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Jamil logo.png Jamil Lines
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These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

Twisted Wonderland "Twisted Wonderland"
Tutorial You’re late. Come on, let’s go.
Lv Up 1 Yes, not bad.
Lv Up 2 I’ve grown more powerful.
Lv Up 3 Honest work is key.
Lv Up Max I’m not saying I’m at the level of a genie, but I’ve grown quite a bit more powerful now. It’s because you were there working alongside me.
Episode Lv Up You can stay with me if you want, but I’m really not that interesting. I don’t know much about what friends do together or any of the latest trends. …‘You’re fine with that?’ You’re kind of strange.
Magic Lv Up With this power, I could… ah, no, nevermind.
Limit Break This is truly… an honor. I’ll make the best of it so you don’t regret this.
Groovy Sometimes it’s nice to just forget about everything and enjoy yourself. It’s been a long time since I felt like that.
Lesson 1 You should choose what you’re going to learn very carefully. That being said, if you spend too long thinking about it we’ll be late to class. That would damage my reputation.
Lesson 2 A class I hate…? I’ve never really thought about it. Your studies aren’t something to pick based on how you feel.
Lesson 3 I’ve chosen to take as many of the same classes as Kalim as I can. ‘Why’…? Because it’d be a mess if an assassin tried to come after him in the middle of class.
Lesson Start I hope no one tries anything during class today…
Lesson End Finished without any incidents! It’d be great if things stayed like this next time.
Battle Start Don’t worry. Everything is will go smoothly.
Battle Win See? I said it’d all go smoothly, didn’t I?
Jamil Lesson Lines
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These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

History Lesson Lines
Good Morning There’s so many sleepy looking guys.

Eh, I guess it’s something like this.

My preparation came in handy.

Noon It's about the time Kalim should be getting hungry.

Classroom lectures are easy.

I guess I should consolidate my notes.

Afternoon It’s easy to remember if you make a play on words.

Kalim, are you sleeping?

There’s history to cooking as well.

Great Make sure not to miss anything.

Heh, I’ll give the correct answer.

First, understand the premise.

Great (New) That’s a trick question…
Perfect That test was excellent.

How is that, Sensei?

This is expected of me as an attendant.

Perfect (New) This should be about average.
Special Perfect This is Scarabia’s real power.

Kalim, be quiet.

Now’s the time to raise my hand.

Flying Lesson Lines
Good Morning So, carpets are off limits, hm.

All you have to do is get the hang of it.

Exercise helps one to wake up.

Noon The wind is nice.

The faster the better.

I guess this is okay for now.

Afternoon This is good enough to help digest my lunch.

Don’t stand out, just be average.

Need to hold back on the physical training…

Great This should be expected of me as Kalim’s attendant.

I have confidence in this.

I refined my body through dance.

Perfect Did I receive too good of a grade?

Did I stand out too much right there?

As an attendant of the Asim family…

Special Perfect That’s wonderful, Headmaster.

It is all thanks to Kalim.

Compared to Kalim, I still have a ways to go.

Alchemy Lesson Lines
Good Morning These ingredients are similar to condiments.

Be mindful of the humidity in the air as well…

Watch carefully.

Well… is this a passing grade?

I need to teach this to Kalim.

Noon Make sure to double check your work.

Looks like there’s room for improvement.

This is different from the textbook.

All according to plan.

Don’t put your faith in your intuition.

Afternoon Did I do too good here?

You can never be too careful.

Something like this… well.

In order to teach this to Kalim…

I hear an explosion sound over there…

Great It’ll be fine as long as you figure out the system…

I was able to do it according to the textbook.

It’s the same as cooking.

It’ll be fine as long as you do it without panicking.

Let’s finish this quickly.

Perfect I got a little too carried away…

I was only getting prepared.

I guess my preparation panned out.

Not a bad response.

You have a good technique.

Special Perfect How are you, Sensei?

Let me show you Scarabia’s real abilities.

This tranquility is just like nighttime in the desert.

It’ll be great as long as I don’t mess up.

With this my grade is safe.

Jamil Battle Lines
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These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

When Selected That’s the right answer.

You’ve thought well.

I’ll do that too.

Let’s begin.

