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Jade logo.png Jade Lines
Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

Twisted Wonderland "Twisted Wonderland"
Tutorial May I inquire what your plans are for today? Wherever you’re going, I’ll come along with you.
Lv Up 1 Oh my, you seem to have taken a fancy to me.
Lv Up 2 My apologies. I’ll strive to live up to your expectations.
Lv Up 3 Heheh. This feels rather nice.
Lv Up Max Brimming with all of this power… I am shocked to say the least. Heheh, it’s certainly not a bad feeling.
Episode Lv Up How strange. At first, I thought you were nothing but a drab human, but… Ah, don’t get mad at me. My impression of you has changed since then.
Magic Lv Up Magic on land is so interesting. I absolutely want to try it out.
Limit Break How very kind of you to have gone this far for me. I will do my best to live up to your expectations.”
Groovy I seem to have gotten ahead of myself and acted rather unsightly. Heheh.
Lesson 1 Please, choose any class you like. I will join you if I’m interested.
Lesson 2 Trust that I will aid you in any of your classes. I am always prepared for anything.
Lesson 3 Would you like me to choose my most recommended class for you? As you can’t make up your mind.
Lesson Start Let’s enjoy ourselves again today.
Lesson End Good work everyone. Let’s do our best next time.
Battle Start Please don’t be too rough.
Battle Win I had hoped I could keep having fun with this… Oh well.
Jade Lesson Lines
Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

History Lesson Lines
Good Morning So energetic even in the morning.

I see.

Floyd, are you awake?

Noon What a fantasy.

He is a benevolent king.

I feel I would get along fine with the teacher.

Afternoon But in the history of the deep sea…

There is a king who is skilled in his resourcefulness.

I wonder how much of this is true.

Great May I ask a question?

It’s only natural.

It’s only by chance.

Great (New) I can feel Trein-sensei’s gaze.
Perfect Fascinating.

Thank you very much.

Is it like this, I wonder?

Perfect (New) Oya? Are we finished already?
Special Perfect Well, well.

Thank you for your hard work.

Of course I am nervous.

Flying Lesson Lines
Good Morning Let’s do our best.

I’m simply not in the mood.

It’s dusty.

Noon It’s because I am a swimmer.

I feel like I will be airsick.

What an enthusiastic teacher.

Afternoon At least I’m better than Azul, aren’t I?

Let’s go with caution.

He’s asking fish to fly?

Great I need to brace myself.

I wonder if that is a passable grade.

How is this?

Perfect I’m sure that one just now was good.

I have gotten the hang of it.

Was that not quite a feat?

Special Perfect This certainly straightens one out.

I feel motivated.

This is harsh.

Alchemy Lesson Lines
Good Morning Please be careful.

I am skilled in doing precision work.

This is good.

This is very informative.

A fragrant scent.

Noon Let’s stir the cauldron…


It is a bounty from the mountains.

I’m worried about Floyd.

What a beautiful stone.

Afternoon Just as our teacher said.

It is like a whirlpool.

It’s dangerous if you peer inside.

It should be ready soon.

This is a secret remedy from my hometown.

Great It was a good outcome.

Please leave it to me.

This is an interesting recipe.

Not bad.

What a beautiful flame.

Perfect This is a stone that grants wishes.

It’s no good to be too perfect.

I bet this would make Azul happy.

I do like gold.

I’m getting excited.

Special Perfect Please, take your time.

I wonder if he has nothing else to do.

It is genuinely quite interesting.

I was completely engrossed.

Let’s enjoy this pressure.

Jade Battle Lines
Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

When Selected Very well.

As you wish.

Good judgement.

Are you certain?


Buff Allow me to be of assistance.
Debuff Poor thing.
When Attacked Kuh!
Attacks done alone One-hit
(1st Turn)
Oya, oya.

My turn.

(2nd Turn)
Here we go!

Very well.

(1st Turn)
You are allowed to flee.

If you wish to stop, now’s the time.

(2nd Turn)
Prepare yourself.

How boring.

Attacks with another student One-hit
(1st Turn)
To begin with…


(2nd Turn)

Here I come.

(1st Turn)
How about this?

Does that suit your tastes?

(2nd Turn)
I pity you.

I shall be gentle.

Duo Magic Attacks 1st Turn Since I am putting in the effort, I might as well enjoy myself.

