home.mp3
Home Idle 1 File:Idia Apprentice Chef Home Idle 1.mp3
Home Idle 2 File:Idia Apprentice Chef Home Idle 2.mp3
Home Idle 3 File:Idia Apprentice Chef Home Idle 3.mp3
Home Login File:Idia Apprentice Chef Home Login.mp3
Home Idle Groovy File:Idia Apprentice Chef Home Idle Groovy.mp3
Home Tap 1 File:Idia Apprentice Chef Home Tap 1.mp3
Home Tap 2 File:Idia Apprentice Chef Home Tap 2.mp3
Home Tap 3 File:Idia Apprentice Chef Home Tap 3.mp3
Home Tap 4 File:Idia Apprentice Chef Home Tap 4.mp3
Home Tap 5 File:Idia Apprentice Chef Home Tap 5.mp3
Home Tap Groovy File:Idia Apprentice Chef Home Tap Groovy.mp3
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These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon "What I want to do in Harveston? Well, obviously I’m gonna be checking out the setting from my fave anime. What I don’t want to do is… everything else."
Groovy "You thought I looked super cool during the race? Nah, you just wanted to say something that sounded young and refreshing, right?"
Set Home "Idia, ready for the cold…!"
Home Idle 1 "This pom-pom on the top of my hat, they said it’s there to protect my head. I thought it was just decoration, but it looks like it actually has a useful function."
Home Idle 2 "That bug on your apple, can I see it? We don’t have that species on the Isle of Lamentation, so I want to observe it."
Home Idle 3 "The thought that you have to move your body to stay warm just feels crazy inefficient. Especially since I have my own personal rechargeable heater to warm myself up."
Home Login "It’s a dream come true to be able to come to the location of my favorite anime! First, I gotta take pics everywhere I can… Fuheehee!"
Home Idle Groovy "It’s not like I’ll get stronger just because you cheer for me super enthusiastically or anything. If you’re just going to do that, can’t you give me constructive advice instead?"
Home Tap 1 "Epel-shi never said anything about it, but it’s like the best part of Harveston is there’re no loud extroverts."
Home Tap 2 "Sebek-shi practiced until his muscles were sore, he’s way too serious about this. All he’s gotta do is give his all at the actual race."
Home Tap 3 "This is the apple dish that appeared in the anime! It’d be great if Jade-shi could add this to the Mostro Lounge menu…"
Home Tap 4 "Even using an app, there’s no way to translate the convos the locals are having! The dialect of Harveston is fascinating…"
Home Tap 5 "Ohoho. You’re such a kid, running around in the snow like that~ In what world is frozen water that fun to play with?"
Home Tap Groovy "You may laugh at the way I tremble walking on this unfamiliar, snowy road, but you’re doing the exact same thing. The exact. same. thing."
Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon “Dozens of people celebrating for me… This is a cursed event for a shut-in…”

Hah… I’m the birthday boy but I’m not that excited about this. Let’s cancel the party today. Okay, everyone leave~”

Groovy “Th-Thx for celebrating for me… Huh? You don’t know what that means? What about Tks? 10Q? TY!?”[6]
Set Home “Don’t only normies have fun wearing party clothes?”
Home Idle 1 “If I use my birthday as an excuse, could I make my dream of petting Sir Grim a reality? Hehe! M-Maybe I should ask…”
Home Idle 2 “Sir Azul gave me a cup as a gift, like one you’d see at fancy restaurants. Does it even match my room?”
Home Idle 3 “Sir Cater came up to me saying ‘Let’s take a birthday pic for the memories!’ Overly-friendly extroverts are scary. I want to go back to my room right now…”
Home Login “There has to be some sort of catch if you’re actually celebrating my birthday. I-Is this a scheme to give me false hope? A sign that a depressing event is starting? Ee!”
Home Idle Groovy “T-Time! I can’t be around this many people anymore. Take me somewhere without anyone around, now!”
Home Tap 1 “One time, our parents got mad at Ortho and I after we took apart a game console they got me for my birthday. But I swear we were going to put it back together right after…”
Home Tap 2 “Sir Malleus’ present… The Diasomnia students were so formal when they brought it to me; I thought something was wrong…”
Home Tap 3 “Having a birthday is the same thing as losing a year of life… I can’t understand the people who get so excited about it.”
Home Tap 4 “I went shopping earlier and Sir Sam told me ‘Here’s an extra something for your birthday.’ H-He… gave me some snacks…! He’s a nice man…”
Home Tap 5 “…I-I’m sending out all these ‘leave me alone’ vibes, but you can’t read the room at all… You must not have friends, huh?”
Home Tap Groovy “I’m a year older—level up! I’ve overcome my social awkwardness~! …No, I haven’t. Well, at least the party wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be.”
Duo Magic Idia: Eek, Sir Floyd!? Alert: extrovert approaching…

Floyd: Happy birthday, Firefly Squid.

Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon "Your luck is pretty terrible. Maybe you’re also hated by the Fates, just like me."

"Talking with people stresses me out… If you don’t need me for anything, just leave already."

Groovy "Fuheehee, did you see that!? If I put my mind to it, there’s nothing that I can’t do!"
Set Home "Being Dorm Leader feels like I totally got ripped off."
Home Idle 1 "Thankfully most of the students in Ignihyde are pretty tame… I can leave them be and there’s generally never any issues…"
Home Idle 2 "It sucks that I’m the Dorm Leader. This just isn’t geared towards me at all. I should never have given into Ortho’s persuasion…"
Home Idle 3 "Ababababa― What do you mean the Headmaster is searching for me… An urgent quest! I need to find a way to avoid the Dorm Leader meeting!"
Home Login "Is it that weird to see me in my dorm uniform? Ah, y-you’re not saying that it doesn’t suit me, right? …Right?"
Home Idle Groovy "Ah, do you want some of my gummy worms? … I really like these kinds of vibrant and colorful snacks."
Home Tap 1 "The Isle of Lamentation? It is a place where the sorrows of over 5 billion souls are kept. It’s dark and dreary 365 days a year. Sounds exactly like where I’d come from, huh?"
Home Tap 2 "Cater-shi says he wants to come over and hang out… I absolutely can’t invite to my room such an ordinary guy who can’t even comprehend nerds like me."
Home Tap 3 "These triangles on my uniform are made to resemble the ones that the Lord of the Underworld wore on his clothes, apparently. There’s some trivia for you."
Home Tap 4 "I’ve got one or two friends online, at least… Especially Crimson Muscle-dono, who’s been my brother-in-arms through many tight pinches!"
Home Tap 5 "Even in an online game, if you keep tapping someone, you can get punched back, you know. Get it?"
Home Tap Groovy "You want to know if my hair is hot? I mean, if I get angry, it can get hot, but normally, not so much… Wanna touch it? Ah, wait, nevermind!"
Duo Magic Idia: "I’ll finish this. Ortho, stay back."

Ortho: "There’s nothing my brother can’t do!"

Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop, and proofread by Ryomi (JP), and sonic-nancy-fan (EN) based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon “I will be happy… No way, it’s bizarre no matter how you think about it!”

“Wh-What are you staring at. Is my outfit that strange? I’m not on exhibition you know, shoo, leave!”

Groovy “I can’t swear to something that doesn’t exist like eternal love. Because I’m a sincere person.”
Set Home “Just do whatever you want with me.”
Home Idle 1 “Aren’t people with strong beliefs scary? People who can't think objectively are the type of people I don't want to get close to the most~”
Home Idle 2 “How do you even propose with a flash mob? If I was on the receiving end, I’d be so embarrassed, I’d go home immediately.”
Home Idle 3 “A guy who’s infatuated and falls head over heels in love is useless. If you’re a student, keep quiet and focus on your studies!”
Home Login “Can you not stare at me so much? It’ll make me want to disappear.”
Home Idle Groovy “Don’t go anywhere. Stay with me forever. …Ugh, strong emotions, gross… I’m never going to propose my whole life.”
Home Tap 1 “Because my hair was forcibly set like this, the area around my neck feels so breezy. Whenever my hair is up, I feel so uneasy.”
Home Tap 2 “I’m pretty good at talking about love. After all, I’ve completed various routes in games and manga. It’s no exaggeration to call me a pro.”
Home Tap 3 “I can't stand living with other people. Do you know how insufferable it was sharing rooms before I became the Dorm Leader…”
Home Tap 4 “E-Epel-shi is surprisingly fierce. He suddenly started swinging his bouquet and shouting loudly that I thought that he was a completely different person.”
Home Tap 5 “What? D-Do you want to wear this outfit? Go ahead, take it, I'd be happy to give it to you!”
Home Tap Groovy “Love is just the result of a function in your brain. To say it’s destiny… What hearty congratulations for all of you.”
Duo Magic Idia: “Lilia-shi, let’s hurry up and finish this.”

Lilia: “Idia, don’t be so impatient.”

Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon "Fuheehee, here comes the birthday boy~ …That was so embarrassing, please just forget I said that."

"…I don’t really hate birthdays or anything. An event that “only comes once a year” has a nice ring to it, at least."