Let’s make a cunning scheme.

Buff I’m used to supporting.
Debuff You’re in the palm of my hand.
When Attacked Guah!
Attacks done alone One-hit
(1st Turn)
Shall we go?
Watch me.

(2nd Turn)
This is the ace up my sleeve.

(1st Turn)
I won’t pull my punches.
Can you dodge this?

(2nd Turn)
It’s just something of this degree.
That went well.

Attacks with another student One-hit
(1st Turn)
Dance elegantly.

(2nd Turn)
Well, how’s that?
I’ll show you.

(1st Turn)
This hurts my soul.
I’ll have you dance for me.

(2nd Turn)
Know your place.

Duo Magic Attacks 1st Turn Stay calm.
Behave yourself.

2nd Turn Did you think you can run from me?
Realize my power!

Magic 3 Attacks Disappear to the ends of the earth!
This is the difference in our abilities!
Don’t ever get up again.
I’ll take everything from you.

Jamil Room Lines
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These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the scripts from the Japanese version of the game.

Friendship Level Up I’m usually on the hosting end of these kind of things, but it’s not that bad to be a guest for once. If you’d like, invite me again sometime.
Friendship Level Max When I’m in this room, I feel so at home. May I come again? I thought it’d be nice to spend some quality time talking with you sometime. Of course, I’ll definitely bring a gift with me when I come.
Invite Good Not bad.
Great I see, you’ve got a ton of simple furniture here… Actually, that’s more my taste. Is that really that shocking? Since I’m often faced with opulent furniture, I tend to find myself wanting more simple things.

Excellent You did pretty good. You’ve built this room with a good understanding of what a guest room should be. After all, this is where your guests will be staying the longest. You made the right decision in choosing to make the effort for every little aspect of the room. You’ve done a good job matching all the furniture, too. I almost want to use this as a reference when I redecorate my own room.

Invite (Dorm) Good This is a pretty good room, with a Scarabia feel.
Great Wonderful, you’ve done a fantastic job of replicating Scarabia’s atmosphere. I bet my dormmates would be shocked if they were to see this. Hm, my thoughts? Let’s see, I guess the room is well done, but I think it could use a little more furniture… Haha, I’m kidding.