You are quite foolish.

2nd Turn You are so dull.

I’ll submerge you deep underwater.

Magic 3 Attacks And after I so kindly gave you guidance.
No need to be frightened. Fufu.
You need to be taught a lesson.
Dissolve into seafoam and disappear!

Jade Room Lines
Friendship Level Up
Friendship Level Max
Invite Good


Invite (Dorm) Good

Invited to Room
Short Idle 1
Short Idle 2
Long Idle
Idle (Theme) Good
Idle (Dorm) Good
Room Tap 1
Room Tap 2
Room Tap 3
Trouble 1
Trouble 2
Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon I was just preparing some tea. Why don’t you take a break?
Groovy I’d like to enjoy my time here on land.
Set Home Pardon me.
Home Idle 1 Floyd comes to visit my classes every once in a while. I’m sure you could tell, but he’s rather clingy.
Home Idle 2 History on land is quite interesting. It’s very different from the stories they tell us in the sea.
Home Idle 3 Clothes feel so restrictive… It’s been a while since I came on land, but I’m still not used to them.
Home Login How coincidental it is that we meet here. …Hm? What’s the matter? Of course it was only coincidence.
Home Tap 1 My grades? Hm… I apologize, but I’m not interested in receiving any judgment from others.
Home Tap 2 Are you familiar with terrariums at all? Caring for miniature gardens is difficult, but I truly enjoy it.
Home Tap 3 Riddle is very dedicated; I respect him as a classmate. I’m not sure what he thinks about me, however.
Home Tap 4 I don’t particularly enjoy having attention on me. I’d say Azul is the best suited for attracting others.
Home Tap 5 Oh dear, you might hurt yourself if you keep acting so rash.
Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon I’m not keen on the idea of running around, but… I will do it if I must.
Groovy Let’s strive to be neither good nor bad.
Set Home Now then, we must work our hardest.
Home Idle 1 What’s the matter? …It makes it difficult to keep going when you’re watching me move so intently.
Home Idle 2 Initially, it was very difficult for me to run, much less stand on my feet. But I’ve gotten quite used to it now.
Home Idle 3 I think I’d like to eat something light before exercising. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I tend to get hungry easily.
Home Login Keeping up your fitness is an important factor in enjoying the mountains and all of our surrounding nature. What do you say about joining me?
Home Tap 1 My parents trained me in the art of self-defense starting from a young age. That’s something I’m very grateful for even today.
Home Tap 2 I thought we’d be cleaning the Mostro Lounge today… but it seems Floyd has run off again.
Home Tap 3 I picked some odd plants I found in the mountains to grow in my terrarium. I hope I raise them well.
Home Tap 4 I’m not the best at Flying. …Heheh, who am I kidding? I’m not as awful as Azul.
Home Tap 5 Are you perhaps…? Nevermind, it’s nothing. Bravery and recklessness aren’t the same.
Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon Harveston… It’s a splendid little town surrounded by mountains on all sides. I cannot wait to go for a stroll.
Groovy Thank you for your heartfelt cheers. I shall do my very best to live up to your expectations.
Set Home It feels as though it will be easy to walk down a snowy road wearing this.
Home Idle 1 The river that flows through Harveston is very cold and clear. I am sure if I were to take a swim, it would feel wonderful.
Home Idle 2 This apple tea with the diced apples floating in it is such a cute concept. If we were to sell this at the Mostro Lounge, it would probably be an extremely popular drink.
Home Idle 3 Having been given this amazing opportunity to come here, I would love to enjoy Moln Mountain more leisurely. I wonder if I would be allowed to stay for another month or so.
Home Login I can feel my heart aflutter when I gaze up at the famed Moln Mountain. I will make sure to fully enjoy myself as a member of the Mountain Lovers Club.
Home Tap 1 This beautiful scenery and mountainous bounty all packaged together by Moln Mountain… I can completely understand why Epel-kun would want to take pride in his hometown.
Home Tap 2 Idia-san bombarded me with questions on wild plants. It seems he is hoping to recreate some of the dishes that appear in an anime.
Home Tap 3 I had no idea that Sebek-kun was so adverse to the cold. I would love to see what his reaction would be if he were to come to my home under the sea…
Home Tap 4 I should like to collect some of the fascinating vegetation here to bring home… However, it would be unwise to bring a non-native species elsewhere. I’ll refrain from doing so this time.
Home Tap 5 You wish to climb Moln Mountain? I understand how you must feel, but… Snowy mountains are quite dangerous. It may be better for you to build up your climbing experience little by little first.
