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Jade Leech is a second-year student, the vice head of Octavinelle, and Azul's assistant as well as Floyd's twin.

(translated from the Japanese version by ladysaionji)


Jade has teal hair, with a longer, darker grey strand framing his left side. His eyes have heterochromia iridum; his left eye is yellow, while his right eye is olive. He wears a blue earring on his left ear that is made from sturgeon scales, which are popular as lucky charms in the Coral Sea.[1] Floyd Leech, has a matching one that he wears on his right ear.

He wears a black fedora with a grey bow around it and a purple seashell on the bow. His outfit consists of a purple dress shirt with a white bow, a black double-breasted suit, a cool-toned grey scarf with the Octavinelle logo on it, and white gloves.

He also wears purple socks and is seen wearing black slacks accompanied by a pair of black and white dress shoes. He wears his outfit much neater than his twin; his bow tie is knotted neatly, and his dress shirt buttons are done up all the way to the top.


Jade is much more formal and gentlemanly than his brother Floyd, ever the polar opposite of his twin's impulsive moodiness. He has a calm, collected demeanor and a way of speaking that almost always keeps an amiable smile on his face. Although Jade comes as friendly, that gentle expression of his can cause quite the fright when he speaks of darker topics without batting an eye. He oftentimes revels in the suffering of others, especially if he's the cause of it.

He acts like a supervisor for Azul and Floyd, monitoring their actions in an almost "mastermind" fashion and jumping in when necessary. Though he's more obedient to Azul than Floyd is, he's more likely to take jabs at him.

Skills and Magic

Unique Magic

Jade's unique magic is called "Shock the Heart" (かじりとる歯(ショック・ザ・ハート), Shokku za Hāto; lit. "Gnawing teeth"). Whoever looks into his left eye is forced to only speak the truth after he, specifically, asks them a question.

However, he can only use this ability on a person once, and it is not guaranteed to work on strong magicians or overly cautious people. It works best against those who let their guard down or become frightened.[2]


  • He is the founder of the Mountain Lovers' Club.
  • He likes to collect mushrooms and make terrariums.
  • Jade and Floyd are based on Flotsam and Jetsam, a sinister pair of moray eels that served as minions to Ursula in The Little Mermaid (1989).
  • "Jade" itself refers to both a precious gemstone and its signature green color.
  • He is not a fan of exercising.[3]
  • He struggled to even stand when he first received his legs.[4]
  • In the early draft of the game, Jade was depicted with ridiculously punky hair style and wore accessories on his ears.[5]


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