Invited to Room You’ll entertain me? Let’s see how well you do, then.
Short Idle 1 This place is well-maintained.
Short Idle 2 There are no bugs here, right?
Long Idle I can’t believe this is that same Ramshackle dorm… It sure transformed with just a little bit of maintenance.
Idle (Theme) Good I suppose I’ll take a short break here.
Excellent I’d also like to have some more trendy furniture, but it doesn’t really fit my dorm’s atmosphere.
Idle (Dorm) Good When I head back, I have to prepare for tomorrow’s lessons.
Great I can’t help be worried about my dorm. I’m sure they’re alright without me, but…
Room Tap 1 I’m usually so busy that I feel pretty restless when I settle down like this.
Room Tap 2 You’ll need to know different methods of cleaning for different stains. Shall I teach you?
Room Tap 3 What, you didn’t cause any trouble, did you?
Trouble 1 Don’t worry. I know when to stop.
Trouble 2 I dislike hot-blooded people. …Why are you looking at me?
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These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon Just when I thought it was starting to get loud… of course it’s you. Things are always so busy around you.
Groovy Your classes are something you need to just suck up and get through. You think so too, right?
Set Home Alright, I need to be focused all day again today.
Home Idle 1 If you’ve got the time, why don’t we go to the library? It’s quiet there; I can concentrate on my work.
Home Idle 2 The Ramshackle Dorm’s lounge is… How do I put this… It has a unique taste. Er, I wasn’t trying to say it’s dirty.
Home Idle 3 You always look like you’ve got something to do. Do you like being busy?
Home Login You can do whatever you want; just don’t cause any trouble for me. I don’t have the time to deal with any more high-maintenance people.
Home Tap 1 I’ve been looking after Kalim ever since we were kids. That’s the Viper family’s duty.
Home Tap 2 Ah, hmm… I was just thinking about tonight’s dinner menu. Well, Kalim will be happy with whatever I put out.
Home Tap 3 You shouldn’t neglect your schoolwork. If you’re struggling with even the basics, it’s going to be really hard to recover from that. Like someone else I know…
Home Tap 4 You really look nice in your uniform. What? Of course I mean it.
Home Tap 5 …Do you need something? Or do you just feel like being near me right now?
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These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon Is there something you need? You called for me.
Groovy Dancing makes for a good pastime. Want me to teach you?
Set Home I like that I can loosen up in this getup.
Home Idle 1 Moving around feels nice. I’m in the basketball club too… Ah, actually, Ace from your class joined there too.
Home Idle 2 You want to know if I’m good at sports? …I can’t think of any that I’m particularly bad at, so I guess I’m not terrible.
Home Idle 3 Physical training, hm… You’re free to skip that class if you want, but if you miss the basics you’ll have to pay for it later.
Home Login What are you doing today? If you were planning on getting some exercise, it’d really save me if you could be Kalim’s dance partner.
Home Tap 1 Do you have any subjects you’re good at? …Hm. Well, it’s important to show your teachers that you’re trying your best.
Home Tap 2 Are you interested in dancing? Then the quickest shortcut is to start by building up basic body strength.
Home Tap 3 I’ve been taking dance practice since I was a kid. Kalim wanted to do it, and… well, I had to go along with him.
Home Tap 4 Whether I like it or not, getting dragged around by Kalim everyday automatically has me building up strength. …Hah.
Home Tap 5 Is it a cultural thing for people from your country to touch others so casually? …I mean, I’m used to it, but still.
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These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon Now that I’ve joined the Monster Team, I’ll go ahead and hunt to my heart's content. No hard feelings.
Groovy Looks like you’re really motivated. Then I suppose I’ll take it seriously too. Are you prepared?
Set Home Now, what’s going to be the best way to get around?
Home Idle 1 Compared to taking care of Kalim, protecting the lyre is going to be easy. Because unlike him, a lyre won’t move around as it pleases.
Home Idle 2 A long time ago, a monster-like student fought back, and this event was born. Well, it’s not like I don’t understand how they felt.
Home Idle 3 If I just hide my presence and get closer, I should be able to pass by the Farmer Team….. Eh? A bug!? Uwaaaa, get it away from me!!
Home Login I don’t really want to stand out too much, but I’m not going to lose without a fight.
Home Tap 1 It seems like while wearing these clothes, your presence disappears. As long as you’re okay with no one talking to you, it could coming handy for when you need to concentrate.
Home Tap 2 It’s not necessarily true that a head on attack is the correct way to go. Especially since there is be a saying of Gyofu no ri (profit while others fight).
Home Tap 3 Rook-senpai is creepy since I can’t tell what he’s thinking. He might set up a plan, but then take it diagonally in the opposite direction….
Home Tap 4 Floyd being on the opposite team is troublesome. If he was at least on the same team… no. Even if we were on the same team, his mood changes would still be troublesome.
Home Tap 5 Humph. Do you think that I would just appear before you, my enemy, without thinking?
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These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon If you hear the howl of a werewolf, you should run. Though no doubt by the time you’ve noticed it’ll be too late…
Groovy The full moon calls forth the werewolves. Now, burn it into your mind; the sharpness of my nails and fangs!
Set Home If you approach me carelessly, I’ll bite at you.
Home Idle 1 I love the serenity of the desert at night, but the liveliness of Halloween isn’t bad either. It’d be torture if it continued every day though.
Home Idle 2 Around the Halloween season, I find myself wanting to eat pumpkin curry. The spiciness and sweetness mix well together to create something delicious.
Home Idle 3 Apparently in a certain country, they say that if you polish your coins, your luck with money will increase. If Ruggie found out about this, he may put that into practice…
Home Login This is the start of a Halloween that’ll have your hair standing on end. I can’t wait to hear what kind of screams you’ll make for me.
Home Tap 1 Sharp claws, hard fangs, and strong bodies… I feel I understand why anecdotes of fearsome werewolves are still being told all over the world.
Home Tap 2 What do you think the pattern on my forehead and cheeks look like? In truth, it’s supposed to resemble the werewolf’s fur coat and beard. Don’t you think it’s perfect for this outfit?
Home Tap 3 When I came up from behind and tapped Epel’s shoulder in the dark, I inadvertently terrified him. …Did I mean to frighten him? Not at all. That’s the truth.
Home Tap 4 When I opened my bag after my club activities ended, inside there was an insect… toy. I made sure to fully get my revenge on Ace, the perpetrator.
Home Tap 5 A trick, huh… You can pull one on me if you wish, but you may regret it later. I’m the type to never forget debts nor grudges.
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These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon If I just do things carefully, and accurately… I won’t mess up.
Groovy Honestly… And here I’d hoped I wouldn’t stand out.
Set Home Which subject did you want me to help you with?
Home Idle 1 I’m not terrible at detailed work. Well, that should be a given for a servant.
Home Idle 2 Always, always check your procedures during experiments. Even if you think it’s too much work. Just follow that… and you’ll be fine.
Home Idle 3 Experiments are the same as cooking. Check the procedure; if you follow it just like a recipe, you shouldn’t make any mistakes.
Home Login I have to go help Kalim with potions. What? You have some questions too? I don’t mind, I guess.
Home Idle Groovy I know a thing or two about potions and poisons. If you ever need help with something, feel free to ask anytime.
Home Tap 1 Having Grim drag you around all the time seems like a pain.
Home Tap 2 I look calm and collected at all times? Really? Well, it’s an honor if that’s how I’m perceived.
Home Tap 3 It weirds me out when you stare at me so hard… What? My lab coat’s dirty? …*cough* You should’ve started with that.