Summon File:Jade Tsumsted Summon.mp3
Groovy File:Jade Tsumsted Groovy.mp3
Set Home File:Jade Tsumsted Set Home.mp3
Home Idle 1 File:Jade Tsumsted Home Idle 1.mp3
Home Idle 2 File:Jade Tsumsted Home Idle 2.mp3
Home Idle 3 File:Jade Tsumsted Home Idle 3.mp3
Home Login File:Jade Tsumsted Home Login.mp3
Home Tap 1 File:Jade Tsumsted Home Tap 1.mp3
Home Tap 2 File:Jade Tsumsted Home Tap 2.mp3
Home Tap 3 File:Jade Tsumsted Home Tap 3.mp3
Home Tap 4 File:Jade Tsumsted Home Tap 4.mp3
Home Tap 5 File:Jade Tsumsted Home Tap 5.mp3
Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon If there’s something I’m interested in, I’m going to want to thoroughly research it. I have a passion for learning.
Groovy If you’re curious about the Mountain Lovers Club, feel free to stop by to take a look anytime.
Set Home Conducting experiments is one of my strengths. …Do you have any questions?
Home Idle 1 Magic Potions requires intelligence, not so much magic power. As someone who has no magic, this is the perfect subject for you, don’t you think?
Home Idle 2 Heheh. Perhaps you should consider having a talk with Azul if you hate studying for exams this much.
Home Idle 3 I’m rather confident in my ability to brew potions. ‘Why,’ you ask? Who can say?
Home Login I was completely engrossed in a sketch I was working on, that when I snapped up, I saw everyone had already left the lab. How cold-hearted of them all.
Home Idle Groovy Would you mind telling me your preferences for the Mostro Lounge menu? I will use them as a reference.
Home Tap 1 I enjoy the thrill of never knowing what’s going to happen next whenever Floyd is around. If only we were put in the same classes…
Home Tap 2 Heheh. Whenever I see someone heavily concentrating on something, I get the urge to start talking to them. …Is that cruel of me?
Home Tap 3 Carrying out an experiment is a race against the clock. Sometimes it’s important to start taking risks and trying your hardest with them.
Home Tap 4 I like the Botanical Garden. …Oh, is that a surprise? I may not seem like it, but I’m always brimming with curiosity.
Home Tap 5 Have you heard of the phrase, ‘Haste makes waste’? …No, I suppose I shouldn’t even ask.
Home Tap Groovy In the Mountain Lovers Club I founded, we study the plants we pick as well. …Oh my, are you perhaps interested?
Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon The entrance ceremony is truly nostalgic. Have you grown accustomed to Night Raven College yourself yet?
Groovy I hope your time at this academy is a pleasant one.
Set Home There’s so much to do on the day of the ceremony.
Home Idle 1 I’m not used to outfits with so many layers. After all, I don’t come from a race of fish with fluttering tail fins, such as the ones they keep in aquariums.
Home Idle 2 I enjoy observing people, however I get uncomfortable when it’s done to me. I suppose this would mean I’m shy?
Home Idle 3 If you have any spare rooms in the Ramshackle Dorm, how much would you charge to lend them to other students? I think I’d enjoy living somewhere with ghosts…
Home Login It’s nice how quiet ceremony days are. Normally everything is so wild.
Home Idle Groovy Are you nervous? I’ll brew some relaxing tea for you. It will almost put you to sleep.
Home Tap 1 I was quite surprised when I heard which dorm the Mirror of Darkness had sorted me in. I did think I’d be put in the same one as Azul and Floyd, though.
Home Tap 2 Floyd caused a bit of an uproar during our entrance ceremony as well. Just like you and Grim. Heheh.
Home Tap 3 The custom humans have of changing their clothes depending on the circumstance is very interesting. It’s similar to fish who change the color of their scales to blend in with their surroundings.
Home Tap 4 I often lose track of time while gazing at the stars. I’m not necessarily into astrology, I just find them interesting.
Home Tap 5 Heheh, that isn’t very nice of you. Please don’t mock me.
Home Tap Groovy Are you familiar with the history of Night Raven College? These ceremony robes have a greater impact on you once you know.
Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon “What do you say we work together? We are on the same Peasants Team, after all.”
Groovy “Beans Shooters have an awful lot of power in them. Do take a look.”
Set Home “My preparations are complete.”
Home Idle 1 “I would never normally wear clothes with a print this bold on them… I’m a little uncomfortable.”
Home Idle 2 “Cater will take any opportunity he can to post pictures onto Magicam. That’s a habit I do not have.”
Home Idle 3 “Azul has been eager about this since this morning. I’m curious what sort of battle plan he’s come up with… Heheh.”
Home Login “If you wouldn’t mind, could you come along with me? It’s rather lonely by myself.”
