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Jamil shows keen awareness of social hierarchies, possibly due to his position as an attendant in the Asim household. He generally speaks politely to all of his seniors and elders, but drops honorifics and speaks in a casual tone towards his peers, family, and anyone who is younger than him. In general, he displays a more friendly and frank exterior to those who are familiar with him, but adopts a more formal tone especially when speaking with those who are not close to him, or in the same group he associates himself with. He also uses more honorific language in an effort to curry favour with his seniors or elders, as seen in his SSR Dorm Uniform personal story with Vil and Trey. He also takes on a more arrogant and condescending tone while speaking to those who are hypnotised thanks to his Unique Magic.

This table shows appellations for most characters who have made appearances in the main story.

Character Jamil addresses them as Jamil is addressed as
1st Year Students
Yuu (Protagonist) Prefect (監督生 Kantokusei)
Yuu (ユウ )
You (君 Kimi)
Ramshackle Dorm's Prefect (オンボロ寮の監督生 Onboro ryō no kantokusei)[1]
Grim Grim (グリム Gurimu)
You (お前 Omae)
You (君 Kimi)[2]
Jamil (ジャミル Jamiru)
You (オマエ Omae)
He (アイツ Aitsu)
Ace Trappola Ace (エース Ēsu) Jamil-sempai (ジャミル先輩 Jamiru sempai)
Deuce Spade Deuce (デュース Dyūsu)
He (アイツ Aitsu)
You (お前 Omae)
Viper-sempai (バイパー先輩 Baipā sempai)
Jamil-sempai (ジャミル先輩 Jamiru sempai)[3]
Jack Howl Jack (ジャック Jakku)
He (アイツ Aitsu)
He (彼 Kare)
This guy (コイツ Koitsu)[4]
Jamil-sempai (ジャミル先輩 Jamiru sempai)
Epel Felmier Epel (エペル Eperu)
Sebek Zigvolt Sebek (セベク Sebeku)
You (お前 Omae)
You (君 Kimi)
He (彼 Kare)
Jamil-sempai (ジャミル先輩 Jamiru sempai)
You (あなた Anata)
You (貴様 Kisama)[5]
You (貴殿 Kiden)[6]
Scarabia's vice-dorm leader (スカラビア寮の副寮長 Sukarabia ryō no fukuryōchō)[5]
2nd Year Students
Riddle Rosehearts Riddle (リドル Ridoru) Jamil (ジャミル Jamiru)
You (君 Kimi)
Ruggie Bucchi Ruggie (ラギー Ragī) Jamil-kun (ジャミルくん Jamiru kun)
Azul Ashengrotto Azul (アズール Azūru)
You (君 Kimi)
You (お前 Omae)[7]
This guy (コイツ Koitsu)[8]
Jamil-san (ジャミルさん Jamiru san)
Jamil-sama (ジャミル様 Jamiru sama)[9]
You (あなたさま Anata sama)[9]
Master (ご主人様 Goshujin sama)[9]
You (あなた Anata)
He (彼 Kare)
Jade Leech Jade (ジェイド Jeido)
You (お前 Omae)
Jamil-san (ジャミルさん Jamiru san)
You (貴方 Anata)
Floyd Leech Floyd (フロイド Furoido)
He (アイツ Aitsu)
You (君 Kimi)
Sea snake-kun (ウミヘビ君 Umihebi kun)[10]
Sea snake-kun (ウミヘビくん Umihebi kun)
Kalim Al-Asim Kalim (カリム Karimu)
Kalim-sama (カリム様 Karimu sama)[11]
(My) Master (主人 Shujin)[11]
You (お前 Omae)
He (アイツ Aitsu)
He (あいつ Aitsu)[12]
Jamil (ジャミル Jamiru)
You (お前 Omae)
Jamil Viper I (俺 Ore)
I (僕 Boku)[13]
Silver Silver (シルバー Shirubā)
You (君 Kimi)
You (お前 Omae)
Jamil (ジャミル Jamiru)
3rd year Students
Trey Clover Trey-sempai (トレイ先輩 Torei sempai)
You (貴方 Anata)
Jamil (ジャミル Jamiru)
You (君 Kimi)
You (お前 Omae)
Cater Diamond Cater-sempai (ケイト先輩 Keito sempai)
Sempai (先輩 Sempai)
Jamil-kun (ジャミルくん Jamiru kun)
Leona Kingscholar Leona-sempai (レオナ先輩 Reona sempai)
That person (あの人 Ano hito)[14]
Jamil (ジャミル Jamiru)
(お前 Omae)
You (テメェ Temee)
Vil Schoenheit Vil-sempai (ヴィル先輩 Viru sempai)
You (お前 Omae)
Jamil (ジャミル Jamiru)
You (アンタ Anta)
Rook Hunt Rook-sempai (ルーク先輩 Rūku sempai) Monsieur Multi (ムシュー・マルチ Mushū Maruchi)
Jamil-kun (ジャミルくん Jamiru kun)
You (キミ Kimi)
Idia Shroud Idia-sempai (イデア先輩 Idea sempai)
You (お前 Omae)
Jamil-shi (ジャミル氏 Jamiru shi)
You (君 Kimi)
Malleus Draconia Malleus-sempai (マレウス先輩 Mareusu sempai) Viper (バイパー Baipā)
Lilia Vanrouge Lilia-sempai (リリア先輩 Riria sempai)
Sempai (先輩 Sempai)
Jamil (ジャミル Jamiru)
You (お主 Onushi)
Night Raven College Staff
Dire Crowley Headmaster (学園長 Gakuenchō)
The Headmaster Dire Crowley (学園長ディア・クロウリー Gakuenchō Dia Kurourī)[8]
Viper-kun (バイパー君 Baipā kun)
Viper-kun (バイパーくん Baipā kun)[12]
You (君 Kimi)[12]
Mozus Trein Trein-sensei (トレイン先生 Torein sensei) Viper (バイパー Baipā)
Divus Crewel Professor Crewel (クルーウェル先生 Kurūweru sensei)
Ashton Vargas Vargas-sensei (バルガス先生 Barugasu sensei)
Coach (先生 Sensei)
Viper (バイパー Baipā)
You (お前 Omae)
Sam Sam-san (サムさん Samu san) Black haired little imp (黒髪の小鬼ちゃん Kurokami no ko-oni chan)
Neige LeBlanche Neige (ネージュ Nēju)[15]
Neige LeBlanche (ネージュ・リュバンシェ Nēju Ryubanshe)
You (貴方 Anata)[13]
You (お前 Omae)[16]
Neige LeBlanche-san (ネージュ・リュバンシェさん Nēju Ryubanshe san)[13]
Master (ご主人さま Goshujin sama)[17]
Najma Viper Najma (ナジュマ Najuma)
You (お前 Omae)
My younger sister (妹 Imōto)[18]
Jamil (ジャミル Jamiru)
This guy (コレ Kore)[19]
Big Brother (お兄ちゃん Onī chan)