Home Tap 4 Kalim can make flawless simple antidotes. It took him three years to learn how, though…
Home Tap 5 Do you really have the time to be messing around with me? If you don’t take this seriously, you’ll fail your experiment again.
Home Tap Groovy There are treasures in this world worth more than gold. Do you want to see them? Me too.
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These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon There’s a lot of preparations I need to take care of on the day of the ceremony, so I’m really busy. I can’t deal with any other problems.
Groovy You haven’t finished preparing yet? Alright, I guess I’ll have to help you.
Set Home I’m done getting ready.
Home Idle 1 *coughs* …It’s always so dusty whenever I come in here. Why don’t they clean this place more often? All of our ceremony robes are going to turn white.
Home Idle 2 You should be mindful of how you look. It’d be dumb if people thought less of you just because of your appearance, wouldn’t it?
Home Idle 3 Have you seen Kalim anywhere? Hah, having to look for him is so tiring…
Home Login To be in proper ceremonial attire, I need to wear it correctly. As a servant of the Asim family, I can’t bring shame to my master.
Home Idle Groovy You think I’m responsible? I… Well, I’m the vice dorm leader, so shouldn’t that be natural? It’s not really something I should be praised for.
Home Tap 1 These ceremony robes put me on guard. They’re reminding me of those times I had to watch to make sure Kalim didn’t step out of line during festivals.
Home Tap 2 You need to know how to act appropriately during a ceremony. If you don’t want to embarrass yourself, then try reading up on it.
Home Tap 3 My parents used to drill this into me ever since I was little, so I want to know how to take care of anything, no matter who I end up around.
Home Tap 4 There are actually a lot of instances where we get to wear the ceremony robes. You should learn some table manners to go with them.
Home Tap 5 I know you’re nervous, but you need to calm down. Here, take a deep breath… There. Do you feel a little better now?
Home Tap Groovy Why are you so anxious? You should look prouder. Otherwise those robes aren’t going to suit you.
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These lines have been fan-translated by namaikiii based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon To become a fairy….huh. To be honest I don’t really feel like it but, if I’m going to do it I’ll do it perfectly.
Groovy Dance has nothing to do with language or culture. I’ll be sure to entertain the fairies.
Set Home This outfit seems like the type to attract attention.
Home Idle 1 I tried using the fairy powder but does this really make me look like a fairy…?
Home Idle 2 Leona-senpai was complaining that it’s hard to move in these outfits…………To be honest, I get what he means.
Home Idle 3 I’m used to seeing extravagant outfits in Kalim’s belongings but wearing it myself is a different story.
Home Login I see no sign of Grim……By any chance, did he slip away?……He shouldn’t make it more difficult to look after each other.
Home Idle Groovy Being told that it suits me makes me feel a little better. I tried on things again and again until it was decided on this outfit.
Home Tap 1 There are decorations of insects on the design of this boot. Even though I know it’s fake, I hesitate to touch it……
Home Tap 2 I’m dressed completely white from my hair ornament to my boots. It’s not a color I usually pick for myself so I’m restless.
Home Tap 3 The embroidery of this bird, isn’t it pretty stylish? They say that even the Sorcerer of the Sands always carried around a bird so I quite like it.
Home Tap 4 The accessories on both wrists are heavy……I’m worried that it’s going to throw off my balance when I’m dancing.
Home Tap 5 Do you like the corsage? I don’t mind you touching it but could you be gentle? It’s a pretty delicate thing.
Home Tap Groovy This shirt, doesn’t it feel nice? They must have used a high quality fabric. To be honest, I don’t want to think about the price.
Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon In learning the cuisine of another country, one can also learn that country’s culture and history. This is a very fascinating area of study.
Groovy It’s not a bad feeling at all to be praised for my cooking or to see others enjoy eating it.
Set Home Now then, let’s prepare to cook.
Home Idle 1 The color of these horse mackerel fritters may be a little too simple if left as is. …I suppose I’ll have to come up with a sauce to go with it.
Home Idle 2 Azul manages a café and thus he has quite a discerning eye and palate. I feel as though he may judge me harshly.
Home Idle 3 I’d like to at least be able to take it easy when I’m back home cooking, but… whenever I try to slack off a bit, my little sister immediately notices and snitches on me.
Home Login I’m used to cooking. That’s because ever since I was a kid, both my parents and the other adults around me taught me how to cook.
Home Idle Groovy Don’t you think that both the taste and appearance are pretty good? With this, I’m sure no one will complain that this dish looks plain at all.
Home Tap 1 Deuce is making curry beside me and the delicious scent of spices are wafting over this way. …Now I’m hungry.
Home Tap 2 The best thing about cooking is that as long as you do not make a mistake in the order the ingredients are added, the quantity of ingredients, and the time to cook, then the outcome should be the proper result every time.
Home Tap 3 When choosing a tool, it’s important to make sure it fits well in your hand. That includes cooking utensils as well. That is why I always make it a point to touch each utensil in order to choose the one I want.
Home Tap 4 Fried foods are delicious, sure, but cleaning up the oil afterwards is a pain. I’ll make it if someone requests it of me, though.
Home Tap 5 Hm, I threw in the ingredients but the oil isn’t bubbling that much… Was the temperature of the oil too low? It seems like the heat from these burners are not as strong as the ones in my dorm’s kitchen.
Home Tap Groovy Is it delicious? If you eat it too quickly, you’ll burn your mouth. Well, seeing you scarf it down like that makes me feel like it really was worth making.
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These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon I thought wearing a mask would be fairly embarrassing… But once I actually put it on, it’s actually not that bad. I think I’ll be able to enjoy this deviation from the norm.
Groovy What a quiet and dignified masquerade. I suppose this sort of Halloween isn’t bad once in a while.
Set Home I suppose I should try to cultivate these friendships.
Home Idle 1 Rollo Flamme… Those like him who wear the mask of an honor student requires extra caution. Who knows what he could be actually be scheming.
Home Idle 2 The fringe on this outfit sways tastefully whenever I move my body. I bet it’ll look brilliant if I danced in this attire.
Home Idle 3 The representatives chosen for this event don’t include any over-eager or crazy moody guys. This’ll probably be a little easier to deal with than usual.
Home Login Visiting the City of Flowers like this was a wonderful experience… If there is ever another chance, I would like to enjoy a nice, long, stroll.
Home Idle Groovy As one of the school’s representatives, I can’t tarnish Night Raven College’s reputation in any way. I’ll make sure to fulfill my responsibilities.
Home Tap 1 During the introductions at the cultural exchange, Deuce was frozen stiff from his nerves. I’d get trying to psyche yourself up, but he’s absolutely going nowhere.
Home Tap 2 When I told my family that I would be traveling to the City of Flowers, my sister begged me for a souvenir. …I guess I’ll buy her a sachet I saw in town.
Home Tap 3 Noble Bell College… Looks like a traditional school with a rich and refined history. I don’t think I’d fit in here at all.
Home Tap 4 The roast beef they served at the social event was thoroughly well-seasoned and evenly heated through and through. It’s a splendid dish.
Home Tap 5 That was an extravagant amount of confetti. If Kalim were to ever see this festival, I feel like he’d want to try to mimic that for Scarabia’s parties too.
Home Tap Groovy You want to dance with me? If you make a misstep, I won’t cover for you. But if that’s still alright… Go on and take my hand.
Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon “I really appreciate your lovely birthday wishes. ‘I’m just being polite’? No way. Of course I really mean it.”