Home Idle Groovy “You’re really quite peculiar. I’ve started to realize you always play a key role.”
Home Tap 1 “Magic beans whose stalks reach the heavens… If they really exist, I’d like to try growing them as well. They seem like they’d get Floyd excited too.”
Home Tap 2 “To prevent bias in fighting power during Happy Beans Day, leaders and vices from the same dorms must be on separate teams.”
Home Tap 3 “Truth be told, I’ve genuinely been looking forward to Happy Beans Day. Is that a surprise to hear?”
Home Tap 4 “I take off my earring whenever I’m running around. With all this jumping and jostling… You never know if it might catch on something.”
Home Tap 5 “You seem to be troubled… I promise I’m not hiding anything. I am very much your ally. …This time.”
Home Tap Groovy “You want to take a keepsake photo? Heheh, has Cater rubbed off on you? Alright, let’s take one.”
Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon I feel much more focused whenever I am in the mountains. I would love to take classes out in nature much more often.
Groovy Allow me to show you how wonderous the mountains truly are. I do so hope that you will want to join the Mountain Lovers Club afterwards.
Set Home Just as I believed, this is what a camping outfit should be.
Home Idle 1 I wonder if this camp will be the perfect opportunity for Azul to grasp just how appealing the mountains are. I should create plans for our next trip while I can.
Home Idle 2 Saltwater or freshwater, I wouldn’t have any issues moving around in my merform either way, but… I can’t imagine I’d ever go into a lake of my own volition.
Home Idle 3 We are not accustomed to fire in the sea, so… I’m quite excited for the bonfire.
Home Login This day has finally arrived… I’ll make sure to fully enjoy the hiking, bountiful food, scenery and air of the mountains!
Home Idle Groovy It’s frankly a little unsettling to be observed so intensely. I would prefer very much it if you wouldn’t concern yourself too much with the details in your reporting.
Home Tap 1 I’m astonished even that Malleus-san would be sleeping in a tent as well. I can just imagine the anxious looks on Silver-san and Sebek-kun’s faces.
Home Tap 2 I brought along a very large backpack, but it is mostly empty. That is so that I will be able to bring home some of the nature’s bounty as souvenirs.
Home Tap 3 The members of the pop music club were saying, “We should have an outdoor festival!” I see, that is a possibly wonderful idea.
Home Tap 4 Sling bags like this fit snug against your body, are easy to move around with, and allow you to have both hands free even on precarious roads. I highly recommend them.
Home Tap 5 If you’re interested in camping, I can recommend to you a variety of tools. Tarps and cots are very useful…
Home Tap Groovy I never thought I’d discover rare water quartz in this large mine tunnel. …I am thankful for this good fortune that has been shared with me.
Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon If time permits, I would like to attempt many different dishes. Fufu…
Groovy I’m honored that it seemed to be to your liking. It was worth adding that special secret ingredient.
Set Home What do you feel like eating today?
Home Idle 1 I’m thoroughly intrigued by Lilia-san’s unique cooking ideas. Seeing how he cooks dishes with beans will be too good to miss.
Home Idle 2 Rook-san seems as though he would say “très bien!” to any dish but… If given the chance, I would like to thoroughly impress him.
Home Idle 3 I do like the chilled air that I can feel the moment I open a freezer. It reminds me of my hometown, such a nostalgic feeling.
Home Login I would rather have someone else eat something I made than eat it myself. Watching reactions when someone takes their first bite is quickly becoming a habit.
Home Idle Groovy I’m quite confident in the appearance and taste. Please, enjoy. Fufu… Once you eat it I’m sure you’ll never forget it.
Home Tap 1 I see… When meat is mixed with tofu, its texture becomes more fluffy. Fascinating.
Home Tap 2 What do I dislike… If I must choose something, I suppose it could be (saltwater) eel? The texture simply does not live up to my tastes…
Home Tap 3 I do rather like to cook generally in the first place, however lately I’ve been more enjoying the dishes I can make from the ingredients gathered while with the Mountain Lover’s Association.
Home Tap 4 To figure out how to cook using ingredients you’ve never used… This is a good opportunity to show off one’s skills.
Home Tap 5 Oya? This flavor… How amazing. It’s absolutely unique. My tongue is thlowly ‘ettin nummer.
Home Tap Groovy You are such a good eater. Shall I prepare some tea or dessert for after your meal?
Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon “I’m looking forward to seeing how you’ll receive me as a guest.”