Groovy "Eh, it’s only once a year, so I guess it’s fine once in a while… Uh… Thanks."
Set Home "Celebration preparations, g2gー"
Home Idle 1 "A card game… I normally would want to play, but my opponent is Ace-shi with his radiantly cheerful aura, so I kinda don’t want to…"
Home Idle 2 "Ruggie-shi called out to me, saying, “It’s your birthday, I’ll do whatever cleaning and laundry you want me to do~” What is he scheming? Scary~"
Home Idle 3 "A cap like this might be an ideal item, since I can pull it down and not have to look at anyone’s faces. It’s so calming~"
Home Login "They say “happy birthday.” but what part of being celebrated in front of other people is “happy”?"
Home Idle Groovy "The weak point in the chess set that Leona-shi gave me is that these wood-carved pieces are all too dainty to use on a daily basis."
Home Tap 1 "The guys in the dorm always give me the latest magical engineering books, or mecha analysis documents. It’s a life-saver that they know what I like."
Home Tap 2 "I received this lip gloss from Vil-shi, he told me it would help my complexion. When I used it, my lips felt all glossy… I wonder what ingredients are in this."
Home Tap 3 "Sure, I’m happy enough to receive gifts, but it’s so troublesome to receive it face-to-face… It’d be great if people would just leave them all in front of my door…"
Home Tap 4 "What’s so fun about celebrating other people’s birthdays? Does anyone even think about what if they don’t like… right, no, no one ever thinks about that."
Home Tap 5 "Be quiet. Right now, I’m checking out the celebratory voice and illustration of my 2-D fave."
Home Tap Groovy "Haaah… There’s cream all over me… Can you check me for any more too? Ah, but you don’t need to get any closer."
Duo Magic Idia: "I can’t believe Leona-shi is wishing me well like this, do pigs have wings?"

Leona: "You’re worth celebrating, Idia."

Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon With robes dark as night, and these twinkling star accessories… I can’t help get psyched ‘cause it feels like I’m an RPG mage!

You’re a real weirdo, coming to wish a happy birthday to an upperclassman from a different dorm… Meh, can’t say I hate the thought though.

Groovy I def don’t wanna eat it while wearing this outfit… I’ll show you all what I can do!
Set Home Class change successful!
Home Idle 1 Thanks to the serving robot that all my dormmates put together, I think our meals have gotten a bit more exciting. There’s def still a ways to go, though.
Home Idle 2 When a mage’s pointed hat is bent like this instead of straight up, it kinda gives a feel of “this guy knows what he’s doing!”
Home Idle 3 Everyone’s all excited for the party, or the food… What, have they forgotten who it is they’re supposed to be celebrating?
Home Login Birthdays are terrible for my heart. I got all these extroverts who usually just ignore me, trying to chat me up, so I can’t relax one bit…
Home Idle Groovy Riddle-shi and I really lack any sort of common ground, but… I can appreciate that he’s able to read the papers I write and understand them.
Home Tap 1 Oh, this palm rest is the exact same one I recommended to Muscle Red-shi. That’s a crazy coincidence that I’d get one as a gift from Lilia-shi.
Home Tap 2 That was close, we almost were in danger of having an even larger party being thrown after this one. I’m sure Kalim-shi was just being 100% pure, though.
Home Tap 3 I can’t believe he came out of his way to wish me a happy birthday… Think maybe Trey-shi’s really the type who can’t take a hint?
Home Tap 4 Don’t you think this bouquet is waaaay more stylish than my actual image!? I’m worried the flowers will stand out more than me in this robe!
Home Tap 5 So, you think this outfit looks good on me… Ah, thanks, I guess. When you say that with that kind of carefree smile on your face, it just makes me want to run and hide.
Home Tap Groovy Oh, you brought me a cake. This is way too much for one person to eat, so take half… No, wait, take about 80% of it and eat it for yourself.
Duo Magic Idia: Why is Riddle-shi actually here to celebrate me!?

Riddle: This is my courtesy to you as your underclassman, Idia-senpai.


Set Home
Home Idle 1
Home Idle 2
Home Idle 3
Home Login
Home Idle Groovy
Home Tap 1
Home Tap 2
Home Tap 3
Home Tap 4
Home Tap 5
Home Tap Groovy
Duo Magic Idia:



  1. The abbreviation Idia uses here is “bodoge” which stands for “bodogemu.” There’s no English equivalent for the shortened “bodoge” so I went with its initials for this line.
  2. This is a cameo from Hercules, mirroring Hades’ line: “You know, I haven’t been this choked up… since I got a hunk of moussaka caught in my throat!”
  3. Crewel’s quote actually reads as “Fix your slouching shoulders,” here, but the word for “slouching shoulders” literally translates to “cat back” (nekoze). To make Idia’s next comments make more sense, I reworded this to include the pun.
  4. I took some liberties with translating this line so I’d like to leave a note for it. Literally, this line translates to “It’d be easy if the library and the dorm came to me from somewhere,” but the nuance here is “If the library and botanical garden were right here (ie. able to be accessed from my current location [my room], probably digitally), then there’d be no need to actually go to them in person, which make things easier.” I think it’s better to make this a little clearer in English, so I rephrased it.
  5. Translation if anyone needs it: “Little Lucius looks so adorably ugly like always.”
  6. He lists various net slang terms for “thank you.” I substituted with English terms. The originals were トンクス・サンガツ・397.

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