“I never would’ve thought that the reason our students have been so restless was because they were getting ready to celebrate my birthday.”

Groovy “I’m the master for today. Now, go fetch me a feast! …Just kidding.”
Set Home “I don’t want to stand out. But that’s probably impossible in this outfit.”
Home Idle 1 “Setting up for parties is something I could do easily, but I’m not used to being the center of attention at all… I guess this is another thing to study.”
Home Idle 2 “The brooch sitting at my breast is shaped like a cobra. It looks like the Sorcerer of the Sands’ staff, so wearing it makes me feel proud.”
Home Idle 3 “Ace and Floyd threw a pie in my face when I went to our club. How is that wishing someone a happy birthday…? Those prank-loving idiots…”
Home Login “Kalim threw a huge surprise party for my birthday last year. I have to stay on my guard this time…”
Home Idle Groovy “‘What do I want’…? Are you saying I could ask for anything right now and you’d give it to me? …Heh, you don’t have to look so flustered. I was just joking.”
Home Tap 1 “I can smell butter and spice… Are the students making cookies? That brings me back. My little sister used to always bake cookies for me on my birthday.”
Home Tap 2 “Kalim has told me ‘Happy birthday,’ a million times since this morning. He’s not really going to keep this up all day, is he…?”
Home Tap 3 “I heard the dorm is making my favorite food today. Curry flavors and ingredients differ between countries, so I’m curious to see how theirs will turn out.”
Home Tap 4 “Azul wished me a happy birthday in the classroom. He had a wide smile on his face… But it’s Azul. No doubt is he up to something.”
Home Tap 5 “Gah!! Don’t pop those party poppers without warning me first. I can’t handle surprises.”
Home Tap Groovy “I don’t want anything special just because it’s my birthday. Having a calm, quiet day today is enough for me.”
Duo Magic Jamil: Look, Riddle. I’m not the same man I was yesterday.