“What day is it today? Let’s see, what is it…? Only kidding. I know. Floyd and I have our birthday today.”

Groovy “I’m very pleased you came to celebrate for me. You have my sincerest gratitude.”
Set Home “So this is the outfit we have to wear today… I will try to pull it off.”
Home Idle 1 “Azul gave me a large aquarium for my birthday. No, it isn’t for me to swim in. I’m using it for my terrariums.”
Home Idle 2 “Simply watching everyone put together this party didn’t sit well with me, so I contributed one dish. Do you know which one?”
Home Idle 3 “It’s surprising that I eat so much? I hear that a lot. But it’s because of that that I’ve grown this tall.”
Home Login “I enjoy parties. They allow you to hear many unusual stories from those who always have dynamic surroundings.”
Home Idle Groovy “Should I pour some tea? …The star of the day shouldn’t be the one doing that. Well, let’s just say it’s my thank-you for coming to celebrate.”
Home Tap 1 “Ruggie gave me two wild plant recipes for my birthday. I believe I still know how to cook them… I’m very curious.”
Home Tap 2 “Our parents ask us what we want for our birthday every year, but Floyd and I have never asked for the same thing. Even twins have different tastes.”
Home Tap 3 “I received special tea leaves blended by Vil himself. The flavor is phenomenal; you can tell it’s a high-class product.”
Home Tap 4 “What do I want for my birthday? …Art supplies. Lately, I haven’t just been collecting fruits and herbs from the mountains; I’ve started working on field sketches as well.”
Home Tap 5 “How playful you are to fire a party cracker without warning me first. It’s only right if I return a surprise to you… isn’t it?”
Home Tap Groovy “Hm? What was it you just said? Could you repeat that one more time? Only joking. I just wanted to hear you wish me a happy birthday over and over.”
Duo Magic Jade: Oh, you came to wish me a happy birthday as well, Jack?

Jack: Yeah! Happy birthday, Jade!

Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon There’s no need to worry; I only want to help you.

Heheh… I’m truly honored you called for me. There is something I could do to make all your wishes come true.

Groovy I will take care of any requests you may have. Please don’t worry; I’m very familiar with self-indulgences.
Set Home I will show you around Octavinelle any time you wish.
Home Idle 1 I’m employed as a waiter at the Mostro Lounge. I’ll strive to receive you with the utmost hospitality.
Home Idle 2 Should you ever find that something is troubling you, I recommend paying a visit to Azul. He could make any wish come true. Heheh.
Home Idle 3 Merfolk must be prepared for all sorts of problems when living on land. This lifestyle is so terribly different.
Home Login It must be fate that I ran into you like this. Would you care for a spot of tea? I will prepare some.
Home Idle Groovy Azul would do anything to achieve his goals… That is to say, he truly works his hardest. It’s easy not to perceive him as such, though.
Home Tap 1 Pay what you owe. Even a baby fish should understand this, but every once in a while I run into some unreasonable people.
Home Tap 2 Contrary to what some may think, I’m not exactly interested in earning money. I simply enjoy anything that entertains me.
Home Tap 3 We may not have enough legs to say ‘Just like the Sea Witch’s,’ however the deep, glossy black of our dorm uniforms certainly gives off the impression of her hidden power.
Home Tap 4 Floyd always whines ‘I hate it so tight!’ and undoes his bowtie. I keep tying it for him, but it always ends the same way.
Home Tap 5 This will certainly cost you a heavy price. …Only joking. I would never say that. Yes, ‘I’ wouldn’t.
Home Tap Groovy I always welcome the unknown. Please, I encourage you to play an even more active role in everything.
Duo Magic Jade: May I ask that you entrust me with this today, Floyd?

