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Azul Line.png This page has been fan-translated by twstarchives.

This translation was based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

Happy Birthday
Bg 13116.png
Octavinelle Dorm - Birthday Party Venue
NRC School Newspaper

Feature Interview with the Birthday Student
~Jade ver.~

Happy Birthday!
Story Jade Birthday.png
Story Jade Birthday.png
Thank you very much.
“How are you feeling with everyone celebrating for you?"
Story Jade Birthday.png
Story Jade Birthday.png
I’m deeply honored that everyone has come to celebrate for Floyd and me.

However, while this might be unusual for me, I’m rather embarrassed with so many people wishing me a happy birthday.

“Have your parents sent you anything?"
Story Jade Birthday.png
Story Jade Birthday.png
Yes, we received a birthday message from our mother.

“Mr. Jade and Mr. Floyd, are you eating enough everyday?”

“It’s wonderful that you’re enjoying life on land, but remember to come let us see your faces at home every once in a while.”

…She seems to be concerned about how we’re faring.

Although, messages from her are not a rare occurrence; she contacts us nearly everyday.

Our mother has always been one to worry.

“Could you tell us a memory you have about your birthday?"
Story Jade Birthday.png
Story Jade Birthday.png
A memory… Oh, yes. I’ll share a story from my childhood.

It wasn’t just our relatives that would come over for our birthday every year—but associates from our father’s work as well.

And they gave us mountains of presents.

“What kinds of things did you get?"
Story Jade Birthday.png
Story Jade Birthday.png
All sorts of things: sweets, seaweed eye masks, and strange toys that one could only acquire on land.

However, among those were also luxury substances that clearly no child would need.

It seems those presents were from desperate people trying to gain our father’s favor… er, rather, his trust.

Our father always made sure anyone who sent us those deeply meaningful gifts also left their signatures…

On a document which read, “This gift was given to you out of good faith, and we will not request anything in return for it.”

Even our father had a tendency to worry at times, just like our mother.

Well, they do say that married couples take after each other… It’s good that they get along well.

“...Just what kind of household do you two come from...?"
Story Jade Birthday.png
Story Jade Birthday.png
Heheh, this is simply a family-run line of work. We do all sorts of meaningless business with all kinds of people… It’s very normal.

Bg 13116.png
Octavinelle Dorm - Birthday Party Venue
“What kind of things do you like?"
Story Jade Birthday.png
Story Jade Birthday.png

I nurture wildlife from land in transparent cases such as glass containers and fish tanks. It’s quite profound.

“Could you tell us what made you start doing terrariums?"
Story Jade Birthday.png
Story Jade Birthday.png
I started because of the Sea Witch from the Great Seven.

There’s a tale where she kept little creatures inside bottles.

I wanted to have a little more understanding of an eminent figure I admired, so that is how it began.

When I was still at home, I had already grown various things inside bottles.

“What do you like about terrariums?"
Story Jade Birthday.png
Story Jade Birthday.png
Hm… Perhaps the fact that I’m in control of them.

It takes the skill of a supervisor to keep harmony in the worlds inside each bottle.

Whether they live or die is also up to me…

Managing terrariums almost feels like I’m the ruler of a little garden, so to speak.[1]

But above all else, I can grow them at my own pace, so it’s very relaxing.

Although, it doesn’t always go exactly how I wish for it to.

Plants I picked myself will wither out of nowhere, unexpected plants will sprout from soil I gathered along the mountains…

Surprise occurrences like those are simply another one of its charms.

“Are surprises fun for you?"
Story Jade Birthday.png
Story Jade Birthday.png
Yes. It would just be boring if everything went the way I wanted it to.

My knowledge of wildlife on land is still rather minimal, so oftentimes I’m not sure how I should take care of one…

That is why I have such a strong interest in terrariums.

  1. The topic of terrariums & their correlation to Ursula most likely come from this line of hers in The Little Mermaid:
    EN: King Triton’s headstrong, lovesick girl would make a charming addition to my little garden.
    JP: That lovesick girl will soon become but a flower to decorate my little garden.

Bg 13116.png
Octavinelle Dorm - Birthday Party Venue
“Could you tell us a memory about your earring, if any?"
Story Jade Birthday.png
Story Jade Birthday.png
Oh my, are you curious about this on my left ear?

Heheh, very well. I’ll talk about it. Although, this story is from a little while ago…

Before we were in middle school, a sturgeon once challenged Floyd and me to a fight.

That sturgeon had the most beautiful scales on him.

We were very intrigued, and asked if we could please have its scales if we won.

I’m sure you can guess what happened.

Yes. We were able to successfully win against him, and he gave us his beautiful scales.

We fixed them up, and now they are the earrings Floyd and I wear.

“It’s very beautiful."
Story Jade Birthday.png
Story Jade Birthday.png
Thank you. I’m happy to have something I’m fond of complimented.

The sturgeon appears as a powerful figure in a verse of one of the spells the Sea Witch left behind...[1]

So it’s very popular to use sturgeon scales as amulets in the Coral Sea.

“What else is popular in the Coral Sea?"
Story Jade Birthday.png
Story Jade Birthday.png
Hm… Ah, yes. Fireworks are extremely popular.

Whenever fireworks are happening on land, many merfolk swim up to the surface to admire them.

Floyd and I have gone near beaches on nights with fireworks as well.

Everyone is preoccupied looking at the sky, so those on land usually don’t notice us.

Did you know that long ago, merfolk used to think fireworks were jellyfish flying in the sky?

I would think they’re much too extravagant to be jellyfish, but… heheh. It’s an amusing misconception.

“Thank you for sharing all of this with us.

Once again, happy birthday!"

Card Jade SSR Birthday Boy Groovy.png
  1. References Ursula’s incantation in Poor Unfortunate Souls.
    EN: Beluga Sevruga, come winds of the Caspian Sea.
    JP: Beluga Sevruga, sturgeon of the Caspian Sea.
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