Riddle: Happy birthday, Jamil.

Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by twstarchives based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon What’s the matter? You look like you just stumbled upon a desert oasis.

Honestly. Could you stop making so much work for me?

Groovy I need to do more… for my own sake…!
Set Home I’ve gotten pretty capable, haven’t I?
Home Idle 1 Where are you going after this? Could you check on Kalim for me if you’re heading to Scarabia?
Home Idle 2 I’m not really Kalim’s personal chef; I don’t like cooking that much either. This is just how things turned out.
Home Idle 3 The Ramshackle Dorm isn’t bad. There’s almost nothing there, so it’d probably be easy to clean.
Home Login Have you gotten used to the dorm life? Well, you seem like you know a lot of people already, so I guess I shouldn’t be worried.
Home Idle Groovy Kalim was begging me about it, so I made some refreshments. You have a sharp nose.
Home Tap 1 Our dorm is close to an oasis, so this outfit makes things more bearable. If you spent time at Scarabia, you’d understand too.
Home Tap 2 Hm? What about my hair accessories? Some I bought, some were gifts, things like that. I’m not that particular about them.
Home Tap 3 Our sandals are decorated with golden scarabs. Apparently that was something very significant used by the Sorcerer of the Sands.
Home Tap 4 The vice dorm leader’s job is hard. You have to look after the dorm leader, handle any mess-ups, and… huh? I guess it’s not really that different than usual for me.
Home Tap 5 What are you trying to do? Kalim would be a better fit if you’re looking for someone to goof around with.
Home Tap Groovy Seeing you stuck here and unable to use magic sometimes makes me have moments where my own problems sound stupid.
Duo Magic Jamil: “Don’t get yourself hurt, Kalim. I’m going on ahead.”

