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Jamil Viper is a second-year student and the vice head of Scarabia. His ancestors have served Kalim's family generation after generation, so he's been dragged around by the careless Kalim since they were young.

(translated from the Japanese version by ladysaionji)


Jamil has dark skin, grey eyes, and long, black hair, with some locks in tight braids. He has noticeably less jewelry and accessories than Kalim. He has gold bangles on his left wrist, a thick choker, small hair accessories on the ends of his braids, and a snake armband that curls on his upper right arm. The snake and choker match with Kalim. Jamil wears a cropped black vest with gold detail and red lapels over a sleeveless black hoodie with red trim on the inside, plain other than the gold design on the hood. Like Kalim, he wears a belt resembling safety tape wrapped around his waist, with the long end trailing down. The belt is imprinted with the name of his dorm, along with a snake insignia. Under his hoodie, he has a dark red cloth wrapped around his waist with gold designs on it. He wears black parachute pants with red flame designs and black sandals with a gold scarab design.


As Kalim's attendant, Jamil is shown to be loyal to the Asim family and Kalim. He takes care of Kalim's every need, including tying his own turban (which is a half turban) for him. However, his protectiveness of Kalim is noted by some characters, like Silver, to be overbearing. Jamil presents himself as an average student by doing only well enough in school so that he does not overshadow Kalim's own performance in anything.

Malleus Line.png WARNING! This section contains story spoilers. Read at your own risk.

However, it was eventually revealed that Jamil is actually much more skilled and intelligent than he lets on. After years of letting Kalim overshadow him, Jamil yearns for recognition of his abilities and this is one of the reasons why he came to resent Kalim. However, even if he does get the recognition he desires, Jamil is shown to be unable to handle such attention, and would instinctively try to put Kalim on a pedestal to humble himself or attempt to change the subject. This frequent need to conceal his ability was likely a reason why Vil Schoenheit criticized his dancing during practice for the Fairy Gala.[1] He was able to execute the moves perfectly, but his performance lacked passion up till his meeting with Idia Shroud in the school courtyard.

In addition, Jamil is meticulous, resourceful, and cunning. The incidents which occurred in Episode 4, which focused on Scarabia, were engineered entirely by Jamil - he hypnotized Kalim to turn him into a tyrant so that the dorm would go against him, he executed his plan during the winter holidays when most of the students are away in order to keep his plan going smoothly, and his plans were only thwarted because of Azul, Jade Leech, Floyd Leech, MC/Yuu, and Grim. If Octavinelle and the Ramshackle Dorm residents hadn't interfered with his plan, Jamil could have ousted Kalim from the position of Scarabia's dorm leader without rousing any suspicion from his fellow dorm students, and possibly the Asim family and his own family themselves. He is shown to have the quick wits to improvise with what is available around him[2] It is notable that in both attempts, he was supporting Kalim's efforts in executing a plan. He is also cautious about other people's motives, especially those of his fellow classmate Azul Ashengrotto. He usually conceals his own ulterior motives by presenting himself as a kind and cheery person, and his voice goes to a higher pitch than usual during these attempts, as seen when he tried to sweet-talk MC/Yuu and Grim into staying in Scarabia.[3]

Skills and Magic

  • Keen Intellect: Jamil has the potential to be one of the top students of his level if he wasn't holding himself back to satisfy his parents' (and likely, the Asims') demands. He knows how to apply his knowledge to various contexts even if it doesn't appear obvious - Jamil was able to identify with his cooking expertise how exactly to perfectly create the potion that the second-year cohort was instructed to make in one class even when Riddle Rosehearts, the top student of the cohort, was unable to do so himself.[4]
  • Athleticism: Jamil is a member of the Basketball Club in school and also does well in Ashton Vargas' Flying lessons, He also represents Scarabia in the inter-dorm Magift tournament and was one of Ruggie Bucchi's targets in Episode 2 to weaken Savanaclaw's competition.[5] According to Kalim, Jamil is also a great dancer.[6]
  • Magical Abilities: As a student of the prestigious Night Raven College, it is assumed that Jamil was accepted for his magical potential. His magical power reserves are high, and even remarked as such by Azul Ashengrotto when he used his Unique Magic to hypnotize the entire Scarabia population present during the events of Episode 4. He also uses magic for the mundane act of styling his hair, but this is also remarkable on its own since his hairstyle is the most complex of the Twisted Wonderland cast thus far. While he does note that it took practice for him to be able to use magic to style his hair daily within 5 minutes, he also mentions that such use requires the user to have considerably magical dexterity to perform such fine tasks.[7]
    • In more than one instance, Jamil has used fire magic to exterminate insects, typically while overcome with fear.[8]
Malleus Line.png WARNING! This section contains story spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Based on Idia and Ortho Shroud's analysis at S.T.Y.X. laboratory, Jamil prioritizes efficiency over speed in his magic incantations. This makes him similar to Azul Ashengrotto who is “calm and efficient, but uses others as shields”. Despite this, Jamil’s defense magic invocation alone is fast and precise due to being Kalim Al-Asim's attendant. This makes him fit to be a tank-supporting ranged attacker or a healer in a MMORPG according to Idia.[9]

Unique Magic

Jamil's unique magic is called "Snake Whisper" (EN: "Snake Charmer") (蛇のいざない(スネーク・ウィスパー), Sunēku Wisupā; lit. "Temptation of the snake"). It allows him to hypnotize someone who looks him in the eye for some time. The victim's eyes change color and glow red when it takes effect. However, the duration seems to depend on the victim's own abilities as well, as he had noted that it would be difficult to keep Azul Ashengrotto under his control for a long time.[10] Jamil is shown to have the magical power and skill to hypnotize the entire Scarabia dorm into doing his bidding in Episode 4 of the Main Story, but such intensive use of Snake Whisper causes Blot to accumulate rapidly. It is possible for one to snap out of the hypnotism on their own accord, as shown with Kalim when he heard Grim's pleas for water, but the specific reason why this is possible is uncertain.[11] It is also possible to deflect Snake Whisper, but this has only been demonstrated once with the use of Bind the Heart.[12]


  • Jamil is based on Jafar who was presented as the Sultan's most trusted and loyal advisor from Aladdin.
  • His younger sister sometimes told him that his cooking looks plain in appearance, leading to them quarreling back then.[13]
  • During the "Scary Monsters!" Halloween Event, Jamil almost went so far as to entirely burn down Sam's shop as an excess of littering was causing insects to flock toward Scarabia's stamp rally location.[14]
  • If he had a parrot, the first word that he would teach it is "Master".[7]
  • Jamil likely has a habit of pulling his hood (if any) over his head to hide his bashfulness from receiving praise from other characters.[15]
  • Jamil is the oldest of the second year students.[16]


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