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This table shows appellations for minor characters, such as family members who only appeared in flashbacks, and other miscellaneous character groups.

Character Jamil addresses them as Jamil is addressed as
MC/Yuu and Grim You guys (君たち Kimi tachi)[1]
They/them (彼ら Kare ra)
Malleus and Lilia They (彼ら Kare ra)[2] See above
Jade and Floyd Leech brothers (リーチ兄弟 Rīchi kyōdai)
The twins (双子 Futago)[3]
See above
Azul, Jade and Floyd You guys (君たち Kimi tachi)
You guys (お前ら Omae ra)
The guys from Octavinelle[4]
See above
Deuce and Kalim You guys (君たち Kimi tachi)[5]
You guys (お前たち Omae tachi)
See above
His Parents My parents (親 Oya)
My parents (両親 Ryōshin)
Jamil (ジャミル Jamiru)
His Mother Mom (母さん Kaa san) Jamil (ジャミル Jamiru)
You (お前 Omae)
His Father Dad (父さん Tō san) Jamil (ジャミル Jamiru)
Kalim's Parents Kalim's parents (カリムの親 Karimu no Oya)
Kalim's parents (カリムの旦那様と奥様 Karimu no Danna sama to Oku sama)
The two of them (おふたり Ofutari)
Kalim's Father Master (旦那様 Danna sama)
Charon members Experimental Subject D (被検体Ⅾ Hikentai D)
Camel Bazaar Coconut Juice Seller Jamil-kun (ジャミルくん Jamiru kun)
Camel Bazaar Dates Seller Jamil (ジャミル Jamiru)
Zahab Market Tea Seller Jamil (ジャミル Jamiru)
Zahab Market Fabric Seller Shopkeep (店主 Tenshu)[6] Jamil (ジャミル Jamiru)
Jamil-kun (ジャミルくん Jamiru kun)[7]
Zahab Market Fruit Seller Old man/Uncle (おやっさん Oyassan) Jamil (ジャミル Jamiru)
You (お前 Omae)
Zahab Market Thief You (お前 Omae)
You (貴様 Kisama)
You (アンタ Anta)
Street Vendor Customer (お客様 Okyaku sama)
Young man (お兄さん Onīsan)[8]
You (あんた Anta)
Scarabia dorm students You guys (お前たち Omae tachi)
You guys (お前ら Omae ra)
They/Them (あいつら Aitsu ra)
Vice dorm leader Viper (バイパー副寮長 Baipā fukuryōchō)
Vice dorm leader (副寮長 Fukuryōchō)
Viper-sempai (バイパー先輩 Baipā sempai)
Master (ご主人様 Goshujin sama)[9]
Jamil (ジャミル Jamiru)[10]
He (アイツ Aitsu)[10]
Chef Ghost Chef (シェフ Shefu) Jamil-kun (ジャミルくん Jamiru kun)
Basketball Club Junior Sempai (先輩 Sempai)
Basketball Club Members All of them (みんな Minna)
Club members (部員たち Buin tachi)
They (アイツら Aitsu ra)
Insects It (アイツ Aitsu)
They (アイツら Aitsu ra)


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  5. Was said while offering food and drink to them to distract them from their staff duties in Sam's New Year Sale 2022. Likely that he would not say this regularly.
  6. Is used while Jamil was thinking about the seller's rude conduct to Malleus
  7. Is said after Jamil explains Malleus's position to them so that they would treat Malleus with proper respect.
  8. Changed to this form of address after Jamil mentions that the lamp they were trying to sell is worth buying as a souvenir
  9. Said while being hypnotised by Jamil in Episode 4
  10. 10.0 10.1 Said in Episode 5 after Jamil's betrayal was revealed

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