Kalim: “I’m counting on you, Jamil!”

Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon “Large flowers that completely fill the night sky of Silk City. Burn it firmly into your mind.”

Alaab Nariya… A fireworks festival that originated in the Scalding Sands. You should enjoy your time here too.”

Groovy “As long as you fully enjoyed yourself, that is above all. For me it became a very… memorable day.”
Set Home “This season has come again this year.”
Home Idle 1 “When I was in middle school, my friends and I would often detour through the camel bazaar. There were just some days that I didn’t want to go home right away.”
Home Idle 2 “Travelling is great, isn’t it? Next time, I want to be guided around a land I don’t know by someone as well.”
Home Idle 3 “I got my picture snapped by Cater-senpai again. I just hope I’m not making a weird face in it…”
Home Login “To think I’d walk around the city I was born and raised in with people from school… it’s a lot more embarrassing than I thought.”
Home Idle Groovy “That Najma, she’s only ever affable to outsiders. Really, who did she learn that from.”
Home Tap 1 “The reason why the Scalding Sands prospered tremendously is due to the teachings of the Sorcerer of the Sands. He truly is a magnificent person.”
Home Tap 2 “Are you having trouble deciding the color of your souvenir? I don’t think green is bad but… if it were me, I’d choose this deep red.”
Home Tap 3 “High-quality fabric as well as embroidery done by skilled craftsmen… You can say that this outfit is the culmination of all the tradition and technical skills in Silk City.”
Home Tap 4 “After the fireworks, you should take in the nighttime view of Silk City. It gives off a different feeling under the lights of the lamps and lanterns.”
Home Tap 5 “Don’t look away, watch the fireworks. Especially since I went through the trouble to bring you here. I need you to spread the word that the fireworks of the Scalding Sands are amazing.”
Home Tap Groovy “Haha, you should check yourself in the mirror. Seriously, getting sauce all over yourself, what kind of eating manner is that?”
Duo Magic Jamil: “There’s someone here who doesn’t know their place, Cater-senpai.”

Cater: “Jamil-kun, you’re more blunt than I thought!”

Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon "The day I was born is going to be celebrated in grand fashion, you say? …It seems this birthday won’t be too bad."

"Feasts and parties are a daily occurrence. It would be nice if I could relax for once today."

Groovy "Everyone is singing and dancing for me. This kind of banquet is greatly welcomed."
Set Home "Celebrate me to your heart’s content."
Home Idle 1 "I received a message from my younger sister. There was a nice picture of some delicious looking curry. It makes me want to eat some for the first time in a while."
Home Idle 2 "My teammates on the basketball team gave me a towel and wristband. It seems like it’s their way of expressing their gratitude."
Home Idle 3 "Ah, it’s you. Regardless of whether it’s well wishes or a present, allow me to gladly receive it from you."
Home Login "I’ve been congratulated by various people since the morning. It’s not a bad feeling. I guess if it’s once a year, I’m fine with being the center of attention."
Home Idle Groovy "I’m thankful to Sebek. That book he gave me is a perfect distraction."
Home Tap 1 "I almost was treated with a home-made dish from Lilia-senpai… But I was able to receive just the ingredients as my present instead, so I was able to save myself the trouble."
Home Tap 2 "The patches and embroidery were all things given to me. I like the special feeling of this outfit being the only one of its kind in the world."
Home Tap 3 "Trey-senpai helped me with washing the dishes. He said that it was in lieu of a present, but I feel bad having a senpai do that for me."
Home Tap 4 "Leona-senpai called over Kalim and was talking to him for a while… I wonder if it was to give me my own personal time? I’m probably overthinking it…"
Home Tap 5 "I know. You’re worried about how the other dorm students are acting, right? To think that they’d join in on the Dorm Leader’s surprise… I appreciate their efforts."
Home Tap Groovy "There’s cream in my hair? Haah… I’m sorry to trouble you, but can you wipe it off for me? Especially since I can’t see all the way around the back."
Duo Magic Jamil: “Are you letting me take center stage, Sebek?”