Floyd: ‘Kay~ Jade. What’re you going to do~?

Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon “I’ve been expecting you. Today I have a most wonderful scare prepared for you.”

“We’ve been working hard to ensure that everyone can spend a wonderful Halloween.”

Groovy “The sight of you screaming as you try to hurry away… It’s irresistible. I cannot hold myself back from chasing after you!”
Set Home “Who would like to be tied up in fear?”
Home Idle 1 “You want to see me when I’m frightened? Heheh. I wouldn’t mind you scaring me anytime you’d like.”
Home Idle 2 “There is no such thing as using pumpkins as lanterns under the sea. I was very shocked learning about culture on land when I was a freshman.”
Home Idle 3 “Have you had a chance to try out the Mostro Lounge’s limited edition Halloween menu? I contributed a recipe to it.”
Home Login “Trick or treat! Heheh. There’s no need to look so frightened; I won’t bite.”
Home Idle Groovy “Oh, my. Were you hoping to play a trick on me? I have a treat on hand, so please spare me today.”
Home Tap 1 “I helped Ruggie with making jack o’ lanterns. They’re very quick, cheap, and beautiful. How fitting.”
Home Tap 2 “Dryness is fatal for merpeople. If we were dried up like a mummy… Just the thought is horrifying.”
Home Tap 3 “Floyd, don’t eat too many sweets. It’s different while we’re in the water, but here we have a high risk of tooth decay.”
Home Tap 4 “The draping wraps on our costumes resemble jellyfish tentacles. They’re pretty, aren’t they? I like their asymmetrical design.”
Home Tap 5 “You seem to have a wish to join the world of mummies. First, I will wrap your whole body in bandages, and then dry you out… I’m only joking.”
Home Tap Groovy “Halloween under the sea? If you’re interested, I will show you around one day.”
Duo Magic Jade: Azul, we cannot waste any more time.

Azul: Let’s be efficient about this, Jade.

Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon It is a little embarrassing to be celebrated like this, but… It feels better than I expected.

To think you’ve come to celebrate my birthday… I’m elated. May I open my present straight away?

Groovy I was able to have such a good time for the first time in a while. I thank you very much for a memory-filled day.
Set Home This feels special.
Home Idle 1 The Mountain Lover’s Club also has received its own patch. Currently, it is a one-of-a-kind and valuable item.
Home Idle 2 My father generally is a hands-off person. However, he would always celebrate our birthday in a grand fashion. I received a phone call from him earlier.
Home Idle 3 I should have taken charge of the cooking for today as well. Simply due to the fact that if such a large number of people are gathered like this, I could have been privy to many inner thoughts…
Home Login Welcome to our birthday party. Please enjoy yourself.
Home Idle Groovy In order to practice my ropework, I ordered a textbook on climbing. I think I would like to take a lesson on it eventually.
Home Tap 1 Kalim-san gifted me this photo album. It is a volume that contains all the wondrous mountains of the world… It is really quite spectacular.
Home Tap 2 Rook-san provided me with a lecture on how to create pressed-flower bookmarks. I shall practice on the plants that I collect from my next trip into the mountains.
Home Tap 3 A moment ago, I ran into Idia-san in front of the vending machine. I plan on eating the chocolate bar he gave me as a snack later.
Home Tap 4 Azul seems to be disgusted by the dishes served at the party. I was so hoping that we would be able to enjoy my favorite food together.
Home Tap 5 Oya, the sweets cart seems to have arrived. Everything looks so delicious, but… It may be too early for dessert.
Home Tap Groovy I am ashamed to admit, but when I was first admitted to this school, I did not know what “pie throwing” was… I was surprised to learn that the cream was not for consumption.
Duo Magic Jade: Birthdays really are enjoyable things, aren’t they, Silver-san?

Silver: I hope it is a good day for you, Jade.


Set Home
Home Idle 1
Home Idle 2
Home Idle 3
Home Login
Home Idle Groovy
Home Tap 1
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Home Tap Groovy
Duo Magic Jade:


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