Sebek: “Only because it is your birthday, Jamil-senpai!”

Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon Today, it is my turn to be properly entertained. Now then, who will be the one to bring me the most joy?

I’m almost tempted to use my birthday as pretext to behave as I please… Heh, of course, I wouldn’t actually do that, now would I?

Groovy I’ll show everyone how to fly with style today. ―Alright, make way! The birthday boy is coming!
Set Home I’ll grant you a wish. …Kidding.
Home Idle 1 I remember there was someone who’d always try to eat my snacks with me whenever I had some. That was a friend of mine from middle school.
Home Idle 2 Epel bought me a dessert from the cafeteria. I tried to refuse, but he was pretty insistent. …I never realized he was that stubborn.
Home Idle 3 I was on cleaning duty for the clubroom today, but another club member offered to do it for me. Maybe I’ll do a bit of reading now that I have spare time.
Home Login It’s much more livelier today than usual. It’s my birthday party, after all. I’ll enjoy myself in my own way.
Home Idle Groovy I saw a bug in the midst of the interview. Thankfully, Silver took it outside, so that saved me the trouble. He really came in clutch.
Home Tap 1 I heard the broom decorations are different for each student. Mine seems to have a rather calming color scheme, so I quite like it.
Home Tap 2 On my birthday, my dormmates become more obedient than usual. I have to say, it’s a good feeling, almost like I’ve become king.
Home Tap 3 Kalim invited a chef from a famous curry restaurant here for me. I was even able to watch how he cooks. It was a good experience.
Home Tap 4 Azul gave me some spices that I had been wanting, but rather than elation, I’m feeling a little apprehensive. I don’t remember telling anyone about these.
Home Tap 5 Hey, don’t try to take my hat. You’ll ruin my hair.
Home Tap Groovy If you’re looking to give me a gift, then praise me until I’m completely satisfied. Hey, that was a joke. But if you insist on doing it still, I won’t stop you.
Duo Magic Jamil: And how will you celebrate me, Silver?

Silver: I will wish for your well-being, Jamil.

Azul Line.png

These lines have been fan-translated by Mystery Shop based off the Japanese version of the game.

Summon If you want me to pass the ball to you, you need to show me what you’re capable of.

The more my opponents underestimate me, the more motivated I feel. Mostly because it feels real good to see them bawling their eyes out when they lose.

Groovy Everybody understands the strategy, yes? Right, let’s go and win this thing.
Set Home Let’s stick to our plan.
Home Idle 1 Sometimes I make honeyed lemons. At first, it was just my own snack, but it got pretty popular with the rest of club, too. They disappear like that whenever I make them.
Home Idle 2 During middle school, I’d usually play basketball with my friends at recess. That brings back memories…
Home Idle 3 I guess our upperclassmen don’t really know what to do with Floyd, because he’s rarely ever included in our strategies. We can count on him when he’s in the mood, but…
Home Login I should take videos of myself when I practice alone. It’s pretty difficult to figure out any bad habits in my shooting form otherwise.
Home Idle Groovy There’s this dance routine that incorporates basketball moves. I’ve been practicing it, so won’t you watch me try it out? I’d like to know what you think.
Home Tap 1 Whenever I play 1-on-1 with Ace, it often becomes a battle of feints, so there’s this added feeling of tension. Eh, not that I ever lose against him, though.
Home Tap 2 One strategy is to aim for a free throw by luring your opponents into making a foul. You need to use the rules to your advantage.
Home Tap 3 It’s a thrill whenever I can control the game with my passing. Regardless of whether the person I’m forcing to move is friend or foe.
Home Tap 4 Recently, I’ve been practicing my three-point shots. I don’t expect to become the top shooter or anything, but there’s nothing wrong with having many weapons to choose from.
Home Tap 5 I’ve really taken a liking to this arm sleeve. I like both the design, and how it can stabilize me when I take a shot.
Home Tap Groovy During the match, your cheering stood out the most from the crowd. Thanks to you, the whole team’s morale shot up. Keep it up for the next one, too.
Duo Magic Jamil: We’ll take our time and make the shot, Ace!

Ace: I gotcha, Jamil-senpai!

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